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  1. Ah ok. I will try giving the screws a slight tighten then. Cheers
  2. Ok will do.. Although first inspection it seems as though the seal is almost rotting, it's not a smooth edge. Almost pitted a bit. Tightening might finish it off...
  3. Cheers Roger, yes that's the one. I've had a diesel leak for a while and had trouble finding it. Whilst removing all the floor boards to get too the starter I had a mooch about. Seems the seal between the Base of the pump and the domed top is perishing. It looks to be weeping.
  4. The bracket where it was fixed was not twisting...after the bracket is a thin what looks like a seal about 3-4m thick, then the main starter casing. It was twisting from that seal, just the main body, not at the bracket. Taking starter to reading today to be reconditioned
  5. Everything seems to be turning fine, no oil loss... Why was the starter motor making a like a grinding, clunking noise? When I tried to start it a second time I was down in the engine bay and when I turned the key, it was slightly twisting a bit too...
  6. Just out of interes... On the opposite side of engine to the starter, injection pump etc, below the air fifilter. Is a small domed case, with a fuel line going in and out, with a rod ontop attached to a spring, what is this?
  7. Easily as in, had too use both hands and it spam smoothly.
  8. Phew....just remembered. My boards are made up of five panels and one is right above the engine. Been in and yes, engine turns freely. Turned it quite easily full cycle.
  9. Ok thanks, will have a go tomorrow. Thanks guys, really appreciate it Clock wise or doesn't matter
  10. Ok, so where do I put a spanner, I haven't a clue. I'm assuming it is one of the wheels with the belt in at the end. Oil is fine, checked the dip stick as a matter of routine whilst I was investigating the starter. I want to check Mike, just not sure how...
  11. Be surprised if it was seized, oil is absolutely brand new, engine ran sweet only three days ago... Could it be something else
  12. The existing one looks more like the other one on ebay... Hmmmm make sure engine is turning, now it doesn't sound like a job for me :/! Why would the engine not be turning And what if it isn't, not quite a simple swap them?
  13. Meaning,Bee?
  14. Will get and order the listed eBay item tomorrow then.
  15. Ok that seals it then, cheers RLWP, I will get a new one... Is it just a case of remove old and put new one on, no timing etc