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  1. In the CART Heritage Statement the SAM statement says the channel is 6ft wide so it must be closed to navigation already (insert irony emoticon here). Cheers David
  2. We used to be caravanners until a few years ago and the 6kg red Calor bottles were the norm with the front lockers usually having a capacity for two. This could cause a nose weight problem for some car/caravan combinations so Calor introduced the 'Caravanlite' bottles. These had the same capacity of gas but weighed quite a bit less, I think an empty normal bottle weighed the same as a full Caravanlite bottle so was obviously easier to manhandle. There was a price premium but this may have gone by now due to the increase in popularity and availability. Cheers David.
  3. The new pub/restaurant at Riley Green had a large fire last week and afaik is closed for repairs.
  4. Fantastic Bumholes and where to find them. Cheers David.
  5. As it's Friday...... Ten cows in a field, which one is on holiday? . . . . . . . . The one with a wee calf. Cheers David
  6. If you want to try Malta then the second and third week in the hotel is usually at a discounted price with the fourth week free. If you stay on mainland Europe (Spain etc.) for several weeks then you can drive there from the UK over several days and make it part of your holidays. Cheers David
  7. If you are using a pick up from Enterprise can they not 'Beam You Up' ? Cheers David
  8. You can always tell them to 1111 0000 1111 1111 in hexadecimal. ( insert smiley emoticon) I'll get my coat............... Cheers David
  9. Hint......It's NOT you that's wonky, it's the boat!!! Cheers David
  10. We have a sky plus box on the boat for which we pay a subscription which allows us to watch the free view channels as well as the ones we subscribe to. In addition the facilities of record, suspend viewing for 20 mins or so to answer phone etc. then resume viewing and fast forward through recorded adverts are also available. If you use a sky plus box without the paid for subscription the only channels you have are the free view channels and all other facilities are disabled. We are CCing throughout the summer period and have to try and set up the dish every evening though not every mooring enjoys a good line of sight view to the Astra satellite. We also have an aerial for normal terrestial TV viewing which also varies in the number of channels received. Cheers David
  11. I assume Peel ask CRT for your name and address, are they legally obliged to give it to anyone or can you let CRT know that your name and address are not to be given out unless to the Police etc.? David.
  12. . And a slimmer wallet. LOL Cheers David
  13. Boaters. Do you want a shore hook up but don't want to/ can't pay for it. Find a mooring where fishing is not allowed with 'Beware overhead lines' notices then climb the poles with two wires with crocodile clips attached to them, connect one to each wire then plug into your boat. Hey presto FREE electricity with the bonus of no fishermen to disturb your mooring spot. Cheers David Disclaimer PS. This is meant as a joke only, please don't try and do it.
  14. Are you sure it was reversed?. Some early MGBs had 2 X 6V batteries in series under the rear seats and were positive earth whilst AFAIK all modern cars ( post mid 70s ish) were negative earth. Cheers David
  15. Hi Sorry to hear about your sad circumstances, please accept our condolences. An answer to part of your question is ABC boat hire at Hilperton Wharf have a crane for boat removal onto an artic at their site. They do not have any storage facilities however, though if you speak to them they may be aware of a local place with hard standing for storage and also a suitable local lorry company or crane hire company for off loading and transport. Cheers David