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  1. All the best Martin ..hope it's a good one
  2. Cheers Robbo....! I have loads of arduino projects on the go too, so that sounds like a great bit of kit...
  3. I'm enjoying using a raspberry pi on the boat, raspian os is OK for my uses and the pi manages full HD pretty well... And all for about 10 watts !! Awesome
  4. Less messy ? And lots of modern cars are closed in underneath and need jacking or lifting to get to the 3 thousand hidden fixings holding them on....which usually break off anyway when you try to undo them !! Or. just poke a pela down the oil ole and pump......
  5. Spot on ! Less sleep and more activity to tire it out....and maybe some soothing music ?
  6. They use pectin in veggie jelly, which is from apples iirc
  7. Well, I like it! It's a nice 'hat tip' to the beauty of this world, rather than something aggressive... I do have a couple of tattoos, so maybe biased...but I don't regret having mine done 40 years ago!
  8. We're very happy with our new world oven and hob in stainless steel. It does need 240v though for the fan and ignition, but it's a domestic one and is much better than the caravan type ones for our needs. Runs fine off our victron or the travel power . Has ffd on all burners. Iirc New World are based in Merseyside. It's been used daily for over 4 years and is still going strong.... HTH ..
  9. Mine are pretty much next to each other, although on an angle which leaves a wedge shaped clearance between them . Haven't had any issues The oven isn't on for long and there is a plentiful supply of cold air from the bilge via a vent behind the fridge...
  10. Use the gap for led lighting as you suggested...then use some opaque plexiglass as a fillet, which will diffuse the leds nicely, and keep crumbs out...😊
  11. Do turn off ALL charging sources immediately ! The boat next to us blew the top off one of the batteries last year under similar circumstances...not pretty! The owner wasn't here and the solar was whacking the amps in under full sun ....
  12. To put a figure on it, an old caravan style fridge uses about 330g in 24 hrs, according to the specs anyway! So yes, you are saving a fair bit as, like Bizz , I recon they use about the same as a gas fridge... And what monkey said too...MUCH safer when you are not there ....
  13. Would one 90 deg bend, then tap then a suitable flexi not be ok? It's a few less potential leak points (ie joints)... You could also use a bottle top pressure gauge to check for leakage, and leak detector spray to locate the leak if there is one.
  14. Custom build your own using a pi or arduino..relays and SMS boards readily available for both.
  15. Agree with the Excel for controlability, especially with the fire shut well down. Very easy to relight from the slightest glow without using any sticks.....but horrible hot TCP like smell. We use a mix of Burnwell ( I think it's called) from the local yard and wood - live aboards 63ft boat Stove is a little Villager Heron ...fantastic fire - we love it !! use a bag of coal and two to three 'nets' of wood (currently oak!) per £16 / £19 per week. Fire lit 24/7 and stays in all night very easlily - boat is nice and toasty too !