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  1. I used a spray bottle with water in and just kept my old boy damped down... Worked a treat ... and was free !
  2. They look like caravan type reading lamps to could replace them like for like, and just fit led bulbs to them. Or even renovate the ones you already have. Led bulbs of all types are readily available everywhere. I used eBay but there are UK suppliers if you want advice about fitting led replacement bulbs. Opinions vary, but my cheap Chinese bulbs have been fine for a few years now ,
  3. I've got two 6 way panels from gs and am happy with them. Resettable breakers...look quite trouble at all in 5 years use...
  4. Or maybe the black bits are from the pump internals, given the OPs other post? Although if that were the case, then surely there would be evidence in the water coming from the taps... Just thinking aloud...HTH...
  5. Not using any arduino stuff interacting with the boat's systems (yet!), but do play arduino quite a bit.... And am really enjoying using a ras pi as my main daily drive...great for internet and music / video... and only 10 watts.... Great fun, and has helped with my electronic education no end, as it's so easy to set up experiments.
  6. I have heard of other people having problems with the thermostat on shoreline fridges. The contacts play up on them ...I know two of those people overcame the problem by reversing the polarity of the thermostat, and one by using a relay ....don't really know the technical details I'm sorry, but there is a lot of info online about the danfoss compressor control circuit ..... Cheers
  7. In my experience the lockies do tend to run minimum water levels. We grounded on the cill going up last autumn and the lock keeper legged up and let some water down pretty sharpish..he said it was pretty normal for boats to drag on the cill between the locks ! We are not a deep boat either.... I didn't enjoy the experience much to be honest.....
  8. We used to use one for camping...I believe they are horrendously inefficient 12v wise.... but then I guess they really expect to have a car alternator powering them for the most part.... So I suppose for occasional use they may work for some people.....
  9. All the best Martin ..hope it's a good one
  10. Cheers Robbo....! I have loads of arduino projects on the go too, so that sounds like a great bit of kit...
  11. I'm enjoying using a raspberry pi on the boat, raspian os is OK for my uses and the pi manages full HD pretty well... And all for about 10 watts !! Awesome
  12. Less messy ? And lots of modern cars are closed in underneath and need jacking or lifting to get to the 3 thousand hidden fixings holding them on....which usually break off anyway when you try to undo them !! Or. just poke a pela down the oil ole and pump......
  13. Spot on ! Less sleep and more activity to tire it out....and maybe some soothing music ?
  14. They use pectin in veggie jelly, which is from apples iirc
  15. Well, I like it! It's a nice 'hat tip' to the beauty of this world, rather than something aggressive... I do have a couple of tattoos, so maybe biased...but I don't regret having mine done 40 years ago!