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  1. The A127 alternator has a max output of about 70amp too. But if the volts output never exceeds that 13.6v after that length of time running then either there's a faulty connection, the alternators faulty, belts slipping, or you actually have an old ACR alternator on there which would have a max output of between 35amp and 45am and around 13.6v. A picture would be helpful. Has the alternator got a big black plastic casing on the back, where the terminals are?
  2. Sorry to mentions this again, but I very much doubt if the crank case breather has ever been checked and cleaned since the engines been in the boat, judging by access to it, which looks almost nill. It is below that blue heat exchanger, header tank where you top up with coolant. Unless that engine box side panel comes off or there is access opening in it the blue exhaust heat exchanger header tank at least would have to come off to get to it. It is incorporated in one of the two valve cam follower side cover plates. If its blocked, oily fumes under pressure will escape and leak past crank shaft seals, dipstick tube, up into the valve cover ect and up past the pistons to be burnt off. Also the fitting of an electric fuel lift pump is probably due to the nill access to the original mechanical lift pump which is also below that blue header tank and near the camshaft side plates. If this pump is disconnected but still in situ, it could be leaking the oil. If its been removed there should be a cover plate blanking off the fitting hole.
  3. I had a 40' Harborough Marine for a number of years. Steered beautifully, and would steer in astern for miles accurately if needed. Long rear swims, fine bow entry. Fast too, needed very little power to bomb along. Lister SR2 engine. Mainly SR2's were put into Harborough boats in anything up to 50' long, over that and SR3's tended to be used.
  4. Although the seal maybe worn, by standing on the gearbox stops the leak it might need re-aligning or lowering a touch. Or the mounting rubbers have become soft and pappy and standing on the box might be damping excessive movment of the engine and box which stops the leak.
  5. And a big dagger to fight off giant Pike with great big sharp knashing teeth.
  6. It must have been a huge struggle for Henry Cooper to bring himself to call Mohamed Ali, ''Ali'' on the advert as he always otherwise, withou fail called him Clay. Must have been the purse that did it.
  7. I think it was Henry Cooper who narated the advert quoting words, The great smell of Brut and the strength of Ali. Faberge advert.
  8. The Brut deoderant advert. The great smell of Brut and the strength of Ali. I altered this to. The great strength of Brut and the smell of Ali.
  9. Best to replace it with laminated. Toughened can do that with a sharp little tap.
  10. Because boats don't usually get the same intensive use that cars get, especially in the winter and if your not on a mains charger. An extra reserve of capacity is needed in case the engine gets sluggish to start, also for the slight natural self discharge that batteries do, I'd go 90amp minimum.
  11. They have a simple dipstick, as does the reduction gear on the back if its got one.
  12. It seems that any of that cladding is doubtful stuff. My topic about placing an upturned bucket of ice cubes on the head to keep one cool has given me an idea. I believe those tower blocks have gigantic water header tanks on the very top of them. Either all around their base perimeter many outlet holes drilled in the tank with automatic valves on them or one huge drain cover plug in their base which could be actuated by fire sensors on the building which would open the valves or huge drain plug which would release water in a huge deluge which would pour down all around the building extinguishing any cladding fires. A similar header tank deluge of water from this tank occurred in the Towering Inferno film. This idea shared with internal sprinklers might be ideal.
  13. Two more ideas. Chuck the ice bucket idea and just stick the Ecofan on your nut, which draw the heat out of the head making it work, This would also help to propel you along too. Ideally you need a bald pate for the best heat exchange. if not a patch of hair could be shaved off to the dimensions of the fans base and it clamped or stuck on it. If you have a car with a sun roof the head and fan could be up in the fresh air whilst driving along which would also give the car a boost. If your a hothead it might even propel the car along with the engine switched off. Idea no2 is a gas fridge. A hole the side of your head gouged out of the bottom so it can be worn resting on the shoulders with the head poked up inside. A window in the door to see where your going would be useful too. The gas bottle could be mounted upon a hikers back pack frame carried on the back, or pulled along behind you on a little truck, linked to the fridge by its hose. Stocking up with large quantities of lollies, mint-choc cones ect and transporting them home without the awful fear of them all melting on the way.
  14. Bung an ice bucket full of ice cubes upside down on your head. Place a fan in front of your face and sit back in the nude sucking an ice lolly whilst the ice gradually melts, trickles all down and is super cooled again by the fan, lovely. If the bucket has a handle which would secure it under the chin like a proper helmet mobility like shopping sprees are possible, topping up the bucket with ice at freezers for the journey home. A full bucket of ice cubes should last for a couple of hours.
  15. Give it em back. Take it to the middle east, Saudi Arabia will do, dig a hole in the sandy desert and pour it in.