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  1. Hospital silencers are usually pretty fat. 7 mx25mm might not be enough by the time you've done the half width overlap.
  2. I have become addicted to a certain kind of Cornetto style ice cream cones. The addiction came on during the winter. They're Aldi's mint ice cream and toffee cones, 89p for four. Transporting them back to the boat now its hot before they melt is now impossible before they melt. Ok in the winter Twice I've had to eat all four in the car park. Twice I've eaten two in the car park and driven off at very high speed to try and get back before then other two melt but, no joy, I had to eat them going along with the ice cream melting all over my pants. I've tried racing back immediately with all four in the unopened box and the same thing happened, I had to eat them all driving along, three going along and one at a red traffic light. I thought of taking someone along to share the cone feast, but I'm too greedy and want them all for myself. I'm loath to go and buy a cold box or bag to transport them in because I might suddenly go off them and onto something that won't melt, although I've had this addiction for over a year now. I'm making an aluminium sheet lined box for them which I shall keep in the fridge for a few hours beforehand, pop a few ice cubes in it and race off to Aldi to buy my cones. Hopefully this should cure my problem.
  3. Needles and pins, Redditch was-is the centre of needles and pins manufacture. The steel dust left over from the grinding process is sold to firework makers, it is the crackle in sparklers and other crackly fireworks. All Retford has, as far as I know is quite a busy railway station and a postbox.
  4. Or use the hole for another vent or bullseye.
  5. You often see moorhens practicing log boating.
  6. You do it quickly, although you're bound to spill a drop. Have everything at the ready. Sealing 0 ring of about 3/4'' on the tube in the top casting, sealing ring in the base, sealing ring in the top casting, stick the new top one in with grease if it keeps falling out. Have the bolt with is wee O ring on it at hand. Grasp the filter by its cast base, fill with fuel, whack it up hard onto the top casting, hold it there very firmly whilst popping the bolt in. Screw it down as far as it will go by hand, nipping up slightly with the spanner, whilst turning the filter a little this way and that to make sure its seated on the sealing rings and not caught up on the side of the ring groove. Finally tight the bolt, just so. Incidentally, there's usually a small fuel filter in both mechanical and electric lift pumps which need cleaning too.
  7. Gigglebites,meggabites, terrorbites and all that is unheard of in central Africa. They use the ''Gorillabite and the smaller Chimpbite'', they will roll over if you keep tickling their tummy. The Himalayas have similar data that rolls over too if you tickle its tummy, its known as the Yetibite.
  8. Ok. That is the usual way that the majority of alternators are driven, and most alternators come with a fan for that direction of rotation or a bi-directional fan. So yours is almost certainly the correct one. You can check it by holding a smoking joss stick at the back of the alternator. The smoke should be drawn through it to emerge from around the fan pulley. Some alternators have an interior fan, my Hitachi one does.
  9. looking at the alternator pulley face on, does it rotate clockwise or anticlockwise ?
  10. Disconnect two electric eels.
  11. Actually I've seen one or two vehicle diesel engine that have been in a fire and the plastic spill pipes with not much pressure in them seem to have shriveled and shrunk, like heat shrink or crisp bags, where they were heated which appeared to or might have sealed them up.
  12. The drip bit.
  13. The metal plugs are usually made from a sort of alloy, probably Mazak.
  14. Only a bit of a goon, not a full one.