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  1. And starting all over again.
  2. Seem to have gone completely
  3. Doris has nearly gorn.
  4. No, he was just spreading it and sprinkling in his kitchen.
  5. Everythings gone funny.
  6. Toast yer slices of toast, spread peanut butter on them and then sprinkle raisins over them, fruit and nut, delicious. equally good for sandwiches too. I saw Columbo doing it on the telly.
  7. Someone mentioned last week about facing forward whilst steering. Well i've been practicing this method for many years,It enables you to go along in the winter with your hands in your pockets keeping warm.Rolling fags with both hands instead of one, and making a mess of it.Pouring drinks ect. Going along with the tiller in the small of your back or lower is awkward,as it keeps slipping away and you usually end up having to grab the tiller anyway to keep on course. Well my solution is;--Get a wide leather belt and rivet on the back a small Christmas pudding tin or small Fray Bentos suet pudding tin,pop rivets,snap or the leather type rivets. Stand facing forward,engage pudding tin with tiller handle and away you go. For those who's tiller does not align up to the bottom area or just above,can rivet the tin to an old ladies corset which can be slid up and down the hip area for correct alignment.That's it 'simple'.Just be careful sitting down,just twiddle the tin around to the front. Happy tillering. bizzard.