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  1. Hi Graham, Sorry I've only just found this site! My ex-husband and I bought Nidd in 1999 (I think), we gave her her last cruise the length of the Leeds Liverpool Canal in 2000. We then took her to France (quite correct that she crossed the channel - with no problems). Went out at Boston and arrived in Calais. We did some research on her history at Gloucester docks, and, for me, the most exciting thing is that she was used as a training boat for woman, who would be taking cargos up and down the canal during the war. I loved living on her (for 5 years), she's a beautiful old girl, and was gutted when I learned that she was festering in St Jean de Losne after we had sold her. I'm so pleased that she is being used and hope you love her as much as I do! Sally Garrington I would love to see a picture of her (my husband took them all when he left!)