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  1. well that's my thinking too - though i'm not after remote controlled. just an easier self handed steering location. If I can run a chain down to the aft end of the shaft already in place, then just add a linkage through the bulkhead with a removable wheel assembly. then all I need is a 2nd throttle linkage to the engine bay. James
  2. That would be my next idea to somehow modify the wooden superstructure to enable me to crawl out a window/hatch. cruisers around me here have dual systems but they are all electronic so not much help. my boat being a 1967 isn't that advanced which is fine by me! James
  3. Hi all, A couple of months ago I changed from my 42ft narrowboat to a Bourne 35ft centre cockpit Broads cruiser. Although I'm getting comfortable controlling the boat, I've only taken her out with the cockpit slid back & friends to help out. I could happily self hand the NB, but this I'm not too sure unless the roof is slid back - not a good plan with standard UK weather! question I suppose is - would it be possible to retrofit a second steering position on the rear exterior bulkhead and steer from the rear gunwale? cable throttle seems straight forward, but there is already a chain from the cockpit wheel, attaching to a steering shaft down one side which then connects to the rudder - this I'm not sure off (I haven't had a look to see this working yet). James
  4. Thanks all, might go with the pump out kit inside as it keeps the gunwale free... James
  5. yeah in in built systems I believe they do. the bowl I have now goes straight into the tank, so no pump/macerator inside the boat - what I'm thinking if possible is to do a external one fitted to the deck connector. if not its just an excuse to go boating I suppose! James
  6. Afternoon all, After 2 years on a narrowboat with cassette loo's I've now got a broads cruiser with pump out... (will still carry a porta potty!!) Question is - I'm currently moored at tidal Medway Bridge with no pump out facilities - they all use sea toilets here - Allington's the nearest pump out station. Can I construct/buy a macerator pump concoction to suck out from the tank deck connector overboard rather than rip out he current bog, fit a sea loo & under water sea cock outlet? James
  7. I'm seeing that as a general rule Carl - could be a long term project! There is conflicting information as to if she's Falcon or Plover - length in the 2011 survey seems to suggest the later at 35ft. I've asked for a hull survey as there was some concern over the transom and she's had a GRP shell over the original wood deck - like you said truly chopped about. but still more character in my eyes & worth taking a closer look at. James
  8. I used Rylards Premium on mine, after scraping & angle grinding the hull then a couple of coats of Fertan rust converter. I was out for a couple of months but the hull took 2/3 weeks as I was letting the coats harden before applying the next. I can also recommend the pressure washer route & the long handled scrapers - made things a LOT easier! James
  9. see this is what I'm unsure off, I'm prepared for more maintenance, but boat yards on the Medway are more geared towards cruisers than Narrowboats, even smaller ones like forest. So antifouling every 2/3 years instead of blacking every 4 should be reasonable. Varnishing the top decks & above waterline shouldn't be too bad as I can do those afloat. I have a mate who's a carpenter by trade and can teach me what I need to know.. James
  10. Thanks Phil, There seems to be a bit of confusion as to what she is I've seen an advert from 2005 stating she's 35ft- I'll find out for sure Saturday not I know what to look for . James
  11. wow thanks for that Carl, I was going to havea trawl round the net after work tonight! looks like she's had a lot of work done on her recently. James
  12. ahh thanks for that Carl nice to see a similar class to get ideas. if I do go ahead I'll be removing the white top coat & try & bring her back to the original look.... James
  13. From what I can find on her history she's a Ripplecraft Broadlands Swan, more info will be gained on Saturday & i'll be booking a survey should I even think about it seriously. tbh the wood side worries me a bit but along the Medway boatyards aren't really setup for narrowboats - mine was craned & loaded on a flatbed last year so that cost a fair amount! In stead of 4 year blackings I'm guessing that's cut to 2 in wooden boats? James
  14. Hi everyone, I'm seriously considering selling forest & getting boat number 2. Living on forest has been great for nearly 2 years however its very restrictive finding residential moorings on the Medway for a 42ft boat. I'm booked in to view a Broadland Swan - 1946 build (wood hull & cabin) coming from a narrowboat I realise maintenance will be very different & more regular to keep on top of her. What would be needed though? she has a survey from 2011, repainted 2012. first thing would be a new hull survey, BSC work & repair engine's I believe she has an inboard Lister. Thanks for any help James
  15. Morning all, Does anyone know any suppliers that have deals on batteries at the moment? I'm after a starter battery for mine & several of the other boats down this way need leisures so thought I'd see if anyone was doing a bulk buy deal? JB