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  1. I did leave it bit open for interpretation. I meant sad that in this day and age people had to do it,
  2. We had the misfortune to have to go into Leeds last week and commented about the same. Sad indictment.
  3. I bet it had your feet tapping though. We shall have to wait for Morrissey to come up with something more jolly perhaps.
  4. If we are just talking of an English anthem, and in the event of Morrissey not being able to cobble summat together, we could perhaps do worse than this effort. Composed by a Welshman and in this instance sung by one. Word if you want to sing along. Grown in one land alone Where proud winds have blown There’s not a flower born of the shower Braver than England’s own Though gales of winter blow Piercing hail and snow Shining she stays bright as in days of yore Old England’s pride still blossoms Fresh on Englands shore Rose of England thou shall fade not here Proud and bright from growing year to year Red shall thy petals be as rich wine untold Shared by thy warriors who served thee of old Rose of England breathing England’s air Flower of chivalry beyond compare While hand and heart endure to cherish thy prime Thou shalt blossom to the end of time Rose of England breathing England’s air Flower of liberty beyond compare While hand and heart endure to cherish thy prime Thou shalt blossom to the end of time
  5. My mate for who i have just asked a question for in the Smartgauge thread is still sat here. He lives in Littleborough which comes under Rochdale. His answer to the original question is not repeatable on a family forum. Haven't a clue who my mp is or which party.
  6. Funnily enough a mate has just popped round for a brew and we were in the middle of a conversation about Smartgauge for his boat and what they do. I know bugger all about serious battery monitoring, my feet are very firmly in the Mrsmelly camp, but i said i know somewhere that does and this this thread is 4th down on recent topics. He asks...I have 4 leisure batterys 2 x 110 & 2 x115 of indeterminable age if I fit a SG will it tell me what the capacity of my batterys are now and to wire in is it just a case of poss and neg one to each end of the bank.
  7. Well i can quite easily steer and organize crew for the whole of the Rochdale canal leg and we'd get the bus/train home each evening. It starts to get more awkward and time consuming on the rest. Long shot i know but if some others can muck in on the other bits it could happen. Where do your friends keep their boat? Is it to far to get it into the vicinity?
  8. Shortage of insects in your hedge. Maybe some pesticide which killed the insects off.
  9. Nowt worse than being assulted up the Llangollen.
  10. Isn't that a tablet for dogs
  11. Got me guessing. Is the obvious exception a cross between a former Golden Shot host and one of the Shadows?
  12. By coincidence we are also out with friends in Leek over christmas and have plumped for the Roebuck for food which my mate suggested following a recommendation from a mate of his. I have drank in the Roebuck but never eaten so can't comment personally. I am a bit like a kid in a toffee shop when in Leek. The Roebuck, a Titanic pub, is straight over the road from the Cock Inn which is a Joules pub two of my favourite breweries. I usually end up in a bit of a state when visiting Leek.
  13. It is advertised as licensed until the end of Oct 14 which suggests to me its been on the market for a while. It does look a good fit out but well overpriced. Would be interested to know what the owners have said they would accept.
  14. Due to the natural course of events it can't be to long before the title and a few words of the anthem are changed slightly.