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  1. Sorry for taking so long to reply but got held up before hols. Left lap top for piece of mind, but thanks for your comments We doddled to Stourport and returned via the Droitwich loved it apart from the drenching we got on the 14th going up the Severn. Had a great meal in the Eagle and Sun and at the other end of the scale Witherspoons in Stourport. One serious comment DO NOT MOOR opposite Smiths papers yard just above lock 3 the yard works all night with the small lift trucks reversing continuously. Once again thanks to all this is one great web site love reading all the comments
  2. Yes we ate there 3 years ago when we did the Avon ring from Tardibigge, Had a v/good meal after completing the flight. Will maybe revisit at the end of the trip and ta for the tip
  3. Stoke Prior to Stourton Out and return looking for pubs, places or concerts of interest. Thanks in anticipation Andri
  4. We will be on the GU in early May for our hols and will be travelling north from Linslade, so I am also interested in all comments. This is the first time we will have covered this area. Our intention is to cruise up to Market Harborough and return over the two weeks all additional info greatly appreciated. I should say we have simple tastes in food no spicey stuff these days. Would like to know of any recommended canalside pubs with music. Hope you enjoy your hol neil
  5. Hi can anyone advise? I’m climbing over the wall yet again In May and heading for the GU (for my Hols) is there another wall at the south end of the Northern Counties that I’ll have to go over. I’m also thinking of visiting friends in the SW will there be another wall there, or am I going to have to swim the Servern to passport control. Also can you tell me if Yorkies and pasties will be accepted as currency or will Haggi or TRIPE be accepted as part exchange.
  6. Point taken. I'll hope for better this time round. We are now at the "What have you not got packed stage" and "does it need washed". Ah well soon be on our way.
  7. Perhaps your correct but i still think it is wise to check the inventry before you leave the boatyard.
  8. We also hired from Anglo Welsh last year and were very happy with the boat we had (Golden Eagle). The problem we had was with the itinary that should have been on the boat, a number of items were missing and one or two things needed replacing and cleaning. If we had checked the boat over properly at the start we probably would have had these items replaced we didnt because we had become to complacent having hired now for many years and had on the whole good service from many companies. We blame the paticular boatyard and ourselves for allowing that to happen and not Anglo Welsh. So we are again hiring a boat from the same company this year only from another yard.
  9. Nice videos Hope we get such good weather. Andri
  10. Thanks Mary P will certainly try. Did you stop at Upton on Severn by any chance and if so which hostelry would you recommend. Andri
  11. Thanks Guys for your comments very interesting and much appreciated. Just hope it doesn't rain to much the few days before our holiday. Andri
  12. Thanks for the info Mike. As I have said else where in the forum I hope to do the Avon ring next month will take on board what you have said, You didn't say what sex the lock keepers were, or was that deliberate? Andri
  13. Hi as I'm hoping to do the Avon Ring next month I'm very interested in your cruise updates. Hope luck changes and you have pleasant trip from now on. Andri
  14. Thanks for the info Stewey, my doc says I've to lose weight anyway so whats a problem with one more lock. Like you all relevant info about the Avon ring will be useful. Andri
  15. Thanks Tiny and all for being so helpful. Hopefully there won't be any rain in Wales before we start our cruise but if there is we will find somewhere else to go probably another ring? By the way should you see us on Silver Dusk next month say hallo. You never know there might be something left in the bottle!!! Andri