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  1. + 1,good to see you back Betty
  2. The Pope has moved Quarters,he now Resides in the Fertan,better Gardens, apparently
  3. No,he is hopeless,I gave him your name
  4. Expensive?no problem,it was commissioned by the Sultan of Brunelai
  5. Brunel!
  6. Rusty,counselling may help?in the meantime ,have a Greenie
  7. There appears to be a Shower Curtain?
  8. You are welcome,the A127 seems happy to deliver 45 Amps. or so without getting "Hot under the Collar /Stator"so to speak. The Engine pair spin at over 6000 R.P.M. when the Boat is at Upper Thames cruising speed(Approx. 5 M.P.H.) If the Alts. are rotating at 4-5000 R.P.M. the Fans do not appear to remove heat as well as they would at higher speeds. So, if the Battery bank is depleted after the Boat has stood for a Day or two,both 75 A.MP. Alternators run at full output for a considerable period,that is when the Temp. Controllers come into play,cutting off the charge and allowing them to cool for a minute or two. When charging recommences the load on the V Belts is not excessive as the Rotors are still spinning. CT
  9. No link needed,the Temperature controllers are easily available from sources such as ebay,just ask for 12 volt digital panel mounted Temperature Controller,will come complete with probe on a1 Meter cable,if you go ahead with the modification feel free to P.M me for installation details,the mod to the Alternator Field wire is simple and Quick,no dismantling required. CT
  10. Excess Temperature is,IMHO the most frequent cause of failure in Alternators,about which I posted an inexpensive method of Temp. control. Have tried to wreck a 127 type by overloading and restricting airflow,the Temp control prevents destruction.should improve machine and belt life Time will tell CT
  11. So that is why the Ticket collecting person on a Bus is called a conductor?
  12. Incorrect,I am a retired Genius... Did the same Mod, on the 2 Engine Alts,works well,if the washing machine is heating Water or the Microwave is on the at full output but the Temp. controller will allow them to cool when necessary. CT
  13. Have 3 Lucas 75 amp clones,one on the DC generator delivering full output as it charge 6 batteries The original ALT. melted the internal Solder Joints after being shut down whilst on full chat ALT number two is Temperature limited with a Cheap and cheerful Willhi Digital 12 volt Heater\Fridge controller The Yellow wire between the Alt. Regulator and Field Windings is switched out when the Stator reaches 75 Degrees C,once the Stator Temp. reduces the Field circuit is allowed to Generate Amps again A Probe is attached to the outside of the Alt. with a Large Hose Clip,the Willhi Controller can be set into a panel so that the displayed Temp can be seen/adjusted,it is a simple Modification CT
  14. Starry would likely know 'bout that
  15. Not all Forum Members are as Inscrutable as you,Grasshopper