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  1. Trim looking Vessel,bet it cost Shedloads of Money!
  2. Reported
  3. Tumble Dryer would be a more likely cause of the Inferno
  4. Can see what you mean,if the Flue were Twin wall the gases would be hotter and draw more heat to exterior,rather than dispersing heat to the Boat/Room.
  5. The one I have requires an Isolated Power Supply,I power it with a 1.2 AMP/HR 12Volt Battery Via a Double Pole Double Throw Toggle Switch ,when the Switch in is Meter on position the battery is isolated from the main 12 Volt System,when Meter Switched off it;s supply battery is charged by the main Battery Bank Via a Diode
  6. Do see your point,I possess a Boatmaster's Licence BUT would not head any Letters with M.C.A CT
  7. Only after it has hauled them to the Keel and Peeled them for a Meal!
  8. A Keeler Spider?
  9. Arbomast BR Butyl based Sealing Compound,Butyl Rubber Joint Sealant,recommended for Marine Bedding applications Much less fiddly than the Tape and available in Standard 380 Mill Cartridges CT
  10. I think there is a bit of Rivet Envy going on here?
  11. I have a 40 year old B.M.C. 2.5 with 14000 Hours on it and it runs fine(it does get pampered) CT
  12. Happy Birthday
  13. And don't forget the Lipseal(s) on the Pump Shaft they can suck in air which will have a serious effect on Water flow rate
  14. Thank you Cuthound,will Charge to those Numbers. CT
  15. Not all Men are Tories,your Philosophy is sound though CT