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  1. Tracking
  2. A surprising amount of Antique Thames Launches have modern Diesels installed,have personally installed many Out board fine,Open launches not bad if installed and maintained correctly
  3. Petrol Engines can be safe,as long as you hang them on the transom of the boat and place the Portable Fuel Tank in a Gas type Locker
  4. About time this drawn out matter was settled,pleased that the outcome is a positive one for the EA CT
  5. The OM636 was standard fit for Ocean 30's and IIRC the 70's built ones were manufactured in Spain?then Marinised in the UK Good machine ,pleasant sounding with the lovely wheezing noise at idle due to the Pneumatic Governor Only weakness was the TMP gearbox. 42 HP. CT
  6. Yes, I took Electrocution lessons from the Posh Guys that sold me my Solar Panels
  7. It was Spiffing!speshley after Tiffin
  8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidochous,(Julie Andrews was riddled with it but she is better now...
  9. Rebuilt a six Cylinder Jaguar Engine for a friend.the Cylinder head Studs went through the Water Jacket in the Block. He wondered why they were badly corroded I explained that it was lack of Antifreeze in the coolant,so no corrosion Inhibitor.
  10. Same here,they do clutter the Page up.
  11. The reason 'Dynamo's were superceded was that all their output current went through the Brushes,40 AMPS. was about their limit Shorter service life than an Alternator
  12. Bet it was not Abu Clapham Omnibus
  13. You are too good at this stuff TimSmileys not working,must be technical hitch?
  14. The Machinery in those Launches is usually ancient though well maintained Cant see 30 k to convert each one,most of those Boats are owned by Boatyards/Builders,12-15 K would be more like it They are certainly not 'low wash' the Henley based ones are a Menace when they go to and from Putney each year,although the Upper Thames Speed Limits apply to them they are blatantly ignored. The speed exemption only applies when they follow the Racing Boats,I do wish the River Authority would remind them of that fact!
  15. How tall is the Upstand(fixed bit),my current ones have a 45 mm Up stand and don't allow Rain to bounce up to the inside of the top and drip into the Boat The shallower versions(25-35 mm )do leak when Rain is heavy