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  1. That's the one we stopped at last time. Couldn't remember where, but that would fit. Bridge 9 and 6 operated by CRT staff between 9.30 and 10.30am, so perfect timing. I also think that will be about right to get to Stanley Locks at 1pm.
  2. We have done the Liverpool Link before, but forgotten where we stayed overnight the night before. We need to be at the top of Stanley Locks at 1pm. What are the recommendations for the night before moorings. A pub with food within walking distance of the mooring would be good. Also got to get the timings right for the CRT operated bridges on the way into Liverpool. Many thanks.
  3. Went through Poolstock pound this afternoon. Very low and got grounded a couple of times. Eventually had to let some water down from the pound above. Levels are certainly not sorted out yet.
  4. When we tried to moor there last summer, there were no spaces in the basin. All the moorings were taken by what looked like long stayers. Plenty of moorungs available on the approach to the basin, but to be frank they looked a bit grim. We decided to continue to Merry Hill and we're glad we did. Nice moorings and, despite it being a weekend, relatively quiet. We felt quite secure there. They would be our moorings of choice next time we are in the area.
  5. We usually overnight at Riley Green and then get an early start to go through Blackburn. We have never stopped in Blackburn, but we have always founds the natives to be entirely friendly. Even when we encountered groups drinking from vodka bottles at locks, when engaged, they have always been friendly, interested in the canal and quite happy to lend a hand opening and closing gates. We tend to keep going until we get to Rishton. This is not an overly long day, although Blackburn, due to the locks being spread out, can take some time to get through. Never had a problem there. It is only because of its reputation (perhaps not now justified), and indeed the lack of other moored boats, that have prevented our stopping. No doubt other members will have their own view.
  6. We moored there last summer when there was some construction work going on (new visitor's centre?). This restricted mooring, but there was room for two on the facility side of the canal and perhaps four or five on the museum side of the canal. These moorings are all within the locked area. You can moor just outside the locked area. I have never done that, but have spoken to several people who have, and they have not had a problem.
  7. Edit and deleted because I hadn't read the OP's post properly.
  8. Does the site show both berths, or just availability?
  9. During the summer we tried to book a berth for two or three nights. Not surpringly, they were already fully booked. We did manage to get into Paddington Basin and stayed for three nights. We had a walk along to Rembrandt Gardens each day (as you do) and guess what? There were no boats at all on either of the moorings on each of the three days. A few days later after we had left, I did email CRT thinking they had screwed up the booking system. I got a reply to the effect that their booking system was correct, but they couldn't force boats to turn up or to stay for their full booked time (I don't know what the maximum time is/was). I just got the feeling from the tone of the email that this was a common occurrence. Perhaps the £10 charge is CRT's way of tightening this up.
  10. Thanks everyone. Drained down yesterday, refilled with mixture and all seems good.
  11. Evening Steve, Sorry if my post was coming over as contradicting your information. That was not the intention, It was just that I find the Bridgewater Canal to be a bit frustrating not quite knowing how or when to plan a passage. They probably keep their customers (i.e. boats with a Bridgewater Canal license) well informed, but as a CRT license holder, I am never quite sure what is and what is not going on. I remember vainly trying to get to Castlefield last year to find the canal blocked and having to reverse all the way back to the Pomola Lock to turn last year. There were not signs that the canal was closed and, for once, the towpath tom toms let me down. So many thanks for letting me know what is going on. Regards.
  12. The Bridgewater Canal web site is still showing the closure to be from 31st October 2016 to 24th February 2017.
  13. Thanks for that, Pie Eater. I have been keeping an eye on this closure as it affects our winter cruising. The Bridgewater Canal web site is still showing the original stoppage dates. Where did you get your updated information from? Thanks again.
  14. Similar experience about three years ago. Leon was NOT drunk, and very polite. However, despite being told on several occasions that we did not require assistance, walked ahead and prepared the locks. Now that in itself might have been helpful, but we did feel uncomfortable. Needless to say, no money exchanged hands although we did proffer cups of tea/coffee whenever we were having one and also bottles of beers (again when we were having one). Perhaps, in hindsight the beer was not a good idea, but we didn't know about his "problems" at the time.
  15. Thanks guys, My one concern now is the comment from NMEA as the system is 10 years old. I will try bleeding it only first, and then if I am not happy with the results, do a complete replacement. Thanks again.