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  1. Don't be terrified, just take sensible precautions (and, like a house, get insured!).
  2. Thank you. It has now arrived, I am saving it up for the weekend.
  3. You might want to repost this as a new thread, as I think that will get you more responses. But here are two thoughts: the CRT handbook is well worth looking at. There are two versions, written and DVD. the route via Leeds is indeed more spectacular, but it does involve the tidal Trent from Keadby (near Scunthorpe) to Newark. That is more demanding, and (without knowing you at all!) you might want to wait until you have a bit more experience of handling the boat (or can find someone to come with you) and also have dealt with any teething problems with your engine etc. For example the tidal trent is not a good place to discover that you have a load of crap at the bottom of your fuel tank, as it may get shaken up and block the filters.
  4. It's a mixture. Most of it is pretty similar to the Nene, with similar gearboxes etc. But there is still some old gear (dating from the 1960s I think) where the Middle level / Ouse key still fits best. (Eaton Socon, Offord).
  5. I think the only conceivable argument is that in some locks the paddle rack can foul the wall, and so if you are winding them down while in contact with the wall you might damage the rack or the wall. But it's a rather tenuous point, compared with a boat bashing the lock gates on the way into the lock ...
  6. PS the MIL Commissioners publish a useful booklet that explains how things work. It should be available here, but the link is currently broken. I have reported this, so with luck it will be repaired shortly. You will be given a hard copy when you arrive at Stanground. And maps here:
  7. And here is one of Marmont Priory, which some more familiar hydraulic gear, and Maureen (who is sadly no longer looking after the lock, due to ill health) closing the door.
  8. Here's one of the slackers at Ashline Lock. Tje spindle is vertical and fully enclosed in the white collar, which is why a normal windlass won't work. And before anyone tells me off for leaving the windlass on the spindle, there is absolutely no chance of the handle whizzing round of its own accord!
  9. Ouse key (for the Middle level) here, from an earlier thread. Photo by Mac of Cygnet. Abloy key, similar to this: Yale key and standard windlass: I don't think you need that...
  10. I'd forgotten about Offord, where you do need to get out the Ouse key (windlass) I think .... On March, to add to Mac of Cygnet's point, I think if you want to use the pumpout (not that I have one) you have to moor on the quay, go into the town to buy a pre-payment card, move the boat over to the services quay, unlock the pumpout station with the Yale key, and then use the pumpout. This is because you can't get access to the town from the services quay ...
  11. So as far as windlasses are concerned you need the special "Ouse key" (what you have described as a middle level windlass) for Ashline lock at Whittlesea on the ML. This lock is unattended. So far as the Ouse is concerned (St Ives and upstream) an ordinary canal windlass is fine (as you have discovered!). Ditto the Nene. Note however that paddles are called slackers. Nearly all the guillotine gates on both river systems (and the pointing doors on the Ely Ouse system) are electrically operated, for which you need the EA Abloy key (plus a spare?) to open the control cabinet. The manual guillotines on the Nene also need an Abloy key. Ditto the one lock that you might do on the Cam Conservators waters. That key also does water points etc on the Nene and Ouse. There is a yale key (which you can buy at Stanground) that gives you access to the water point etc at March, and to the lock compound at Ashline (though if you are tall like me you can simply step over the fence). You would also need it if you want to visit Holme Fen, the lowest point in England, as that means going through the lock near Ramsey where the top gates (I mean doors) are chained together (for rather complex but quite logical reasons!). Hope that helps. PS have you joined GOBA (Great Ouse Boating Assocation) and FOTRN (Friends of the River Nene) who both provide some very fine rural mooring spots.
  12. What, this Lancaster? (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, RAF Coningsby, well worth a visit from Dogdyke moorings on the Witham).
  13. There's a nice view of Lincoln Cathedral from the top of Boston Stump. 51 kms away.... Under the yellow arrow.
  14. And these two: Richlow Books: Boating Assn (the charts referred to above, I think).!/Publications/c/2703498/offset=0&sort=normal
  15. I have read various things about that trip, and the more successful one very recently. I am rather envious. You have helpfully also reminded me that my GOBA news (and the all important sticker) have not arrived yet...