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  1. alternator

    I had my solar charger set to open batteries on my gel ones, it was giving them 15v+, they are now goosed after a year :-(
  2. hello! I sit on top of my trad stern NB when i'm cruisingand i'd like to be able to steer by hand via the tiller. I used to stick a windlass in the tiller which worked a treat until...plop aaaargh. Can anyone share a solution so i can extend from the tiller and swivel in both axes ideally?
  3. that's interesting. Our best guess is that we've lost 10-20l of diesel and the slick covered a 2 mile long stretch of canal at about 20ft wide. It certainly took a long time to spread dispersant along the area. The wind and rain are picking up tomorrow so i'm hoping that will get rid of any remnants. Not a nice episode of our canal lives at all...
  4. Thanks for all your replies. Alas I'm gutted to say I think you may all be right about a leaky rudder tube. We set up a sorbent boom around the back today and drained the diesel tank. Water and gunk in the bottom of it :-( At least no more diesel can get out until we get her into the dry dock. We pulled out 125l of diesel, mostly ok-looking and working back from how full she was pre-slick we haven't lost that much diesel. It's crazy how big a slick comes from a small leak. Gutted. I used some ecover detergent in the area but after some googling it was dubious whether it is a good idea to use washing up liquid or not. Unfortunately it is meant to be very still the next few days so I don't think it will dissipate so quick.
  5. OK i'm getting worried about this slick now. When i waggle the tiller little bubbles of diesel seem to come up. Has anyone experienced this? Does that mean the diesel tank is leaking where the rudder is?? Help????
  6. Is it normal that i can rub the hull at the waterline and get my hand very black? Is it the blacking paint coming off Or is it possibly oil on the hull? We're trying to get to the bottom of a slick that has been around our boats and trying to work out if it is one of our boats, i'm wondering if this is related???
  7. I had exactly the same problem. The water pooling was actually leaking out of the seal where the immersion screws into the tank. I cleaned up the area, scraping away some of the tank insulation which was preventing a tight seal. I screwed in a new immersion unit with some silicon tape on the threads and some bathroom sealant between the tank and the immersion unit. Solved it. Apart from the immersion unit i replaced it with is half the length of the old one and doesn't heat the tank too well. Now i can't be bothered to replace it again because i fear i may have sealed it too well! p.s. i used this to undo it: give it light taps with a hammer to release any seal rather than twisting with force.
  8. is the canal in question a registered/scheduled monument? if so that may define the width of the 'monument' and the 'monument' may be able to be claimed by CART or your heritage body as being under their control. I'm only working off experience in Scotland, things may be very different down there.
  9. Like many, we used to enjoy unlimited tethering with three's one plan. Then the limits to tethering came in. It appears that some phones do not track tethering, so you can use an unlimited data package which limits tethering as much as you like. My iphone did track it, my partners old samsung did not. My partner bought a newish samsung and it does track tethering, i bought a cheap chinese 'umi emax mini' and it does not. So for those on android and who want a problem-free tethering experience it may be worth trying an older or cheaper android phone! hope this helps someone...
  10. good luck in the weather today, hope there isn't too much water flowing over the locks for you...
  11. perfect, i've got great options now - thanks muchly!
  12. thanks ditchcrawler & Loddon - i think we're getting there :-) i've also just been reading about how to moor up with springs, i think i may be doing it wrong!!!
  13. i would have thought the dog ones a bit too weak, do you know of any heftier versions?
  14. thanks, i was struggling to think of the name to google. 'Earthworm screw' did not spring to mind! I'll try to hunt out a bigger version...