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  1. so far so good, i cleaned the faces and re-tightened with just the supplied O-ring (and maybe a smattering of PTFE tape on the threads but i'll not admit to that). No leaks as yet and we have hot water :-) one unintended plus side is that i've scraped away enough insulation that any water that leaks through the threads will spill over the side rather than gathering in the electrics and frying it, not that i'm hoping for leaks... thanks again for the sage advice folks...
  2. You big bunch of beautiful boaters - she's free!!!!!!
  3. Haha but it works! Until any maintenance is required :-) Too late, my pet canary just took one for the team :-(
  4. i tried that, but not by cutting a notch, i hit an indent just inboard of the nut side. I even took a small breaker chisel to it with terrifying results...
  5. I have probably hit the thing approximately 1000 times with a hammer over the past week. But with a wobbly box spanner and about 3 inches of back swing....
  6. cheers folks, its only a 11" element in there, i think they originally fitted a 27" and then put the calorifier in. No way i could do that now, but i got a 14" which should be fine to get in. It seems a shame to only have the element working in the top half of the calorifier. I like the idea of turning the calorifier instead of the wrench, but it'd be easier to attache the wrench to the bank and turn the boat :-) If i scrape away the insulation on the top i'll have another shot with the blow torch, less chance it will set on fire again (did i mention that haha) if i scrape it clean...
  7. the new spanner arrived thanks to amazon drone or something! now to chip away the insulation and remove the plumbing... thanks again for the advice, i feel like i may just get there...
  8. i am very novice at plumbing, i have no idea why that plumbing is good or bad! If i turn off the water pump and remove the pipes from being in the way at the top, will it spill a lot of water or just a wee bit? I don't mind a litre or so, but don't fancy a lot more... I presume i use spanners to do the copper stuff, and just release the pressure to do the plastic stuff?
  9. only a few, the reason i don't think a flat one will work is that the immersion in sunk into the boiler by a few cms, this may just be insulation that i could scrape away but that would be a massive pain. Also, the plumbing looks like it would get in the way. Check out the photos above if you're interested...
  10. thanks folks, I'll try the different spanner before i go too caveman on her :-) I don't think a totally flat one will work, but the one with a deep section will. I'll photograph it later to help you see my space restraints... Many thanks for your useful advice thus far...
  11. the other option i saw was to cut a notch in the outside of the immersion and use a hammer drill chisel to knock it round ooft
  12. Yeah I've tried hammers, tried tightening. I haven't tried doing it when the water is hot, will try that next. I don't think the there type of spanner will fit due to space constraints and likewise i can't get the calorifier out without removing the shower :-( my next option is to drill a hole in the top then use a grinder or saw to cut it out, don't fancy that option much!
  13. Hello! The immersion has died in my calorifier and i can't get it out! The one before died because it kept on leaking around the threads and shorting the electrics. So i may have gone a little OTT with sealing the replacement and now i can't get it out! I put PTFE tape on the threads and a bead of silicon to seal it. I have the correct box spanner but access is really restricted to get any leverage on it. I have tapped it with a hammer but no joy. I have tried to heat it with a blow torch but the insulation on the calorifier keeps on going up in flames! I have used silicon removal paste to eat up the bead, i have used plus-gas and WD40 but it probably isnt getting into the seals. HELP!!!!!
  14. alternator

    I had my solar charger set to open batteries on my gel ones, it was giving them 15v+, they are now goosed after a year :-(