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  1. I think mine was a 1964 model. IIRC earler models had the Villiers 9E engine, not the 8E, and later ones the AMC. I was told that a Villiers 2T, a twin 2 stroke, would fit in the frame too. A mate had a Francis Barnett of similar vintage. I think that had the AMC motor as well.
  2. I bet it went backwards faster than the James!
  3. A'noon all. Just dipped in for a look see. I hope you don't expect me to agree with the above. If I was in the mood for an argument discussion I would ask for evidence. But it's a nice afternoon and I'm not so I'm dipping out. Bye bye.
  4. This was quite common at the last school I taught at (that particular hell on Earth known as Sandown Bay Academy) To avoid peanut attacks the school insisted on clip on ties being used rather than proper 'round the neck' ties. My sympathies were with the older boys (girls wore open neck blouses without a tie) I'm sure my 16yr old self would have been grossly insulted at being told I had to wear a clip on tie.
  5. I had a 197cc James Captain, fitted with a single cylinder AMC 2 stroke engine. The ignition timing was never 100%. Sometimes while waiting at traffic lights the engine would make an extra 'bang' and when I let the clutch out I'd find myself trying to go backwards!
  6. Whereabouts are you? I'd offer what help I can but i doubt you are on the Isle of Wight (like wot I am)
  7. I felt the need to apologise to a lot of hard working and low waged people on 24th June last year.
  8. Saw the first duckling of the year this morning. Not, alas, on a canal but on the Canoe Lake here in Ryde. All by his/her self but with mummy duck and daddy drake close by.
  9. I'm not disagreeing with anything that has been said, but.............. I was watching the BBC live news feed yesterday afternoon. It showed the blue/grey Jag and the black Land Rover, both with blue flashers behind the radiator grill going, speeding away from Parliament and my first thought was 'That's the general deserting the troops'. Just sayin'.
  10. Yes, I can see all the reasons for getting the 'highest quality target' out of danger but, much as I despise(d) the bitch I wonder if Thatcher would have allowed her security detail to whisk her away?
  11. Ffair enuff.
  12. From a leadership or management POV she was seen running away rather than staying with her troops.
  13. Seeing as press coverage of yesterdays events are being discussed: Front page of the Telegraph: "Mrs May repeatedly reffered to the incident as a "terrorist attack" yet the labour leader Jeremy Corbin would only descride it as an "incident".' I know the Telegraph is a tory supporting rag but I would have hoped a 'quality' newspaper would be above petty point scoring after what happened yeaterday. (Even though they did themselves describe it, as above, as an 'incident')
  14. Well that worked in Northern Ireland back in the 1970s didn't it............................NOT! I feel there is little that can be done to stop nutcases arming themselves with a vehicle or a knife and using them as wepons but I'm glad we don't have the 'right to bear arms' as in the land of the brave and the home of the free. Yesterday could have been a lot worse if the attacker had used a firearm. How long before concrete blocks appear along the kerb on Westminster and Lambeth Bridges and other places? I was at Orgreave in 1985 so I've seen what the police can be like but after yesterday my thoughts are with Keith Palmer and his family. As an aside, everyone else locked in but the PM gets driven away, the Jag and the Range Rover seen on TV turning right into Horseferry Road. Doesn't look good does it, the PM seen to be running away. ETA Oops. Orgreave was 1984.
  15. Perhaps. But a wide beam will still look fugugly.