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  1. This is my first winter aboard , and I have found it wonderful , have been out since September and although I am stopped by a stoppage for a couple of weeks I have loved it! Have only travelled on hire boats before in summer, but now in winter you can park upanywhereand loads of room, fantastic have loved it all. I am currently in Midlands in a popular summer place , but in winter so alone , has been great, can't wait to move on though
  2. Called,or is a collingwood narrow boat,ie the builders.?
  3. Thanks so much, very helpful
  4. Fantastic, three bad factors all at once,weird innit,thanks for replies, why isn't stoppage easy to see on website, I presume it's there somewhere
  5. Thanks Tuscan, where is that on stoppages , I can't find it, I was hanging around to get batts sorted but I can get them changed elsewhere if there is a stoppage, thanks again
  6. Can't get going as need new batteries,hence needing to know, if it's a stoppage I will move on and change plans. As I say I have looked and can't see any stoppage, but he seemed reasonable and appeared to know what he was talking about , thanks for replies
  7. Cheers I will, just he was so sure
  8. Hi, can anyone confirm that there is a stoppage this month between Foxton locks and braunston, I have looked and can't find one, but someone in pub told me there is a stoppage unplanned from 16th Jan till end of Feb?? Any info appreciated ! He said something like farm bridge ? Thanks
  9. I shall, thanks again, it makes a difference, being a bit more confident of knowing what I don't know lol,if that makes sense.[but slowly learning]
  10. Fantastic link thanks again. I will contact them tomorrow .I will look at current make of batteries in the morning, I should know sorry.
  11. Hi, Thanks again to for all answers, I will get a smartguage. The engineer who looked at the batteries said,'' I will go and chat to the manager first'', and came back and said I needed new batteries as he had already identified that the first battery was knackered by looking at it being ballooned. I wanted a couple of weeks mooring over xmas ,and then I could get it all sorted. Everything seemed ok,and it gives me 3 weeks to decide what I am getting, so I could do with reccomendations on which batteries, I do see open cell being recommended, but if AGM can work I would rather have them as its easier to a non practicle brain without experience. Never owned a car or motorbike, never had grease or oil anywhere near me till did the service, which was good to do, and don't mind learning, but I know my limited capabilities As the smart gauge is either call in at a couple of marinas ,or order it on line.I am too far away from from whillton marina, where they stock it, bcause there is stoppages . So I need an address to order it to, and too far away from home. So when I spoke to the manager ,he told me new batteries, AGM's as I have currently, will be around £400. He can get me a victron meter for about £120. Which he recommended as the best. However he will fit what ever I want. We never discussed his price on fitting the batteries, or fitting the meter. I appear to have given the wrong impression on here,I apologise,[ possibly leaving out a comma] I do want, as maintenance free as possible, the batteries have lasted 8 years, which is reasonable, so I thought get like for like, and with a monitor,its happy days. [ I wish] SO I will order my own batteries[whatever they will be] and smart gauge to the marina, and ask them to fit them.I already have a smartbank, wonder why they never got both. That's probably best I can do. If I go down this route, any recommendations on AGMS and why there is such a fluctuation in price? I respect all views, even if they differ, and thank you.
  12. Hi, we'll all this has helped my future management, so not all been bad,I went boat yard,he came to measure them ,but when he looked at first one , he said its bulging. Other two look ok,but recommends replacing all three. 660ah should be lasting more than a night despite lights fridge and whatever inverter takes. I also asked about the smart meter , but he recommends the victor on battery monitor which will give me a percentage soc which will help me not knacker the new ones. He said he can get me new AGM,s 220ah as to replace ones I already have, but he said they would be around £400 each,but agreed I could probably get them cheaper on line ,and they could fit them for me along with the victor on monitor for an extra £120 . So I know(I think there getting knackered with age (8 years) and have a plan,I will get them sorted in about three weeks,so sort of happy.Next question, I want to replace with like for like, I see these batteries for around £400 and on e bay there are some for £280, a significant difference, any advice please and recommendations of particular ones I can source.?.Thanks again your advice has really start to get my head round it.(Hopefully)
  13. Yes again , thanks to all contributors, I will report back when its been properly assessed,but if the readings are correct than 660ah of batteries should not be getting to 50pc with only that amount coming out, but, they are old and hopefully I have learnt and will not kill new ones if needed. I am only going off the readings I have taken , which is highly unreliable. The batteries have not let me down at all, and I didn't realise I had a problem until I started looking with uneducated eyes, so hopefully they will tell me the readings are wrong, and I will put my spade away forever.
  14. I was referring to the accumulated charge the fridge, water pump and inverter/charger was taking during the night when everything else was off. Thanks I am obviously reading things I do not understand from the control panel on the mppi controller and possibly making false assumptions. it shows basically bulk charge for about an hour then absorption for two hours then goes to float, which I was leaving for an hour or two.After all that it falls to 12.5 after an hour or so after charging and 14 hours later 12.2 or .1 as it was this morning, only draw being the inverter, fridge and pump.Hence I think there knackered having listened as best I can. So Tuesday gonna have someone from the local marina look at them.
  15. Yes thank you, think looking at the controller read out is probably confusing me, but it does give the same voltage read out as what shows on the volt meter outside of the cupboard door enclosing the victron and electrics ect, also from a volt meter plugged into a 12v socket.