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  1. Watch for speeding day boats,loaded up with beer,I was hit by one head on and another side swiped me,both were speeding and all appeared to b having a jolly on the ale.and not being in control.
  2. Depends on how long and how near and what facilities near by, outside Liverpool, probably Maghull/lydiate on the towpath, or Scarisbrick marina a bit further back and most points in between.
  3. Norbury wharf on the Shropshire Union canal have trad boats for hire.
  4. That's great thanks,I will bide my time, as there is no immediate need
  5. Thank you, that's USA, wonder why can't get them in uk
  6. That should read" Nature pure" water filter part 400009
  7. Hi does anyone know where I can order a new cartridge for "water pure" 'ultrafine ' no 400009 ,all out of stock looking at the places online ? I have one on board and filter probably needs replacing soon.
  8. Great I will give it a try
  9. Cheers,I will look them up.
  10. Thank you, and on the way to Bristol from bath, do you know of any mooring spots that are usually available at this time of year?
  11. Hi, we are on our way to Bristol from bath, any advice on moorings in between, also recommendations on where to moor in floating harbour, we last went ther on a hire boat, we paid before we entered last time as I remember but then decided to stay an extra night, first night I think was the marina, and was difficult to get out, next day we went right to the end and moored by a little pub down there,that was about 5 years ago , has things changed? We will probably do two nights there again, where is best to moor? And any directions to good pubs would be welcomed.Its expensive mooring there I see, so would want to moor close the night before so can get a couple of full days there.Any advice please ?
  12. I think hilperton to Bristol and back is better, look at 'latelink which should be cheaper at short notice.As regards supplies find an easy access for a delivery van and order from the big supermarket chains to a pub car park etc the night before.
  13. Oil

    That's helpful thank you
  14. Oil

    Whilst out and about I have not been able to source my usual source of oil, which I usually get d liveried to a post office as an address is needed , you can't get it delivered to a drop off point with e bay.I need to do a service soon, my partner got some oil from a garage with the right sae 15/40 although I have been using 10/40,but not api CC as I requested ,but she was advised 15w/40 meeting the requirement of api SL/CG4 is what I need and she bought it. I know the classifications have changed a bit,so will this be ok in a Isuzu 42.? Thanks
  15. We bought normal curtains and cut and trimmed them, saves hundreds, bespoke are made in uk so add noughts