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  1. Some data from ONS; Anth
  2. Part B of the Building regulations here; Anth
  3. As far as I know, you shouldn't fly any national flag above the Union flag in this country. It's a mark of disrespect in any country etiquette.html Anth
  4. It's just behind the first blue boat on the other side of the sanitary block. just opposite where the footpath goes off into the trees (there is a white info board opposite the pump out box) Anth
  5. I believe that the self pump out is in a separate box on the edge of the canal on the other side of the facilities block from the swing bridge. Anth
  6. Sorry, I should have stated that it's from the Office of National Statistics. Anth .
  7. Some interesting info here regarding our imports and exports Anth
  8. This makes interesting reading, I'm not sure that it tells us anything new however; Anth
  9. The Trinc, as she is fondly known by the locals of Hartlepool, is now part of the Royal Naval Museum, Hartlepool. Anth
  10. I think it's because when you clink on the link it puts http:// at the front of the address, also the colon disappears from the https:// Anth
  11. Le Mans?
  12. I don't think it appears in "View new content" Anth
  13. Some history is best taught "at a distance". When I was been taught history in School there was no knowledge of Bletchley Park and Ultras effect on the outcome of World War 2. 102 years on and historians still cannot agree on exactly why World War One started! Anth
  14. Done, Good luck with the Masters Anth
  15. It's "genuine reason for sale" that confuses me. Is there ever a false reason? Anth