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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yes but see the above quote
  2. this is a GU10 240v bulb, you need to be looking at 12v fittings that take MR16 or MR 11 bulbs, otherwise you will have to run 240v cable to the inverter (i think im right?)
  3. this is it
  4. Matty40s if he's not busy
  5. awesome thanks rich for listening to the community
  6. 10 here on the forum page but only 3 on the main page, can you not reverse this? better still give us the option to "hide" the galley on the forum page.
  7. i doubt they will be removed whether we like them there or not
  8. we cant post pics on the forum for some reason or in PMs for that matter
  9. nope still dont work cant send files in PMs either There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance.
  10. theres a brand new 30ft come up at Oundle Marina Village at £19,950 with a 20hp honda outboard if that helps
  11. you can read the real story here-
  12. is there any way to hide the gallery its annoying as its always there and makes the screen smaller
  13. why are the galley pictures now down the right hand side of the main forum? can i remove then as it makes the screen small, anyone else have this?
  14. not sure you will get a good match tbh as the cover will have sun damage but you could try allan - Cratch and Boat Cover Repairs (GU) Restitching / Patch Repairs / PVC Windows / Fasteners / Zips Excellent Finish Mob: 07835 228 283 (New Covers Too!) or if you have facebook