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  1. funny how they show pictures of asphalt towpaths that you can get a bus down, when in reality most of the towpaths are barely wide enough for a pushchair and are mud paths.
  2. also a tree down on the Oxford canal between bridge 230 & 229 and below swarkestone lock on the T&M
  3. yes £50 for a week http://www.avonnavigationtrust.org/General Info 2017 (2).pdf
  4. i moored on these moorings with the yellow signage at middlewich last year with 3 working boat without a problem, one of the guys said it used to be used by the hire company but didnt know if it still was. to be fair its always got boats on it and i was just lucky to get on the end.
  5. you only have 6 double locks (14ft) to do then they are all single (7ft) after stenson, can you get someone to help you through those 6 ?
  6. i wallpapered 5 years ago and have just stripped it off to put new paper on for a different look never had any problems in the past.
  7. if your running the genny every 2 days the bottle should last you around 2 - 3 weeks depending on how long you run it for, these are my figures from running through winter @ 3hrs every 2 days.
  8. rotten and snapped
  9. we also have the above set up, just be aware if you buy a new genny then add a LPG conversion you invalidate the warranty, kit cost about £70 and are universal
  10. Boat has been found
  11. Blisworth Tunnel Narrowboats 1 hr · Blisworth · Possible sighting bridge 45 yesterday north of the boat yard 1.30 pm....people washing the boat down possibly polish.....maybe before trying to paint?.....so could be a differant colour...red oxide, grey, green , black?......
  12. The 70' Springer was stolen yesterday from the mooring in Blisworth. It was seen coming out of Stoke Breurne bottom lock yesterday. The first picture shows it tidy as it could be and dark blue, the second pic shows it as it was Yesterday. Covered in slime and filthy and rubbish on the roof.Please look out for it. Note the high hatch toward the rear taken from facebook
  13. probly flip it with 60hp, you only need a 10hp - 15hp on this size boat
  14. did she say there were 20,000 liveaboards and 10,000 of them were in london? or did i hear that wrong
  15. i would have thought it was a good gathering seeing at it's the 40th year this year.