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  1. perhaps the Hudson owner wanted to win best in show so stopped the others from making it
  2. Good job there is a pump house close to the lock then
  3. Have just sent you a prm 150 manual via pm. hope it helps
  4. Which is north of Watford Gap, so is in the north
  5. That is because CRT and the previous acronyms never foresaw the problem that widebeams would become, The GU is still classified as a wide canal as far north as Berkhamstead only
  6. It already has a widebeam moored there. Shouldn't be allowed on narrow canal
  7. Has Tim Coghlan retired ? and my wife would be very upset to have her pole renamed to button
  8. Which 22 don't they renumber them again on the gu north
  9. There is a Bantock for sale currently at Great Heywood Boat Sales with a pd2
  10. We used to have a pd2 in a 1976 60 ft camping boat which was built by the Boat and Butty Co. of Runcorn. We sold it in 1986 to the welder at High Line of Iver. He converted the boat and put a wooden cabin on.We last saw her at Wyvern shipping and she was called the green amethyst. We also had a spare engine which we sold to chap in Windsor. Whether that ever got put in boat I don't know. I still have an engine manual.
  11. So which wife are you on ?
  12. BA

    The article refers to a Comet House. That was knocked down years ago The backup building is by Cranebank
  13. Hopefully going to get there end of this week beginning of next Currently just south of Leicester hoping the rain does not effect the Soar too much
  14. BA

    You have also not mentioned Voice Over Ip phones which BA now use so when the computer goes down so does the phone so they couldn't phone in extra staff. As for Alex Cruz not resigning, at the end of the day it is not up to him or Willy Walsh but the shareholders who will have the say