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  1. mechanical skills now i'm getteing to like the idea more ? i#m an Fngineer so should be ok at fixing stuff
  2. ok this is what i know remember from my chat with smudge and purple fairie a boat that would be a start A mooring (near purple fairie and smudge so i can go round for a cup of tea ) a licence ???? beer ? so what have i missed ?
  3. ok i'm new to boating and i've not yer got a boat but what do i need as well as a boat ? like licence how long can a boat go with out inspection, blacking and all the other questions please help ?
  4. Thanks mate i promis not to snore to loud when i'm living next to you lol
  5. does this guy do knife sharpening ? i was down stockton locks about a month ago and was chatting to a guy who had a harley on his boat and he did knife sharpening ?
  6. Thanks guys . The boat will have to be second hand and i don't mind doing work on it as long as its not a full rebuild as i want to live on it as well as do the work on it . i've looked at tug style.
  7. I keep getting the (#10226) you are not allowed to use the private messaging system ? i've got a 3 above my profile piccy ? i sent 3 pm to 3 friends on here ? what am i doing wrong ?
  8. ok how old is the fuel in the tank ? check the air filter fuel filter plug if they are ok try some new fuel if its still playing up i would go for the carb give it a good clean out if you can get to a compressor blow the jets out just in case its got some muck in . good luck
  9. Hi Everone , I've been look at narrow boats for a year or maybe more now , and i've done some work with a canal trust on a strech of water way , But now i need some help ? I want my own boat ? I'm on my own but i will have a friend come a stop with me i would like to have one of my motorbikes with me I'm and Engineer I don't have any animals , but i wouldn't mind 2 or 3 chickens What would you say i should look for ? Ask more questions if you think you can help ? because i will be asking some as well . and i would like to live in my native Lincolnshire . Thanks Joss
  10. Hello Everone I'm Joss i've not got a boat yet so i'll be asking loads of questions , i have fount out i have some friends on here from the Sleaford area and one from Gloucester . i just need a kick up the a***s to get me in gear to get myself a boat i can live in .