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  1. Look at the fuel consumption (and pollution) of Emma Maersk. Tony
  2. The new Routemaster has 3 entrances, the rear one being an open platform (with a pole) which is kept open when there is a conductor on board allowing hop on and off use, not unlike the original? Tony
  3. I think that the "green" Routemaster would be an exception and would be welcomed back as it is much missed as an efficient people mover for London (as it was specifically designed for). It is an icon after all. Tony
  4. This is an interesting article about a Routemaster bus (built 1962) being re-engined by Cummins and is now able to meet the ULEZ standards for London planned to take effect from 2018. The diesel is not dead and buried yet. Tony
  5. Thermal blanket (not got one myself, but on my next boat.....) Tony
  6. Haven't an Aldi near us (50 miles away!), but have a Lidl fairly close by. Have to say very good products. The store baked bread is superb. Home baking products are top notch. We do the vast majority of our shopping there now. Tony
  7. We now have a single tub portable washing machine with spin (230v). It washes extremely well but the spin is poor, i.e slow. From memory the specs say about 300rpm spin speed. Fortunately, we kept our stand alone Creda spin drier which runs at 2800rpm (with about a 400w motor so no need for a big inverter). This gets most of the moisture out of the washing. If you have the additional storage space it is well worth investing in one. Tony
  8. I had an email from EE yesterday offering me an upgrade to a minimum 12 month contract of 64GB / £16.10 per month and applies to existing customers only. I have only recently upgraded to the same rolling contract deal as Bewildered took out and I currently don't get anywhere near using 64GB of data (let alone 32GB) a month so won't be upgrading any time soon. However, if it can be had as a monthly rolling contract for the same cost it would be worth taking up. Tony
  9. Hi Nev, I took this offer and have monitored every bill since. All are OK. Tony
  10. Same with my lad's Corsa some years ago, but as Bizzard said, the leak was through the body. Easy job to fit a new one. Tony
  11. I would like to see Vettel in with Hamilton next season and Mercedes always have had a German driver in the team. I don't see Ferrari giving him a good enough car next season to seriously challenge Mercedes. Tony
  12. Jamboat, did you get an email from the customer services team confirming the order and showing the voucher code to apply the discount? I have pasted some of the email I received below. YOUR ORDER SUMMARY PACKAGE 1 OF 1 EE 4G Multi SIM Pay Today Pay Monthly Data SIM Max Plan 1m £29 £29.00 YOUR ORDER TOTAL Pay Today Pay Monthly Voucher code AWDATASIM32 Half Price 4G Data Sim Data 32GB Was £29 Now £14.50 ------ £14.50 Total Including VAT £14.50 Tony
  13. Yes, it is a mobile broadband sim. I was paying £20.26 per month for 15GB on a 30 day rolling contract which I thought I would have to cancel and start the new contract with a new sim. However, I was contacted by EE on my phone within a few hours of signing up online and was upgraded almost straight away to the new tariff retaining my original sim. So yes, the new deal at £14.50 for 32GB is way better than what you currently have. Just remember to apply the voucher code to get the 50% reduction. Tony
  14. I have an EE Osprey Mini mi-fi and when I changed yesterday to this deal, EE contacted me later in the day and upgraded me almost straightaway to the new tariff. No new sim needed and everything running fine. When you sign up for the offer, you are asked if you are an existing EE customer. So, I would think you should be OK. Tony