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  1. Plastic supermarket soup containers are good, and the lids seal properly. Richard
  2. I had exactly the same symptoms. Forward clutch shot. Suggest you contact Primrose Engineering (RWLP of this parish) for a rebuild. Richard
  3. So I was wondering about the cost of the PRM120 repair? New gearbox? PRM replacement. I'm minded to do the repair as its only done 290 hrs.

  4. Hi Ryeland, I have exactly the problem you had in 2013 with the PRM120 gearbox. The marina aren't especially helpful and waxed on about the benefits of swapping it for a PRM150.

  5. The tiller will just lift off the rudder, the bottom of the tiller is wedge shaped and fits into a wedge shaped socket on the top of the rudder. Richard
  6. It's an old Wolf, so not available now! I could get it to Chessington on Saturday if that's any good to you. Richard
  7. were broken down awaiting a new prm120' had the Sam issues as you

  8. I have a single speed 590rpm 240v drill which you are welcome to borrow. Where are you - I am near Gloucester. Richard
  9. The 'basin' is part of the old route of the canal. The corner was cut off as part of the straightening works. Richard
  10. I think you will find that they are much smaller than standard electrical accessories, and will not fit any standard box. Richard
  11. Don't forget to connect to the batteries just before you start the engine, and disconnect just after. If the alternator becomes disconnected while it it running it could be damaged, so make sure the connections are secure. I have a similar setup, and I have to start the generator with the boat engine running, then let it warm up before it will take over the load when the boat engine is stopped. Richard
  12. I got oxalic acid from eBay! Richard
  13. I fitted out my shell at home and had to move it from a neighbours field into my property. The crane put the shell on several short sections of telegraph pole, and then with two tractors we rolled it about 40 metres. The ground was grassed but quite soggy (November) but the shell rolled fairly easily. When it was finished, I was worried that the extra weight (9 tons to 13 tons) would be a problem and I had four tractors available. But as the ground was firmer, two tractors easily moved it again. If the field is grassed, I would consider doing the same. It's MUCH easier working on the boat at home where you have all your tools, power etc than on the water. Richard
  14. Having used MCBs professionally on 48V DC systems, I know that very few manufacturers give a DC rating. ABB are one whose products I have used. On my boat I haven't bothered - if one burns it's contacts on breaking a fault I'll replace it. I suppose they could weld when reset after a fault after they burn but IMHO this is very unlikely. More likely they will not make a good enough contact to be used, prompting replacement. Richard
  15. There is a car park for £5 a day under the railway viaduct the other side of the Rochdale bottom lock. Richard