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  1. I am pleased to report that after I installed a new thermostat the engine temperature is back to normal - my thanks to Scholar Gypsy and Chewbacka for their input.
  2. It must be the week for Thermostats...I think I am looking at a similair issue.
  3. Hello all, I don't think the coolant in my engine has been changed in a long time and it is one of the jobs I suspect after this is going to happen sooner now. I had noticed my coolant was just a little bit below level so topped up with about Two pints of fluid...the engine not me! My friend had previously suggested that "Coolant doesn't really lose it's anti-freeze properties but does lose it's corrosion properties, pop a bit of Fernox in" so this is what I did adding 500ml of Fernox F1 along with a 50/50 antifreeze mix up to the correct level. After a winter lay-up with only a few trips to the local water point I noticed the engine wasn't getting up to the usual temperature which I had put down to the relatively short trips... I have recently however been on a couple of runs that would normally get the engine up to temp. I have a Perkins M92 with keel cooling which has consistently run at an "indicated" 77 Celsius but now seems to run cooler at 65 C. These figures would be the same whether chugging along with the stream or pushing hard against it, summer or winter. Perkins recommends a 75 C stat for marine applications 82 for automotive and industrial. My first thoughts are what has changed, which is nothing bar the addition of the Fernox. Is the Thermostat at fault, if nothing had changed and the engine failed to warm up this would be my first port of call. Is the gauge working - yes - or innacurate - probably - I haven't got a thermometer that can say for sure but will get one for testing. The hot water to the calorifier and hoses feels hot although having a shower this morning the hot water did seem to run out sooner. The engine hose from the stat to the keel cooler is hot to the point I can't hold the metal fitting for more than a second or two and the return to the engine is cooler, I can comfortably hold that so coolant is flowing around the circuit. The engine seems to run fine, no smoke, no unusual noises. So questions: Could the addition of the Fernox have somehow made the coolant more efficient? Like those additives for cars with boiling issues due to modifications? Could the stat have gone faulty just at the time of the top up and should I take it off and see if it operates properly in the saucepan test? Or replace it anyway? Is a indicated temp of 65 C too low and will it cause a problem? So am I worrying unduly... And perhaps before all that I suppose I had better change my coolant... Any thoughts welcome.
  4. At this time of year things are pretty relaxed, there isn't much traffic and chances are you haven't even shared a lock. Downstream it gets busier and more so as the season progresses. With just one boat in or lots of space around the keeper is probably not going to get stewed up about using one rope or decline a polite "can I use One?" but the rule is for Two - Sorry but it is - and for good reason, as once they pack them in at the busier locations in peak season you can't go running forwards and back as it fills into some fragile immaculate cruiser tied to within an inch of its life. They will also have sussed that you are pretty experienced with your boat and know what you are doing and will leave you to it, but the volunteers will have been told to look for Two ropes and will ask you to do it, not that they are about yet... As for the pedestals and the self-service locks, it doesn't help that they have one type that is fire and forget with regards the sluices at the top of the river and older types that are press and hold until it stops, wait a minute - or two or three - whilst jabbing at the button to ensure it is going... repeat... repeat... lower down. but they all do have instructions. Nice to see some boats out and moving again - enjoy.
  5. Have you seen the McDonalds add for their coffee? It is a bit of reverse psychology marketing..."but all I want is a coffee".. not that I want to try it myself mind. But it is exactly what I think when confronted by a myriad of blends and concoctions.
  6. He isn't a barge owner - he has a canal boat
  7. Pleased to report that I have installed the AEG and It runs from shore and inverter without a problem. It doesn't like to run straight off the generator but as soon as the gennie gets a electrical load it is fine, so I just do my washing when the batteries need recharging.
  8. Although you are plugged in to shore power are you actually switched over to it? Some are wired for automatic change over between power sources, some like mine you have to switch a switch to the desired source...
  9. I have the filtermania option off ebay - the only issue you will have is what to do with the saving... Edited to add I think the "D" might mean it comes with a metal drain...worth checking for the boat ticket
  10. Is erosion through cavitation a problem than with thrusters? What shows in a metal tunnel...pitting?
  11. Can't add a lot to the previous posts and that very helpful last one other than to close any fuel shut off valves before you start so that the diesel in the pipes doesn't run back to the tank...remembering to turn them back on before starting! Good tip on filling the main filter, saves a lot of cranking. Beaten to it
  12. A good start...
  13. Jeez,are you all single by any chance?
  14. Is this post taking the piss? Edited to add a smiley
  15. Crikey, five hours at point 4 over the usual... The haulage industry would grind to a halt if starters were worried about that.