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  1. So does that make older boats (most?) more dangerous? Am I at all likely to suffer injury or damage from a properly fused low voltage cable loose for a metre or so behind linings? Or are these more regulations for their own sake? I can say that the same regulatory perfection doesn't seem to apply at my place of work; a complete rat's nest of mains voltage and data wiring trailing loose in walls and roof space, all installed by certified electricians.
  2. OP suggests specs give 7.5A locked rotor current, most Jabsco non-macerators seem to be 7.5 or 8A rated with a 15A fuse, so not a large motor, about the same as my domestic water pump which runs happily off a 360W dc-dc converter.
  3. So returning to the OP question, why not use a 12v-24v converter of sufficient capacity to run the pump motor? Efficiency not really an issue as it would only need to be switched on when the loo's in use.
  4. The shape of the standard narrow boat bow suddenly makes a lot of sense when you see that...
  5. That big spark will also occur in the contacts of an isolator each time it's switched on, rapidly burning them and causing a high resistance. I got round this by wiring a pre-charge resistor in parallel with the isolator, with a push button switch. Press for 10 seconds to charge the capacitors before switching on.
  6. Speaking as a male, the same often applies, in reverse, with things like cooking and child care.
  7. Yes, but the zinc is the sacrificial anode, and will tend to deposit on the steel rather than remove it. That's the whole point of anodes.
  8. We have; 1300 litre water tank, 141 litre calorifier, heated by built in generator cooling system while battery charging for an hour or so. Corner bath. Luxury. Boats can be frugal and minimalist - usually are - but they don't have to be. Just sayin'.
  9. Like most companies, they are probably using standard marine policy wording without giving much thought to inland waterways. So I've asked if they can clarify what they define as towing. Does it include breasting up for instance, or what about bow hauling from the towing path? Awaiting a response.....
  10. Just a heads up for anyone who has or is thinking about the low cost third party only policy from Basic Boat. I have just had it confirmed that the policy does not cover towing or being towed by another boat. A fairly common practice on the canals of course, especially for butty owners. Means we have effectively been uninsured for many years, and obviously wont be renewing! Suggestions for an alternative policy? Live aboard + butty workshop/shed
  11. Any boats reported stolen recently? ;-)
  12. I did pass you a few times, but you seemed to be deep in conversion and it seemed rude to interrupt. A very enjoyable day though, and lots of useful pictures of running gear etc. "Dane" particularly, what a stunning piece of workmanship she is.
  13. Visiting by car on Sunday. As I'm about to start fitting out a horse boat (Bride) I hope to pick brains and take lots of photos. Am I likely to be welcome?
  14. Milliput for the filling, two sticks of epoxy putty, have used it for filling a hole in an engine cylinder so plenty strong. As for the lining I will wait for others suggestions, I need to do a similar job around the back swim area to reduce condensation.
  15. Several butty/horse boats have been motorised by having an hydraulic motor built in to the rudder. Behaves like a big outboard and steers beautifully in reverse, as I know having briefly owned Capella.