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  1. If you want to do something 'Boaty' then it's the launch of the Clipper round the world race this weekend 12/13 LINK with the opportunity to visit on the boats. Ian Visits - a good site for free/paid for things around London. Also it's 150 years of the tube this weekend so expect some disruption from the special events!
  2. I would expect "We are the Champions" to feature in the closing ceremony?
  3. Just to clarify a few things: The curfew is not 'hard' the council are quite happy to take the money if concerts overrun, however as this is payable by the promoter I'm guessing Live Nation weren't going to dip into their pockets. The PA was muted at the request of the promoter, no generators were turned off etc, as someone previously mentioned anyone shutting down a genny on a show would get lynched by the crew.
  4. Archimedes and Emu seen heading north at Iron Bridge Lock, Watford about 9:30 this morning.
  5. I can recommend Metcheck really good localised forecasting.
  6. Yes Ara is the butty, Archimedes is the motor.
  7. went passed Ara today, all safely tucked up at Batchworth.
  8. there's a small format advert in the moorings section at the back of my january copy? Page 132
  9. Would love to join a crew if anyone's got space!
  10. *POSTPONED* Hi guys, sadly as I have to work this weekend, BSP and I have agreed to postpone our mini-banter by one week to the 15th. Sorry! Pep
  11. seeing as BSP has done a much better job than I would have done creating the thread, I shall add my support and encourage you all to attend The pub is the cover of this years Good Beer Guide so it's firmly CAMRA endorsed for all you lovers of proper beer.
  12. Bodmin looking lovely in the sunshine today:
  13. when are you viewing? Bodmin is right round the corner from me.
  14. Some book recommendations for those with a curious bent: Both by Pete Brown, Man Walks Into A Pub is a general history of brewing and Hops & Glory is a more specific history of IPA with him trying to take a cask of 'repro' IPA to India. Man Walks Into A Pub (Amazon) Hops and Glory (Amazon)
  15. Not sure you'll find Warks Brewery on a pump clip, it's Purity Brewery, their Mad Goose is also very nice. Other recommendations brewery wise: Thornbridge- the Jaipur IPA is excellent, as is the Chiron. I've also sampled their Black IPA but yet to see it on a pump clip anywhere. Another thumbs up for Copper Dragon from me also, very nice stuff. As for Youngs, they haven't brewed properly for years, since they moved in with Wells and now they're pulling out of brewing totally to concentrate on their pubs. Wells will continue to brew the Youngs beers under contract so basically no change and it'll still be pish. Interestingly enough the Champion beer of britain this year at the GBBF was a mild, and on the bar I worked we had a couple of milds inc. a Harveys one so i think there is going to be a slight resurgance on that front.