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  1. Was not the suppliers fault, two boxes were collected at the same time on one it said ONE of TWO the other said TWO of TWO. Also delivery to the same person and address Very clear for most intelligent folk but not yodel. They sent one of them across county arriving three days later.
  2. Ups will
  3. Try ABS battery supplies look on line for web page Just Had Two 113a @£100 Deliverd to a local harvester resturant. However be advised they do use the crap company yodel Who lost one parcel.
  4. Hi thanks all, yes rant helped I've not got too het up about it life is too short just needed to get it off my chest. I think I'll also give those passing so close a polishing cloth so they can clean my windows as they pass, cheers for the replies
  5. First, we don't choose to Moore where it's tight, rugby as we all know it is a recognised mooring. when out on the canal we have not moored where it's tight or near bends or bridges. Folk only need to SLOW down and think. and it was NOT hire boats.
  6. What is the matter with a lot of stupid poor boat handlers lately? We've been hit three time in the past weeks by those insisting on PUSHING their way through a gap, latest, moored in rugby yes its tight, we know that, we were on the straight bit, boats passing, another going other way pushedpass and HIT us hard, as usual no apology, nothing behind us, WHY WHY do people not think about stopping to let one through first. We've had the same problem on a straight bit of canal. B.......y moorons would they do the same in a car??? Yes i do have a life our boat is our home and i dont expect it to be ruined by ignorant others. Rant over
  7. Here here penalty never enough, back to original op where did this take place?
  8. Sure we've passed this boat recently, good on you for posting a picture of the name on here!
  9. NEVER. did you get pictures of them doing it? If I saw them I would report to CRT. Discusting b.........s
  10. Agree and how secure is marina WiFi have and won't use one
  11. Visited the site last year, no mention of not allowing cats they know we have two, can't remember mooring costs. We livaboard and cruise all summer not a problem to them. Biggest problem for us is lack of signal for O2 and Three, so decided not to go.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Finally got it fixed took it to the well known company that deals with the BMC, first was told my engine was on its last legs as its done 4440 hours, my problem was due to worn timming gearing and its best to remove the engine so while its out might as well do a refurb I was not prepared to accept that 'right or wrong' of me I know. Final outcome engineer moved the injector hey ho NO more smoke also now sounds great. To loosen the said bolt a was asking about, the top one, he used a screwdriver and a hammer to knock it round. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks again for the advice,
  13. Second for that just been using it on my windows. Not sure why windows only leak when its raining, lol.
  14. Totally agree, its an insult the correct way should be taught at school, at sea it means 'im In distress' even worse is when people call it the union jack.
  15. Hi hope this helps. I recently had same probs with shoreline fridge in the heat we have been having: turned fridge off at mains "12v" leave for about ten minutes it then seemed to sort its knickers out. Now we turn fridge off at thermostat knob at night about 9.30 and get frozen food for the next days dinner out and put it on a shelf, this keeps some low temp in the fridge over night fridge goes back on about 0700 when we get up, not had any problems. I thought I had a big expencive problem but hey ho simple.. Give it a try before looking too deep, good luck let us know.