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  1. They didn't suggest that either THE REQUEST WAS ABOUT FUEL BOATS IN THE AREA.
  2. The op didn't say they won't pay the price, the have PASSED them, not helpful with a petty answer.
  3. Good OP 'I'll go underground now' we've noticed the same things why people don't tie up properly? Some will blame hire boats but we've logged that the biggest culprits are those with 'trad stern' maybe someone can explain why, are they more difficult to control. We've had more problems with them, especially bridges and blind bends.'without exception' never use horns and expect us to get out of their way. By the way we always slow down past moored boats as long as we have enough momentum to still steer.
  4. Update, didn't take long, we afloat again. Still don't know about state of canal further up.
  5. Morning all, to advise anyone heading for the basin. We are currently AGROUND CRT are aware don't know how far up the canal the problems is, will post again as and when we float,
  6. Thanks Tony, there is not enough room to get a socket onto the bolt, had looked at that. Will keep trying cut down spanners. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, have problems with engine smoking on tick over, nothing when in gear and moving. Old problem been trying to sort for some time with help on here to no avail, suggestion that I try advancing the pump, Problem one bolt looks impossabe to get onto how have folk managed, is there a special spanner to purchase, or do you 'reshape' one if so how. Many thanks.
  8. The marina we are in at the moment has one BUT locked away in the office so out of hours and when closed on Thursdays no one can get to it, what use is that?
  9. Hi, we looking to go in may, do you have to book a mooring in the basin, are there any charges? NOT looking to go onto the Avon. Cheers.
  10. Hi we are trying to plan this years trip. We are looking at going from Stratford upon Avon to Gloucester early June, has anyone done this, will be looking for somewhere to stop for a week, not leaving the boat!. Any advice, suggestions etc greatly appriciated. Cheers
  11. Recently had similar probs, but only smelt smoke/fumes, purchased a SMOKE PELLET from local hardware store cost me £1, cut it in half so I could test as was, then had enough to retest after repairs. Faults found= leakage round door glass, replaced all seals round glass & doors including the lower ash door. large plate at back of stove leaking, & join where chimney joins fire at top of fire. Cleaned off old cement & re-semented. None of these were obvious until I used the smoke pellet. For the cost & safety its worth doing every thing not take chances. Also as some else suggested we were getting smothered by the boat next to us till he moved. Hope you sort it ok
  12. Our four year old collie like our previous collie who passed away at fourteen years and always lived on boats, first sea going now narrow boat have been brought up on WAG vets have always commented on them being healthy. No need for the expencive stuff, avoid 'bakers' as full of additives.
  13. NOT CCers 'CONSTANT MOORERS'. there is a difference
  14. Here here, I reported on here recently about the problems we had going through London and along the LEE BOAT PARK. Only to be shouted down by some on here, we had nowhere to stop over night, 'told we could raft up' why should we have to just because some want to flout the rules to satisfy their own self centred attitude, some sign a document to CC but have no intention of doing so. I have no sympathy for those now having to move.
  15. Many thanks for the replies, I've looked at mine and it is as suggested will let him know thanks.