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  1. Funding didn't run out, they raised £27k, what happened is CRT are a bunch of ******. Our (trainees) scheme was only ever 18 months and paid for by the heritage lottery foundation. Started off fantastically with Dave Linney at the helm and we had done a number of recording exercises with Ferret, deconstruction etc all in accordance with the national historic ships guideline (and pressed upon them that Ferret wasn't the boat we should have been doing being fairly ununique). Rebuilding Ferret was going to give us the opportunity to get experience in a number of different skills. It is a fairly long winded story, but to cut to the chase, a fairly horrendous member of staff decided he didn't much like Dave or the liability of the boatyard and spent a few months trying to push him out with aborhant bullying tactics and then took us off working on Ferret and told us we would instead be learning woodwork by hanging new gates around the museum. As I objected to this as I had signed up to learn historic boat restoration, the bullying tactics also turned to me. They eventually pushed Dave out and gave him a final written notice for smoking a cigarette whilst sat on a bench in the top basin at 7 o'clock at night after he had started working at 6am to crane a number of boats around. After Dave left, we were permanently pulled off Ferret as due to health and safety regs we couldn't needlegun and could only do 1 rivet a day due to vibration. After we the trainees left, Ferret sat doing nothing until they shot blasted her to within an inch of her life (despite EVERYONE telling them not to) and then threw her in a shed. I could go on, but I'm currently on holiday in Turkey and just thinking about it makes me shake with anger and sadness. It took me a long time to get over the way I was treated there and I didn't experience half Dave did. Thankfully I am working with Dave again at a proper boatyard and now doing a proper restoration job on my own boat, Canis Major. None of the £27k was spent by the way. Most of it came from the People's Postcode lottery which was donated to CRT in general. A friend of mine donated £1k and after many complaints, he got his money back and donated it to a more worthy cause
  2. For those who may be interested, Canis Major has come out at Industry Narrowboats at Stretton for a major restoration. Pictures will follow! One interesting discovery so far is the number 87 painted inside the hold which clears up whether she was number 86 or 87 when with Stewart and Lloyds
  3. They can't sell them to joe public/the highest bidder otherwise they'd loose their museum status. I think there are a number of boats that they will accept proposals from groups for i.e. People that would restore them and use them to get the community involved. Others will probably be passed to other museums outside CRT as I think is the case with Ferret
  4. All of the museum boats have now passed into the hands of CRT and by the looks of it they are already palming them off
  5. FMC Fern:
  6. Currently sat in the pub with Dave Linney who did the work on this boat and he confirms this; it is the original back end with the addition of a couple of guards and it is a Thames conservatory boat. Apparently the swim is very short.
  7. It is a boat built by Stuart Hooper many moons ago but now owned by his children Alan and Julie. Alan has been doing some remedial work on her but I believe he is hoping to get her back in soon
  8. If you tried to repair the funnel to put back on the boat, there would be nothing original of it left. I would rather see it preserved than butchered
  9. We have a few!!! I shall be sure to keep all updated when we are ready we are very lucky to find wonderful owners for Corolla and Meteor, so hopefully can find similar for the rest
  10. At least he still has an original funnel ha ha
  11. The funnel and the roof have been kept and preserved as the current owner would like to some day put it back to a trip boat but they were not fit for use. Always good to actual ask questions before passing judgement?
  12. It's rotten and the boat is being restored to its GU days, not its trip boat days
  13. She's looking bloody lovely! Just finished riveting the cabin, only a few weeks of steel work left. The funnel has been rescued although may not be going back on the boat.. yet!
  14. Water wagtail/Corollas restoration is almost complete but she has already been sold, hence the restoration! I wish I could say she was sold to myself (being Canis' original intended motor) but a good friend of mine, Tim Barrett, bought her from Keith a couple of years ago and had the yard (Dave Linney) restore her. We do indeed still have Hampstead and Baroness amongst some other interesting boats.
  15. Old boat(s)