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  1. We use a watering can when not near water
  2. If you have lost all trust and respect for the forum, perhaps you should look to contribute on a different forum, happy to help cancel your account if that is what you want.
  3. Just been to the glassboat, poor. The Ox is same price and way, way better. To add, I am in Bristol every week, almost, even though I live in the Midlands and my daughter is at Bristol Uni
  4. Remember, you are not moving the whole grease from one end to the other, just forcing out what is already there.
  5. Democratic
  6. The best bar in Bristol is the Volunteer behind the Future Inn Hotel just off Cabot Circus. Don't go to the other pub, the royal naval.
  7. Shocking!
  8. BA

    Believe me, it's not uncommon. For one of our services we run AAA (active, active, active) that's three mirrored sites operating as live with capability to run on one site if needed, that's the cloud for ya. If BA had done that they would not be making the news. Hacking is possible but they would have had to notify potential personal data loss and that would have made public news. No, simple money saving and the lead for IT at BA should be wetting their pants if BA own the hardware and architecture design and the lead for IT had not mitigated the risk by having the board own it. edited to add I bet they did not test the back up solution either by failing over to it.
  9. BA

    Most likely main system went down through powere outage, UPS failed and then they will have multiple VM and server failures. No real time load balanced mirroring from two or more sites and hey presto, you get a BA.
  10. Welcome Boaty
  11. Welcome. Search on the forum first, a vast array of answers. This is a common question and many have differing views. If you just want simple on device data and not much tethering, then I would use the three all you can eat data sim only contract. It also gives 12 gb tethering and costs about £22 per month on a 12 month contract or about £28 on a month by month contract.
  12. Torture
  13. Only on river sections
  14. Interesting but good systems have segregated networks to limit risk, little help if the relevant patch has not been loaded and segregation was not properly set. I understand that the windows dat was available in March and others are rushing to build/deploy.
  15. Probably cannot find his pen, it went too far up. No sympathy with, or for, the guilty party.