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  1. Cross site scripting with any luck
  2. Car boot purchase, is that wealthy?
  3. We use remoska
  4. Many years ago I was involved in assurance over crime data. It was a mess. To avoid comparison the stats baselines were constantly changed. When I did unfurl the data and compared like for like, the statements made by the Xxx police force had to be retracted as being wildly inaccurate.
  5. We got untied/ropes cut in Banbury, below the lock and near some travellers. We won though as we tied up again I called the local force who came out after we set a wee trap, they ran into it and were nicked, section 5 PO and crim damage. Satisfying but I would have rather had a sleeping night rather than waiting for the inevitable.
  6. We moored at Merry Hill a couple of years ago, just for one night and we had no bother save couple of pissed anglers ranting at two in the morning about boats getting in their way. We have also moored at Gas Street, again no bother.
  7. Well done on the choice, it was (is) our fav marina, despite the odd crappy mooring up cos of the wind. Remember turning left means Stensons lock. But it's not as bad as I think, go slow and ignore most of the gongoozler advice from the cafe opposite. Did I say slow? Go very slow and it's a good experience. Turn right and it's lock free until dallow lane, a nice long, lock free cruise. Happy cruising.
  8. Not sure I would classify that as the news
  9. Was your idea to go for curry. Look at the mess!
  10. Think it's just legislation needing to catch up.
  11. This idea is simply dangerous, missus added some tongs and can now wash the dishes without getting her hands wet, where will this lead to?
  12. I found Mercia particularly difficult compared to where we are now, Kings Bromley. I reckon it's the sheer size and way wind funnels through. It would not put me off though, often thought about returning but too many other places to see.
  13. The good is an excellent set up with all the services you will need, when we moored there marina management were also very good. Two bads, when it's windy, mooring is a real pig and you can be a distance between car and boat. Would I return? No doubt, yes.
  14. Wallabies
  15. Duplicate thread