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  1. Give Steve Holding @ Diamond H Transport a ring 01942 they have all the equipment.
  2. May i Suggest you Had similar problem with my daughter's heating, cost over £1k to replace boiler.When my combi suffered a problem ie heating ok but no hot water a brief note on this forum with boiler make/model and problem got a reply in a matter of hours and a replacement part bought off ebay for under £10. Good luck.
  3. Try Diamond H Transport,
  4. When specifying a new boat what are the advantages, if any, of opting for a 24 volt system as opposed to the normal 12 volt setup. Would it make life any easier on a liveaboard and if so why?
  5. Thanks for info. Don't know how to PM you as IT is not my thing (far too old!!). If you would be kind enough to email me would be most grateful to get your knowledge & feedback. Cheers.
  6. Just in the planning stage of having a 57' new build built as a liveaboard. Can anyone advise on oil fired range type cooker/boilers. Am considering a Heritage Uno leaving my boat gas free. Any previous experience would be appreciated.