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  1. Or - a marine mortgage ?
  2. But it was suggested that 'only a mother' could love that face.
  3. So, what is your argument for the BSSC surveyor who 'passed' my boat with these 3 extinguishers (in the Aft Bedroom, Saloon, and Galley / Dining room) in 2016. Note the expiry date : BSSC - is just 'jobs for the boys', it is a worthless piece of paper that is only useful to get your licence.
  4. I don't remember giving birth !
  5. I cannot see that on the page you have linked to. I can only assume that you mean where they say 'they don't have enough capacity for pump-outs' - This has always been taken to mean, that the toilet bowl that is used as an elsan cannot cope with 100s of litres in a 'couple of minutes' that a pump-out pump provides and will overflow - as shown by pictures posted by Dean some time ago.
  6. It may be sh!t to us, but to NaughtyCal its 'bread & butter'.
  7. Black and grey water go into the sewers Storm water generally goes into a separate system C&RT Elsan stations are (generally) connected into the main sewage system, except those in rural areas which will have a 'big tank / septic tank'
  8. We own a caravan park. Our 'big-tank' (55 person per day sewage system) 'water' overflows into the adjacent dyke (we used to have to have a discharge licence but this was done away with by the EA a few years ago) and the solids are taken away (about 6 monthly) by a tanker - they used to discharge this onto the farmland (quite legally) but now the law has changed and they must take it to the local sewage works were it is treated the same as 'household' sewage - The 'nasty chemicals' become a fraction of parts per million when mixed in with the daily 'sewage' from 10,000+ households. Once thru' the sewage woks it is discharged into the river, where it becomes diluted by 'another million' times. We have to (by law) get a certificate showing proper disposal buts 'that's all folks'.
  9. Where do you think the elsan leads ? It is either connected to the main drains, as per your house, or a septic tank or treatment station from which the 'contents' are taken by tanker to the sewage works where it is treated and joins your household sewage.
  10. Unfortunately Pugs sink, in addition are brachycephalic, and, having a flat face, means that they cannot keep their muzzles above water and swim at the same time.
  11. But Part 1 Ships Register dates back the 16th Century : Part I is the traditional Register of British Ships, which originated in the sixteenth century. By the end of the nineteenth century each of the 110 significant ports in the UK had its own register. By 1986 the administration of the register was drawn into 17 regional centres and by 1994 the entire operation was centralised at the office of the Registrar General of Shipping in Cardiff.
  12. In which case I suggest that you limit your search to boats being sold in areas under Scottish legal jurisdiction. Remember - a broker is just that - they broker a deal between the owner (seller) and a buyer. The broker has no legal obligation to confirm 'this vessel is fit for purpose' unless they own it - at which point it becomes a 'sale in the course of conducting a business' and subject to the Trade Descriptions Act (and subsequent) legislation. A broker listing (selling) a boat on behalf of a private individual will have (somewhere in the contract) that the boat ' is not being sold in the course of a business' and is therefore exempt from any 'guarantee', fit for purpose, not of merchantable quality, or any other legislation. In a private seller to private buyer deal (which is what most Brokers 'sales' are) you have absolutely no 'legal come back' and Caveat Emptor comes into play Buying via a broker offers no more safety or security than buying from your local newspaper, Gumtree, ebay, or guy in a pub car-park.
  13. Its only a typo when its not intentional.
  14. Irrespective of RCD compliance Most manufacturers would have incorporated a serial number into the boat, to aid date of manufacture, ordering spares etc.
  15. Whats liveaboard ? We spend anywhere between a weekend and 3 or 4 months at a time aboard (we are retarded - and free to come and go as we please) Our Fenchie (Brindle), and Dudley (the Pug) coming back from his 'beach visit' after keeping his legs crossed for 24+ hours whilst on passage. - Ooops won't allow me to upload the video.