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  1. Eggs-actly as you suggest - and like a car is just something that you start the engine and drive it where you need to go - no knowledge or skills needed.
  2. Just to expand on what others have said An inverter takes power from the batteries, just to power itself, it then takes more power to change the12v to 240v. A cheap inverter takes lots of power just to run, more expensive, quality, inverter uses very little power just to run.
  3. Things to consider : 1) Why pay for something that you are going to 'rip-out' (new flooring dinette etc) 2) Why not buy a brand new shell, with new engine and fit (pay someone to fit) the inside out how you want it. You can get a 55 foot , ''lined out sailaway for £40,00 3) You can get a brand new completed 55 foot NB for under £60,000. If you are going to buy a boat and have to do 'a lot of work' to get it how you want it, why not make it easier on yourself and start with a 'clean sheet' with no rubbish to get rid of - and a good (new) solid structure to build on. Just one example of prices, and what you get for each price.
  4. Water in the diesel.
  5. Applicability – battery terminals fitted with screw clamps are acceptable if the cable strands are protected by the use of spreader plates or tinned cable ends in the terminal. I know Robbo answered during my 'search' but having gone to the trouble to cut & paste from the 'rules' I am posting it anyway. It makes you wonder how many boaters actually read the 'rules' when preparing their boat for the examination.
  6. May I suggest that in view of the need to ask the question that you 'get someone in' to : 1) Find out why your old batteries never went above 11 volts 2) To wire in your new batteries. Where is the "?" cable connected to at the other end ? Your drawing appears to have the "?" wires connected to the 'negative' side of the batteries, nothing connected to the 'positive' side and then both positive & negative connected to 'earth'. Sparks will fly !!!! Your drawing appears to show two batteries, one of which has four terminals ?
  7. Is that the Russian 'acronym' for "Female looking for male" ?
  8. Story 'on the Trent' today is that the owner of the boat that 'caused the fire' did not have insurance, and is now in a 'bit of a financial mess', with not only the loss of his new boat, but the costs of the other boat + the marina jetty / fuel berth costs, + recovery costs. Any comment as to if this is known to be fact - or just the rumour mill at full throttle ?
  9. In principle it is quite simple to replace with a 'bladder' tank - but - it depends on the lay-out and access for YOUR particular boat. eg : do you have a large hatch access to get the bladder in the 'tank', can you get access to run the outlet pipe from the bladder into the existing pipework (thru any bulkheads, side of existing tank etc) ?
  10. We found it was not that difficult, yes it took several (3) meetings and about 6 months to resolve but if you give up at the 1st hurdle then they have achieved their target of 'saving' money. If you go prepared to argue your rights, take all necessary information (income, savings, bank statements, outgoings, PiP etc etc) and have actually investigated what you are legally entitled to then you can work your way 'up the tree' until you get to a decision maker who realise that you are not going to go away. Any award is then back-dated to the date of your claim. No one will come and sort out your 'problems' its a case of get off your arse and do something yourself. Edit to add - I think it was member 'smelly' who posted a series of 'how to get your claim accepted' (he was 'in the loop') - I had saved them all but now cannot find them. Maybe someone 'in the know' can find them (it was a couple or three years ago) I am surprised that they have not contacted the K&A Boating Community website as it goes into great detail and cites many examples of boaters getting their costs covered If you live on your boat, and your income and savings are low, you are eligible for Housing Benefit. You can claim Housing Benefit to cover the cost of the boat licence, boat safety certificate and third-party insurance. If you have a mooring and/or if you rent your boat, Housing Benefit will cover the cost of the mooring fee and rent up to certain limits. Statutory Instrument 2007 no 2870 Housing Benefit (Local Housing Allowance, Miscellaneous and Consequential) Amendment Regulations states at Regulation 12 that rent includes “Rent 12(1) …. (d) payments in respect of, or in consequence of, use and occupation of the dwelling …. (f) mooring charges payable for a houseboat….” In the cases below in which appeals were decided by the Social Security and Child Support Commissioners (SSCSA), the Commissioners decided that Housing Benefit was payable for the boat licence fee under (d) above, in some cases together with the mooring fee.
  11. News headlines : Disaster for Sturgeon as Spain BACKS May over plans to block Scottish independence vote SPAIN has welcomed Theresa May’s attempts to block the Scottish independence referendum insisting a vote will not resolve the issue.
  12. No -that's his brother. Floki was 'the go to man if you didn't want RCD compliance' and he subsequently taught 'Bee' (see RCD thread) all he knew
  13. Yeh-but Ragnor Lothbrok was there and he worked closely with Floki the boat builder
  14. In the 'old-days' cruise liners plied their trade from England to the USA, and, being North of the equator when heading from 'home' to the USA the Sun was on the Port side and the cabin much lighter, warmer and more comfortable, the 'Starboard' side cabins were dark, gloomy and cold. On the return journey, the situation was reversed, hence you boked a Portside cabin for the outward journey, and a starboard side cabin for the homeward journey. Prices were higher for the 'sunny' side of the ship and it became so popular that the people who could afford the premium became know as 'POSH'.
  15. No they are not It is one of the final test for the completed boat - If an empty shell was used, and then fitted out with a tonne of pump-out tank, a kitchen and bathroom, 7 adults and a dog all on one side of the boat, would you be surprised it the angle of heel was different ? You show you ignorance of boat building in a multitude of ways - I hope never to pass near your boat - who who knows when it will burst into flames