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  1. THANKS ALL. Have an AWESOME New Year.....2017 can only be better than 2016
  2. HELLO EVERYONE. I accidentally cracked a neighbours window trying to take apart an old IKEA sofa which fell apart when i took some bolts out. Does anyone know of a glass supplier in Manchester where I could take sizes of a window (with rounded edges on the lower side), and have them cut a replacement for me? Hope you're all well..I've been quite busy designing a social media tool. I see there are still threads of people querying locked things will never change on here
  3. New Islington in the centre of Manchester will have space for you, even if you're just outside the's all a bit of a building site at the moment, but prices are good and security issues have drastically reduced, unless you leave a bike on your roof...elsan, water point etc. It gets very quiet over winter...not so much in the summer holidays.
  4. There's a cable for iPhones to a TV and there's a charging hub with a built in cable to tv for Samsungs. Both don't use tethering at all.
  5. Thanks all. I have a "proper" solid heavy, cast iron stove in my widebeam, and was surprised at the steel construction of the has no glass in it but the old user obviously tested it like that , so I thought I'd ask...thinking perhaps it was only a wood fire and something I'm not up to speed on. It seems to have a very flimsy door lock compared to the one on my cast iron one...and is missing the firerope and glass (making the latch seem flimsier.) It looks brand new..but not fixed down properly yet (I'll do that). It does have a big fireboard etc so I'm happy with the surrounding install. The flue also seems thin compared to what I'm used to out of my cast iron one....which has a one piece cast iron flue. The Prity has a butterfly bolt above the stove and a join halfway up ...which I'll definately seal with some fire retardent silicone ( made a mistake on old stove of using fire putty to seal flue and it gets brittle, cracks etc). So I guess I'll keep it, and use it, with a few safety mods to make it safe. The collar/chimney is all properly installed.
  6. I bought a boat and it came fitted with one of these.... What is it...? Is it safe? Does it use a glass? It's quite thin.....compared to a solid cast iron stove...
  7. Manchester is awesome. If you arrive via the Bridgewater, you'd have miles of no locks. Going up the Rochdale 9 is an experience...I did it last week....if you do it on a Sat morning, you'll have loads of gongoozlers at the first lock...and you have to wait till the water is pouring over the top gates before they'll move. At the top of the flight you can turn right onto the Ashton, or keep going 2 locks up the Rochdale to New Islington. A lot of building work going on so bang bang bang all day and night...but a lot safer now than in the past......and if you keep going up the Rochdale, you eventually hit rural England...and the Pennines...awesome.
  8. I did the Rochdale 9 today:)
  9. for quick reference. You will not use CWDF to post or reference to any material anywhere on the site, or send any message, or make a series of posts or messages which cumulatively are; knowingly false and/or defamatory, aimed to deceive or ridicule, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, disruptive, intimidating, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, bullying or invasive of a person's privacy. Personal attacks on any person by name-calling, ridicule, obscene or vulgar language are not permitted. Disruptive posting such as seeks to test the limits, or otherwise push the boundaries of these rules and guidelines is not permitted. Attacking or harassing another person through the posting of off-site links is not permitted. Posting any material, anywhere on the site, that is deemed to have a primarily political theme that is not strictly related to inland waterways and/or boating is prohibited. In addition, content containing a religious theme, or content that makes commentary on religious issues, is not permitted. Postings about waterway legislation, regulations, management, navigation, moorings, maintenance, and finance are permitted. It is not permitted to engage in inter-site ‘flaming’ whereby disruptive content from elsewhere other than CWDF is discussed in relation to member activities on CWDF.
  10. yes. And Ebay is sending us snotty emails saying we haven't paid for the item yet.
  11. Walking along the towpath this morning..merrily chatting to boaters....I walk past one with that wonderful..chug chug chug chug sound. So I say to him....I love the sound of your engine. "Thank you" he says. "Is it a Lister?" I ask? "No, it's a Gartner" he said. I don't think he was impressed with me.
  12. I'd never pay in advance without seeing what you're buying or who you're buying from. I won the bid, sent a text message to the seller... phoned him in the morning. caught a 1hr bus to the boat. spent most of the day on the boat with him Paid £20. Checked he received it. Went with his dad to fetch 4 solar panels from his home. Paid the rest. Cruised off with the boat. I had to ask another boater who was an ebay pro how to bid. He taught me the secret to winning a bid. It worked...but it was very nerve wracking.
  13. I bet you haven't read this one... the new CRT Guidelines for Boaters without a Home Mooring.....
  14. Being stuck on a sandbank in the middle of the River Aire (I think it is), at 4pm on a Friday, with kids on board...and the fear of the bottom of the boat being stuck by vacuum to the mud beneath while the river levels rise (this sinking a boat), and with father in law on next bridge wondering how he'll get back on board before nightfall or sleep in the not... an emergency. as I found out. My son Googled the procedure for unsticking a boat by swaying it from side to side, which eventually worked, with me revving the Lister engine madly in reverse.
  15. Hi. Which is the larger generator. 4.8 Kva or 3700Watt my brain can't think and someone I know is asking me....