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  1. Hi. Is it common to connect 2 solar panels in Controller negative to Panel 1 negative. Panel 1 postive to Panel 2 negative. Panel 2 postive to Controller positive. I ask because I'm pretty sure this is how mine were connected, before a storm disconnected them... My panels are 230Watts each... and I had 2 panels connected to an MPTT controller. I'm pretty convinced they weren't in parrallel. 95% sure.........but thought I would check with you lot.
  2. Apparently the Upper reach of the Salford Quays area is a river, which is locked no flow to it. The docs say,...."a suitable anchor and line.....for a depth of up to 8m"
  3. Hi all. Recommendations on buying new ropes.....what type, and good online suppliers? I'm travelling onto the Manchester ship canal (the Upper bit at Salford Quays). I'm not sure..but I think I need longer ropes for that. Also, need to get an anchor and recommendations would be appreciated Thank you.
  4. Hi If you move your boat off CRT waters, does anyone know the process you would take to tell CRT, and how to stop payments to them? We pay via debit order. Also, as far as I remember when we did our boat safety, we didn't receive a paper copy of the was just updated on CRT side (I think they use some sort of PC based system now that inspectors submit directly to? Is it possible to get a copy of a BSC by asking CRT...
  5. If the solar panels go over a few mushroom vents, would it work to use chain through the vents to the solar panel frames to keep them from blowing away, and then use decking as edging around them to steady the sides? I need to secure my own panels down, and I like the idea of decking hide all the tat I'm going to store under them
  6. Thanks everyone:)
  7. Hi all. Does anyone know what is required in order to travel through Pomona lock in Manchester, onto the River Irwell..down to Salford Quays, but NOT through the lock which lies after Media City/Lowry. Would I need to get a Manchester Ship Canal boat safety for that, or are boats allowed to make that trip without one (as apparently you only go onto the ship canal through the 2nd lock I've mentioned. Would I just need to arrange for Pomona lock to be opened..and that would be all? Thanks
  8. Thanks Peter.
  9. the thought did cross my mind I should paint the boats camo green, to be less conspicuous There's a guy on the Bridgewater who had an allergic reaction to my boat colour..made him keep knocking to tell me I only had a day
  10. I'll go wherever there are: 1. water and elsan services 2. rail services which are reasonably priced. It affects my job. I drive kids at 2:30pm. Used to then go home. Then back to work at 7 to do cleaning and maintenance. If I'm paying for rail, I now have to leave earlier...maybe 1:30 instead of a 5min walk. Then will have to stay at work....(not worth travelling back to the boat only to go back again soon after) it's not only a financial cost, but an extra 3hrs wasted in each day. Then if you compare salary minus rail fares it's no wonder people just give up and sit at home on benefits.
  11. Some facts are wrong. They didn't send 4 letters saying boaters needed to look for new moorings. Previous letters said there was a "possibility" they would need to drain the marina. I only received one previous letter. After that I asked the park manager 2 mths back if there was anything going to happen and was told he hadn't heard anything. In April we were asked to sign our new annual contracts....which we did. In May we received the eviction notice letter, and (for the first time) news it was to be minimum of a year, and (for the first time) news that the marina management was changing and we would have no guarantee of getting our same mooring back afterwards.
  12. Good to know...thanks.
  13. Good ideas. There are VERY few water/elsan points on the Rochdale, so unless someone has lots of water tanks (I do) and lots of spare casettes (I do) , it would be difficult to travel slowly between those service points. (as you'd obviously have to try and reach them or go without.). I'm buying more cassettes as part of my CC preparations.
  14. I've re-read your post. Yes...I think I will draft a letter nearer the well as a letter to the Manchester council .