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  1. It always makes me smile when it is obviously your bridge hole, you see the bow wave of the approaching boat increase and then go into full screaming reverse when they see your bow in the hole.
  2. Nice wide berths. Widebeam's are going to get awfully scratched, parts of the north oxford are only wide enough for a skinny boat with all the offside vegetation.
  3. 'AC auxiliary supply defect' Not sure what caused the fault but may of been caused by a spike in the shore supply from the marina. Keith said this is becoming a problem at some marinas with a lot of residential moorers ramp up the voltage to keep up with demand.
  4. I'm with you on that Phil. If you can't live without an inverter don't get a combi.
  5. Well thats the thing SA we didn't miss it that much. We only use it for the washing machine and charging a lap top & radio. Popping in to marinas takes care of the laundry and pubs dont mind me plugging the laptop in for an hour. I believe my next boat will be inverterless.
  6. The good news is that I have the combi inverter back as is working as should. Mastervolt charge a flat rate £458. Turn around is ten days from receipt in Holland(Thats on their web page). Not so good is it took 7 weeks to get the thing back not the 2/3 I was expecting. I don't have any more info about why the delay.
  7. Maybe every time it uses a lock.
  8. I had an engine mount failure on the Thames. My first thought when I heard the noise it was making was that the gearbox had broken.
  9. A shallow pound/reach beater!
  10. I don't think there's any problem drinking from the tap on your boat especially as its well used. We have a stainless steel tank and use sterilizing tablets at each fill, but for added protection I fitted one of these http://www.purewateronline.co.uk/700008-X-1B-Seagull-R-IV-Basic.html. Richard Parry drank canal water after it was filtered through it at one of the shows. A bit expensive - got a discount on it a few years ago at the Crick show, but if there's 12 owners chipping in on your shared boat it might be worthwhile.
  11. Will be happy to report back when sorted.
  12. Update. I changed the RCD - still no joy. 230v showing at the load side of RCD and at the inverter. So must be a problem with the inverter. Called in Keith of Voltmaster. Unit now on it's way to Holland for repair.
  13. Better Boating at Reading are the cheapest on the Thames. I think I saw a voucher in this months Towpath for an extra 5p of p.l. as well . Last year we paid about 75p if my memory is correct.
  14. I was moored at Lower Heyford on one occasion and watched in amazement as a 'lady' stuck her head out of her side hatch and shouted abuse at every hire boat that passed no matter what speed they were doing. Private boats doing the same speeds were left alone!
  15. Yes I think your have it Nick. In inverter mode I have a flashing green AC light and a solid green inverter light. Have been told this.means the AC in is suspect. I will get the marina to test the voltage at the bollard tomorrow. Thanks guys for all your input.