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  1. The police obviously wouldn't get involved, but well worth reporting to CRT as he might be a repeat offender and they might consider action worthwhile.
  2. Apparently the EU don't have deals with many countries. I saw a Web site a while ago which showed lots of deals pending, a few deals done, and lots of the world with no Deal. Unfortunately I can't recall the site
  3. Easy to apply??? It's a gritty paste which is stippled or dabbed onto the undercoat. OK for the gunnels walkway and possibly the rear deck, so OK for Python. I've just decided not to do my roof in it, and switched to Craftmaster Light Grey Raddle, the first coat of which bodes well. Seems to have a rubbery non slippy surface, so far.
  4. Seems fair enough!
  5. Even if it's not Mr & Mrs Coward, the boat is easy to identify, and the current owner found.
  6. I had been sailing, (on the sea), for about 30 years but, when I bought my 1st boat in 2006, I organised an Inland Waterways Helmsmans Course for myself and my wife. More for her than for me, but I learned a lot, prior to setting off from Glasson Dock to Malta, (and back). I also did an RYA Diesel Engine Course at a narrowboat centre, (Marple Top Lock), and learned loads. I took photos of my engine and, as I was the only one who did so, the Instructor referred to my pics regularly during the day, which made it very personal to my engine. I've probably got superstar qualifications, but both courses were of tremendous use.
  7. Sounds like a complete fudge to me. "If it's not fireproof, but it passes the tests, it complies with the regs." To my mind, if it's not fireproof, it could burn like we have already seen so.... Why not: "If it's not fireproof, it doesn't comply with the regs" ?
  8. There was an article on a news programme the other day where they suggested that a whole new approach to building and materials would be needed as climate change increased temperatures over the course of the century. e.g. roads melting, metal structures deforming, and so on. my own immediate thought was that, in the U.K., even if our temperature were to rise by a few degrees on average, it wouldn't come close to some of the norms that already exist in the developed world, so I am not sure why a problem is foreseen here?
  9. That's how it worked for us. Looked awful in the advert, good in the flesh. One of the questions I asked the surveyor was, "is this too good to be true - where is the catch". The response was that he couldn't find a catch, and it appeared to be true. To date, (6 years later), no catch has appeared We would never have known if we hadn't travelled much further than our initial set distance for viewing boats, and actually had a look.
  10. Stegra - What AGMs did you buy? Make? Model? Ah?
  11. Lise77.... did you use one of the surveyors recommended here? You use the words "name and shame" so others can avoid a similar experience, but I haven't seen the name of your surveyor. Some might suggest not naming as it could be seen as defamatory, and you don't want to be defending something like that, even if you would likely win.
  12. That's like an answer in a Christmas pantomime How much do houses need to be to be classed as affordable? Alternatively, at what point do they become unaffordable? And where do they need to be? I've given some examples within 20 miles of Manchester City Centre, and have suggested that similar will obtain around other big cities other than London. There will be lots of people whose work and support networks will be within these conurbations, so I'm not sure that an answer along the lines of "it really isn't" is enough to refute what I suggest (IMHO obviously:) ). Elsewhere I have also said that I agree that many more dwellings need to be built - if you want to see a significant effect on house prices these would be private, rather than social, although a massive increase in social housing would also help. Governments of both colours have repeatedly said that they would build many more houses, but it never happens.... (a bit like the promises on immigration by both parties which repeatedly fail to come to fruition). Remember John Prescott and his brownfield site initiative - a bit of a damp squib in property volume terms.
  13. If it's downsizers, somebody is buying their house, and any other houses in the chain, and I agree that some chains will involve downsizers.... but they always did. And they can't all be downsizers... many people who are buying the house at the bottom of a chain will not be downsizers, and it won't be a loop of homeowners. I also agree that some properties will produce the kind of return a landlord needs/wants to make it worthwhile but, as prices rise to the point where you suggest that the young are priced out, then so would be landlords. There is no God given right to own your own home, particularly not in a place you particularly desire, but can't afford. Lots of people seem to think that we should be able to buy a house near where our parents live, where we grew up, and so on. i may have said it before on here but it's worth repeating. A search on Rightmove for property between £50,000 & £70,000 within 20 miles of Manchester reveals just over 1800 properties. you could probably do the same search for any major city, other than London, and find lots of affordable property. in the early 1990's when property prices were rising beyond the reach of first time buyers, property in Moss Side, and adjacent areas of Manchester, were selling for about £7k upwards. Unaffordable property is a misnomer.
  14. Somebody is buying the cheaper houses at the bottom of any housing chain, and I don't think that it's landlords as the returns on the increased prices aren't generally worth it. i wonder if first time buyers are buying them all, but it's being kept a secret, just in case we think things aren't normal, I.e. It was always really really difficult to get together the money needed to buy your first house and now, it's really really difficult to get together the money to buy your first house.
  15. I truly cannot see where you are coming from? Who can't we trade with? As far as I can tell, we can trade with any country we like, unless forbidden by sanctions. The EU has no influence one way or the other.