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  1. With a 450Ah bank, useage of about 80Ah a day for 4 days a week, and an existing 100W panel, I'm about to buy 2 x 245W panels and a 40A Epever Tracer MPPT controller. Im hoping that will be more than enough to get/keep them topped up after a bit of genny charging each day. I haven't done any scientific calculating, just a reasonable gut feel based on roof space and cost, (about £400-£500 I think).
  2. I think the latest was sometime in June, but I havent seen anything for a couple of months.
  3. I always read it as a good compromise between battery life, and diesel or petrol costs, if off grid. I've recently started to charge daily for a couple of hours, then for as long as I can on a Saturday or a Sunday, (4hrs+). Seems to be keeping the batteries at their fallen capacity, rather than getting worse. I'm planning to get an extra 450W of solar and a reasonable MPPT controller, to see if I cant make charging a bit more continuous on a daily basis.
  4. So have I... repeatedly. It was my received wisdom until I discovered, like Mike, that it is one way of destroying cheap, and expensive, batteries. CBA here as well If I come across any in passing, I'll bump them to the top of a thread.
  5. +1 I have a Plusnet Sim in my main phone where I pay £10 per month for lots of minutes, lots of texts, and 4Gb of data. I have a 3 Sim in a spare phone which I use for work related stuff, and I also load it with an Add On when I go on holiday, so I can use it abroad in the same way as at home, (Three Feel At home). The balance doesnt expire, and the 3 2 1 makes it very cost effective if a low user.
  6. We own a few properties, and I work in an office that manages around 200 properties - I accept that it is a very local experience but: Myself, and the agency on behalf of its' landlords, want good tenants to stay for as long as we can keep them yet, in most cases, when we ask a prospective tenant how long they would like a tenancy for, they usually ask for 6 months. We would like most tenants to take at least a 12 month tenancy, so we ask if they are sure about 6 months and, most times, that's what they go for. My experience is that most tenants would actually be very wary of signing a 3 year agreement because it would mean they could not leave before the end of that period, (that's not quite correct but, if they did leave, they would be responsible for the rent to the end of the three years, or any shortfall if it was let for less than they were paying). In a similar vein, when a tenant leaves, there is usually a period of a few weeks before a new tenant is found and able to move in, (often they have to fulfil their notice at there current place, or give it). Thus, if every six months a landlord lost a few weeks, maybe a month, or even more, when the property is empty, and spent some money on a bit of sprucing up, it would take a significant rent increase to recover the lost revenue. If a tenant has been in a property for a few years, and the rental market has risen significantly, we will usually look for a bit of a rent increase.... but it involves a big discussion, and a big decision, because we dont want to prompt the tenant to look elsewhere and leave. Any increase will very rarely be to the current market rent. In my own case, I have never put a tenants rent up whilst they have remained a tenant, and I have a few who have been with me for upwards of 6 years. So I don't actually recognise the situation you describe, (I dont say it doesnt exist, merely that it doesnt seem to be reflective of a sensible business model for many landlords). I also dont know what you are describing when you talk about an 8 month tenancy versus a 6 month tenancy??
  7. What do you do when you want to get them off?
  8. And any Labour Party that wants to be in power in the future will need to be similar, and occupy the centre ground. Perhaps they shouldn't mention prudence, nor the ending of boom and bust
  9. I know that's what it says, but I've bought cheap stuff on ebay with a UK despatch and, 3 weeks later, it's arrived from China or Hong Kong. Never more than a few quid, so no risk involved, but it has made me cynical and wary -
  10. In the case of mobile roaming, operators have been taking the p 1 55 for years and, without some form of regulation, they would continue to do so. I'd guess that the operators will say to themselves, "it was a good ride while it lasted ".
  11. That is incredibly cheap.... £130 for a 40A MPPT Controller and monitor. The same package is about £170 from most places I've seen it. I'd guess it's actually coming from China or Hong Kong and I would worry, (probably wrongly), that it may be a copy, and/or customs and duty costs?? So I will be equally interested in how it goes
  12. Thats what I do, with a Smartguage and a NASA BM2. Given that the Smartguage is definitely not accurate until it is well away from 100%, I usually start paying attention when SOC on the Smartguage is 60& or less.
  13. Unfortunately, (fortunately??), these companies employ lots of people who, presumably, pay tax an national insurance, they pay rent and buy stuff, and so on and, if they went bust, all this would be lost. The answer has to be to deal with the tax avoidance, in such a way that they want to continue in business, but have to stop taking the p 1 55. That's a matter for government - I doubt the Tories want to deal with it, and I suspect that labour may go too far in their current guise.
  14. I think the people charged with the assessment are paid bonuses based on the number of people they can deem fit for work. Human nature says that many who are truly disabled will be deemed fit for work with this kind of system. Apologies will be made, as will statements relating to lessons having been learned, and to assertions that we will do better in the future. Politics eh ???
  15. The "right wing" started with a country spending £170 billion a year more than it was collecting. How do you suggest that the "left wing" would have been able to do things differently, such that the debt would not have increased significantly each year, and that the deficit would have been close to zero before now. Nobody could reduce a deficit at that level to zero in very few years without making things incredibly austere for many more. If anybody has "doubled the debt", it is those who created the massive overspend. It would be easy with hindsight to say that more money should have been borrowed and invested in order to make the economy grow, but we all know that was as much of an over promise as the one where Osborne promised a deficit of zeron in the 5 years of the coalition government. You can say, and promise, whatever you like in opposition. You can say what you like in an election campaign if you are unlikely to get elected, or if you are likely to be part of a coalition government, (as Cameron thought to his detriment).