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  1. Very disappointing. I heard visitors asking for a refund!
  2. A boater in our marina regularly avoids contact with other boats by pushing off with boat poles of various designs. Some boat owners believe that their boats have suffered damage as result; mainly damage to expensive paint jobs. What's the 'perceived etiquette' (nice phrase - might mean nothing at all) here? Are we justified in complaining? Other boaters maneuvering in the marina manage to push themselves away from moored boats manually without there being any significant dangers.
  3. The replacement LED 'fluorescent tube' does require a simple wiring modification to by-pass the 'starter' circuitry (if that's the correct term).
  4. In July 2014 a man fell 25 ft into a lock in Marple. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/stockport-canal-rescue-after-man-7394040 Can we expect railings to be erected around locks?
  5. I like it as well. There are plenty of similar songs on the website http://www.waterwaysongs.co.uk/ There were over 250 at the last count so you might find one you like! And no one is claiming they're traditional - it just seems that the waterways have inspired people to write songs about them in the last few decades.
  6. I cancelled Amazon order and reordered from Network last night. Order is now on the way - and it cost less as well. Excellent servoce from Network.
  7. I've cancelled the Amazon order and ordered from Network on Air - it's substantially cheaper on that site as well.
  8. Great! Let's hope your e-mail is correct and mine is wrong. Did you order from Amazon?
  9. I've just been notified by Amazon that delivery of The Flower of Gloster has been delayed until an unknown date!
  10. Good news! I can also report that there are no signs of any railings on or stored in the vicinity of the aqueduct. The trees and shrubs between the railway aqueduct and the waterway aqueduct have been cut back since I last reported and the stumps painted green (presumably to prevent regrowth). This makes the large red warning signs very visible. C&RT were out in force for their Open Day today which, no doubt, will be hailed a huge success. There were lots of people and 'volunteers', excessive amounts of bunting and signs, and queues to go down in an empty lock. The problems with the lock flight were plain for all to see with locks that did contain water leaking to create rivers down the towpath. There clearly is an interest in the canals from local people who would like to see the heritage preserved.
  11. If he sells a lot of items at the prices on his website he certainly will be doing well. Petrified tree stump stools @ £600 - these prices petrify me! You could buy the Drew Pritchard Scavenger cap for £40. It only comes in one size - large?
  12. I do agree and admit to mis-reading negligible in the first instance, anyway. "Rightly so. It isn't a practicable proposition to remove all the inherited hazards on an 18th century infrastructure network but once you have identified those hazards it would be negligent to knowingly create new ones of the same nature where there is an obvious alternative." Now I'm wondering what the end of the sentence is refering to? I'm thinking that an obvious alternative is effective signage. My opinion is that the railings are unnecessary. They would not necessarily prevent unthinking individuals (idiots) or those intent on self harm from harming themselves and, as has been stated previously, the railings may introduce additional dangers.
  13. To get this discussion back on the rails I'd just like to agree with Captain Pegg.
  14. There are two large red signs at both ends of the aqueduct which state the following : ============================ Danger Falls From Height Please do not access this area of the Aqueduct, there are unprotected edges posing risk of falling. Boat operators please keep your crew and pets within the confines of your boat. ============================ When I saw these I thought that they were an excellent idea and there would be no need for railings.
  15. It certainly looks like Marple Aqueduct to me and I was there just a few days ago. I agree that there doesn't seem to be a wall. I hope to return in the next couple of days to see if there are signs of any railings.