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  1. Thank you very much Wrigglefingers, I really like and interested in your idea of a skin tank (especially as a young lad I looked after my grandmothers house when she was ill in hospital - this had a stove with a back boiler and I forgot to turn on the central heating pump and ended up splitting the hot water cylinder OOOPPPSSS) I was wondering are you planning on using TRV's on the radiators? Also are you planning on running the water through the skin tank constantly or are you installing a thermostatic valve that will only let the water flow through the skin tank at a certain temperature? Cheers David
  2. Hello, I am also looking into installing a stove with a back boiler feeding radiators and a calorifier. This thread has been fantastic at answering a lot of the questions I had. I was wondering if I could clarify Derek’s comments of a pipe curved over into a receptacle – would this be the equivalent to a header tank? or is a header tank needed in the installation additional to this? Also could you advise on what distance away from the stove’s return pipe work would be a suitable distance to connect the pipe from the boilers boiling water vent? Cheers David