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  1. Anybody know what the problem is at Gas Locks in Berkhamsted? Queue building either side.
  2. I could not walk across the ice because I am very opposed to heavy...but last night was a -8 here so nothing has moved and last I heard the coal boat was frozen in at Pitstone (may well have moved yesterday as we had quite a thaw during the day) I'm always fascinated with the old pictures I've seen of icebreakers on the cut and the crews all dressed in ordinary clothing and footwear. Some must have met a chilly end.
  3. Whatever happened to icebreakers? The last time I saw one was at a CRT gathering when he kept introducing me to complete strangers. What am I paying my fees for that's what I want to know. Disgusted of Cow Roast Where it is very frozen
  4. Further to my post above an Audtralian friend has sent me an article on Villers Bretoneaux from an Australian viewpoint-quite touching. Sorry wrong link above
  5. I came across the following this morning and as it is the anniversary tomorrow I have posted this by the lock at Cow Roast so that passers-by can reflect thereon. Remembering Lance Corporal Albert Ernest PICKTHORN, ‘B’ Company, 28th Battalion, Australian Infantry, Died 3rd November 1916 On 2nd March 1915 Albert Pickthorn enlisted in the Australian Army in Western Australia. Albert was born 27 years earlier at Cow Roast Lock, where his father was the lockkeeper. In 1911, looking for new challenges and sense of adventure, Albert decided to leave Cow Roast and start a new life abroad. That April he left Liverpool bound for Western Australia.. After completed his army training in Australia, Albert was sent first to Egypt and then to Gallipoli, as part of the ANZAC troops to fight the Turks. Here he experienced the full horrors of the warfare on the peninsula. After the Gallipoli evacuation at the end of 1915, Albert’s battalion was transferred to the Western Front, fighting for the first time in July 1916 during the initial stages of the Battle of the Somme. After a short period resting near Ypres, Albert’s battalion returned to the Somme in the early autumn taking part in a major attack on the German lines south of Bapaume at the beginning of November. Initially posted as ‘missing in action’ following the attack, it was not until June 1917 that Albert was finally declared ‘killed in action’. Albert’s name now appears on the Australian Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux.
  6. A famous Viking explorer returned home from a voyage and found his name missing from the town register. His wife insisted on complaining to the local civic official, who apologised profusely saying, "I must have taken Leif off my census."
  7. Next time I think I've got some good news I'll keep it to myself. To return to my original posting -if you want one Aldi have got them at £24.99. If you don't -then buy something else. Goodnight.
  8. Aldi are selling an eco fan for £24.99! Don't know if it's any good but it's certainly cheap.
  9. Brilliant! Well done that man and thank you.
  10. A friend just bought this picture at a Car Boot sale. We were wondering where it might be. We can't read the signature so no help there. Just in case it looks familiar to someone on the forum
  11. Fallen Tree, 1km North of Bridge 134, High Bridge-CRT Notice
  12. Just done my calculations and mine comes out at 0.16 per hour on continuous running so koukouvagia is spot on. My Refleks is now 19 years old so I think that's pretty good.
  13. At my school they used to hang one of the younger kids from a gibbet.. It had to be one of the younger ones cos once your voice had broken the scream didn't carry so far. Didn't do me any harm. Kids today I dunno....
  14. Did this Springer have a name. I'd still love to know what happened to CopperRose. Last time I asked on here Bizzard recalled her being on the Lea I think but nothing more......
  15. I'm confused. I had a tv (not HD) which operated with a Freeview box connected to a satellite dish. I have bought a full hd tv with integral freeview and get no signal from the dish. Do I need another conventional aerial or am I missing something obvious?