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  1. It must be an age problem - I don't expect anything of right, certainly not to stop and do as I please without "check or hindrance" anywhere. So why should anyone else? Everything costs somebody, somewhere and in these times of ever reducing central government funding, LAs have to look to more users for a contribution (or more). So what's so special about the NBTA??? Harrumph.
  2. Umm - I don't think Bell Weir lockie is 'Steve' - that's Shepperton - since EA removed all the names, I forget which is which. Anyway a helluva lot have retired this year, so I'll have to start again. Treasure them and be polite (not obsequious) 'cos they're a disappearing breed....
  3. Well, I go on the old principle of "nil carborundum "- don't let the ****s grind you down!
  4. You didn't ask, but - Are you aware that a dishwasher will take a fair (well a lot) of electric power, which for you means a large inverter, a big battery bank and a large battery bank. Such things like where to put it and how to get rid of the waste water pale into insignificance... Even a table top variety (do they still exist) needs a lot of electric power
  5. Oh No! potentially a dumb thing to do, methinks you should read the other posts about crankshaft / bearings damage. It's most important for them to realise that if there is damage - indicated by low oil pressure tests as others have pointed out - it's cheaper to have that attended to now as a set of bearings ("shells") are much less expensive than a new crankshaft (for my engine £980 + VAT). I stumble to explain what crankshaft / bearings / shells mean to ordinary folk. Another point - if a pressure test / mechanic's test show no real / minimal damage, then given that the oil in the sump was very, very black it makes sense to change ALL the oils (engine and gearbox), oil filter , fuel filter(s) as I suspect that maintenance has been poor / abysmal.
  6. The charges in question were / are for (if you like) being on water that the Thames has 'provided'. You then pay the marina to moor the boat - just as most folks do on CaRT's waters. It's up to EA whether they back date their claim to the start date of the action. As Thames fees are annual they'll probably have to pay for 2016 as well as the current year.
  7. Don't tempt me!! (It's the way you tell them.....) OTOH if the unit jams up then some parts have to be dismantled - that's as far as I know - 'cos we have dump throughs. best not to have to dismantle it in the first place. Where are you on the Thames?
  8. Well, perhaps a bit The main disadvantage (In My Opinion....) of a straight pump out system is that they can get a bit smelly. With your flushing system you avoid that. If you treat it as a normal house loo - then you'll fill the tank up quite quicky. Hence the three-button system. Eco if there's just liquids to dispose of Normal if there's some solids and push and hold for any large amounts The difficulties arise if anyone is silly enough to put down anything that "hasn't bee eaten" and / or is accustomed to use more that three sheets of paper. Theres a macerator - 'shredder' that chops things up, but can easily be clogged and that's the area where that sort of loo is a bit of a challenge. Strong nerves and stout arm length gloves are what's needed. I was brought up in the country with horse- cow- and blocked septic tanks are the norm, so wonder what the problem is.
  9. The 'pin' is a bolt that (probably) holds part of the timing case on and it was rattling against the alternator - so it needs tightening up. It's possible that the engine is damaged - but as other have said while I type get some engine oil '15/40' is the most popular type and you'll need at least 5 litres and possibly more. DO NOT RUN THE ENGINE UNTIL YOU HAVE ADDED FRESH OIL Don't worry about the gearbox oil for now It's not a Beta engine (wrong colour) Too many replies happening so I'll stop.
  10. Some help - perhaps and a quick plug. Have a look at Cain narrowboats here - (a sample of one of their boats). I've posted this before here, but a couple of years ago they sold a boat to a forum member (new user, wanted a NB) and I was mightily impressed with the quality and fitout of what she got in the end. They're very nice folks and could help direct you as they've got no axe to grind. Their boats scale well, so don't look as ugly as you'd imagine. Hurry though, as they seem to be booked up until the end of time....
  11. Another one for the Oxford - but perhaps the South Oxford is nicer? There's a very nice hire company - Oxfordshire-something-or-other right next to a railway station. Rumour has it that there's a very,very nice café attached to the hire base - but I couldn't possibly comment.... Oh, the hire base also have a B&B which might be convenient if needed. Don't worry about locks they're (mostly easy). Canals are boring without locks and the north has only three... (or four)
  12. All very depressing. We love Brum - even the half empty Library as it's a focal point / turn round destination for us. Perhaps we'll stay on the Thames in future...
  13. Hmm - I thought that would be your response!! I made it a personal challenge to make him more 'friendly' - took several years.... He has to put up with all sorts of boaters and has seen major changes over the years and his father before him. Surprisingly he's quite well disposed to canal boat users.
  14. there have been similar reports on here recently. My 50HP Beta (both are Kubota engines) also rattles when cold and at tickover - as it did with my previous one. Sooo - mebe it's "a design feature" rather than a fault?
  15. As well as the lockie on that particular lock?? Oh dear, he's off duty again.....