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  1. I had a 650w petrol genny to power a 24 amp (at 24V) charger. It coughed and spluttered and charged exceedingly slowly (slowly as in paint drying). I suspected that the genny's voltage dropped considerably. I gave up and bought a girt big 2600W genny which was slightly more successful. Conclusion: It's not the best solution........
  2. That's the one and which D.P. pointed to I forgot John the lock. We spent the night there 2 -3 years ago and it was relatively quiet. I don't know why the other side got a reputation.
  3. Oh that it was as simple as a pinch point. More a stretch of points - some of which are quite long. Off the top (open for discussion...) Middlewich through to Knowle (T&M to GU) Foxton to Watford (GU Leicester to GU maniline). Foxton inclined plane could be reinstated Northampton arm - that's the shortest and easiest one Or 'start over' and build the Bedford link.
  4. A bit vague for suggestion but on previous visits - Black Country Living Museum and between the new and old main line there's an offside mooring belonging to a 'centre' where folks do moor. On the other side of the cut there are rings - but nobody uses them - strange. The new mainline has the railway alongside most of the way but will be noisy... Perhaps somebody with better knowledge will be along shortly...
  5. ?que? an auto transformer is quite a big box - but they do have plugs and sockets. They are also expensive hence mu diffidence - A simple plug connector won't do!
  6. May be a dumb suggestion - but what about a cheap auto transformer and run it at 110v? Half the voltage - around half the power...
  7. Don't treat a survey as a tick box or MOT process - Be present when it's done and make it clear to the surveyor when you engage him that you will be present and want to learn the good and the bad about the vessel. That includes indifferent techniques used in the boat's construction. The canal boat industry is very fragmented and very much a 'craft' occupation. There are few standards (that's why the BSS was started) and far too many shortcuts taken either by the builder or successive owners....
  8. With bricks and mortar there's an established procedure the (effectively) has to be followed. For everything else it's good old Caveat Emptor. It was suggested elsewhere that the figures had been massaged. The figures seem outrageous - helped by the fact that opposite the boatyard is an island crammed full with very expensive similar craft and where AFAIK the owners have better tenure. So it's easy for incautious people to get duped. There's an even dodgier enterprise about a mile upstream where there have been 'issues' recently.
  9. Cynical - but sadly true. I thought the original was hilarious - so I gave him a greenie (or what passes for that nowadays)
  10. Car alternators are not designed for continuous operation - though your duty doesn't sound as particularly onerous. However for boat operation my not-so-humble-opinion is that you'd be better off using a bus or truck type alternator with proper cooling and designed for a higher duty. Nothing wrong with than Adverc - per se - but they are intended to be used with higher duty kit. Silk pursers and sow's ears... Occasionally you can find good kit on ebay - but it'll cost a bit more.... Just had a look on fleabay - but they're all at silly prices. You need Leece-Neville kit. Now folks will come back and tell me I'm talking rubbish.....
  11. Ah, but - you have effectively to buy your licence in January as it runs Jan to December - CaRT will credit you for the unused portion of their licence, but it's 'worth doing the math'. In this case better to get a week's licence and cruise the River - up or down...
  12. heavens, you can't get the right sort of boater nowadays. No sense of decorum... Anyway it's only an Ensign if it's worn on the Ensign staff, otherwise it's just a 'flag'. In this case from what passes as a jack staff. (I know it doesn't matter a jot when on inland waters - but it's fun when landlubbers come up and give you grief.. Sorry, spoiling your humorous jibe - but trying to get anyone flying/ wearing all sorts of flags is an uphill 'struggle'. Celebrate what we were as a maritime nation or whatever county / organisation you feel you 'belong' to is worth preserving? (oops - but then you know that, being a proper boater...)
  13. The previous lockie at Teddington and his team are / were NB friendly and encourage boaters to leave 3/4 - 1 hr before high water so that the turn into B'ford was performed on slack water. You could ask. In recent years there have been a lot of stroppy NBers so they don't necessarily offer any advice. Shame really, as they are a b---good bunch. It's open 24/7 so if you have time when you arrive pop into the office and have a chat. I assume you'll stay overnight on the layby - if it's not full of CMers (of the Thames variety - some of which do it for profit)... A very pleasant but short journey - as you'll whistle down.
  14. I read here (or elsewhere) that Wedgewood had become more of a Sales Experience in recent years. Hope I'm wrong. The films and museum used to be free but you pay to see demonstrations - so do some research first...
  15. You know about the tides? Early start or late evening...