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  1. I used the hospital laundry stuff last year and left the boat until Christmas (after giving it a dose) There was only a slight smell when we returned. I do have a vent pipe and always give the tank a stir (you get used to it) before pumping out and flush the tank with fresh water - as much as I can get away with - until the money (nearly) runs out.
  2. I was sceptical about biological products until recently, I happened up a small quantity of hospital grade bio washing liquid. Used it (30ccs: at a time) and smells vanished. I get fed all sorts of eastern foods - so it was always very smelly. I'm running out and as it's very expensive, I'm going to try an "Oxygen" product as discussed on here a year ago. The idea is that bio products use oxygen generating natural substances, that either get to the smelly anaerobic bacteria before they do their work or ?smother the bacteria, stopping them smelling... Either-which-way it works AND I was a fully-paid-up sceptic (there's a sort of pun in there). Traditional products just kill everything and the nasty bits of them are left. You put down a relatively large dose of said Blue - so that's more to enter the system. In an Elsan you need something strong as some of the effluent is recycled into the bowl (It used to be...). Fresh water in a pump out or macerator loo.
  3. A 30 ft. 5mm hull sounds to me like a Springer. If so the cabin sides are 4mm and less. But I'm not a springer expert. There's a lower limit for insurance of 4 point something that might be a problem.
  4. To my mind it's all a matter of degree - it seems to have a swift leak into a hedgerow on your own, but not if of Glastonbury numbers. Elsan's are quite different as most people use Blue which is highly toxic. I made the mistake of assuming that Hurley lock's facilities were connected to the public sewer - it's not. The loos are connected however. My mistake. So the Lavender boat has to collect the Elsan waste and take it away separately to be treated as hazardous waste, which is expensive. Subject to delays as there's only one boat and it covers the whole river. If everybody used a biological additive then the problem would be a matter of 'good practice' rather than a potential public danger. Not that I think it's acceptable anyway.
  5. On the Thames (at least) it's the boat that's registered not you. You just pay the fee!! The previous owner can transfer or claim a refund only if the boat is to be moved to another waterway. See here:- At this time of the year there will be no refund - so he would be unreasonable in asking you to make a contribution for the remainder of this year. If the boat's already been deregistered - then someone's been naughty... If it's on a Gold licence - and some are - then I haven't found any details, but as it's a joint scheme between EA and CaRT, you may be OK. On a practical basis as long as you are displaying the EA plate or a Gold licence sticker then you won't be troubled by anyone on either waterway! ps - thank you for your trust. I get long winded as quite often there's no single and definitive simple answer - as above! Pragmatically both organisations have had their money so the man (or woman; we do have some lady officers on the Thames) will be content.
  6. Step down - that's very off-putting; My engine sits underneath boards that you can walk over, I thought that was what everybody does. Otherwise you've got to crawl round the sides. I agree with you!! Basins, sinks, showers should drain overboard; the latter via a pump. I'm a bit unsure how the pumpout loo 'works' the plinth looks quite low for me. (Mine are plastic an sit between two cross members - to give good capacity). Usual practice is to weld up a tank in situ, so it can be a pain to remove as well as destroying the decoration. Less of a problem to remove a porta pottti and wash basin, but then you've got to match the rest of the linings and can be a mess unless you can match the materials. It's lovely to have two loos. I slum it in the 'engineers' quarters' and The Management has the other with large bowl, ditto basin and sunken bath. It's 6 foot wide (the bathroom, no the bath. Edit: What would you do with the space gained? the pumpout and basin are along the side, some of the space amidships is taken up by a cupboard and all in less than 4 1/2 feet. You could remove the dressing table, end wall and door - but again what would you do with it? Office? It's quite a long rear deck - taking a lot of your overall length. If you want a nice cruiser stern (and why not) you out to have a boat a (little) bit bigger. Stowe Hill used to be considered quite posh in my early days before the rivet-squad bought out their boats.
  7. Shiplake's effluent is discharged into the mains (hard to believe as it's out in the sticks and the land on the weir side is some way away) - so I was told by either the current or previous incumbent). It still can get blocked. I assume you're going up the K&A. If not then Mapledurham has a chemical toilet disposal.
  8. I'm obliged - I'm sure it's full; just why is my question. Lockies are encouraged to say the minimum - not unreasonable as it's easy to spread incorrect rumours. However, 'we' pay a lot for the use of the River and expect equipment to work, also useful for locals to know which equipment is reliable. EA's budget is shrunk and some maintenance has been pared back to a 'just too late' basis. If it's an unreasonable blockage, perhaps I and others can publicise that in the vain hope that boaters will take notice. I meant to say in my earlier post that Shiplake has a bucket-and-chuckit facility just behind the pumpout / water points upstream of the lock. If you haven't yet got that far.
  9. Looks like great stuff with some additional mechanical strength, but - Why would you need it, if it's not going to share industrial style conduit, or subjected to disturbance when in use. To do it properly you need to provide earth continuity in each joint. If you're using domestic switch sockets, they're a pain enough with just six wires, let alone another two. Some of my bends are quite tight - this stuff won't go as tight. Of course you shouldn't have tight bends.... Being an old misery it's a bit of an overkill. Is it cheaper than Arctic - which is tried and tested?
  10. If you do that, please realise that the unit does get hot when working hard and at least, hot electronics don't last long - quite apart from the possibility of a fire or charring. Easier to fix the problem at source - there are folks on here who'd be happy to help, if you ask nicely.
  11. I thought that Hurley's elsan point was on main drainage. There were some major works some years ago. The original one was truly a black hole in the ground straight into a holding tank. I suspect it's the macerator pump that's got blocked. It seems to he happening quite a lot generally. Increasing use of wet wipes doesn't help (I bet folks pop then in a separate container and dump them both into the 'sluice'. The same happens quite frequently at Shiplake. One lockie told me that they'd found quite large items of clothing inside their pumps - and they're designed to pump solid matter. Another thread today mentioned somebody tipping an elsan into the hedge. Why do people do either of the above - no social conscience? Not my concern? Everybody else does it? It won't cause any harm? Me being occasionally charitable, perhaps they don't understand that such practices are wrong; "that they don't any harm," so why not? I can't understand people who are revolted by their own 'output' - OK it's unpleasant, but part of nature.
  12. Oh, well, it must be correct if it's on a sign......... In your dreams, baby!
  13. Don't get me started on that one... Oxford has lots of magic - IF you stay away from the main shopping streets. There's a calm in the side streets, several museums as well as the well know Ashmolean. Merton College in the heart of Morse-land
  14. Missing the point - there isn't a C&RT ACT of Parliament......
  15. I'm sure that would be alright - EA folks are quite reasonable and those on the ground even more so. If you had a current licence, why not spend awhile and cruise it. It's the boat that's registered, not the owner The Upper-Upper Thames (as I call it), above Oxford is like a broad canal but with trees and U-bends. Stop and chat to the lockies while the lock fills, indeed help with the sluices (paddles) and the gates. It's very much a family up there.