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  1. Happy Birthday! NOT having birthdays is terminal!
  2. Glass bottles have metal or plastic caps, often lined in the case of metal tops with a silicone or latex type lining, it is this that degrades or leaches chemicals
  3. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry I know that it is to do with the chemicals which leach out of the packaging over time that sets the BBF or expiry date.
  4. It strikes me that if you are just going to argue with all and every piece of advice you receive in response to your posts it wont be long before those with experience and knowledge will cease to bother to reply. The boating equivalent of crying wolf really. Our hope is to retire and then spend a year or so exploring the canal system. This will mean buying a boat. I will ask opinion and advice from this forum but we will have done the groundwork first and only ask opinion on the shortlist. That way we can expect good advice from experienced people keen to help rather than frustrated comments from the bored and fatigued forum members. So you live in Scotland, your bad. So the boats are all further south, ditto. The internet is a poor substitute for real life. This applies to all things including buying a boat.
  5. So by that argument any hire boat has priority: Commercial boat Tick, fare paying passengers, tick.
  6. Doris!
  7.,,doris day perhaps\, perhaps\, perhaps,H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgFuLRT9c3LDTNMqrINUhXgvFMLdIsc7W0spOt9HNLizOT9YtSk_OLUjLz0uOTc0qLS1KLrPJLMlKLFMpSi4oz8_OKAeme-2pKAAAA&spf=90
  8. No, thats the Usk
  9. Thanks for your replies, we ate in Henley in Arden in the end.
  10. Bump!
  11. We are going to Wooten Wawen tomorrow (by car) and I'm wondering if there is anywhere worth seeking out for lunch?
  12. It's luvverly here, we got beaches and salt marsh lamb and laverbread and everyfink.
  13. So, let me get this right; you have condemned a whole forum because of one thread? Shame you didn't conduct your survey in a little more scientific manner. You would have seen that most threads are expletive free. People are as helpful to each other as they are here. I am a member of both forums and find different things to pique my interest on both. If t'other place gives you the vapours, don't go there. But don't knock it until you have properly tried it. You are just highlighting your prejudices.
  14. Happy birthday!