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  1. Google is your friend -
  2. It's meant to be entertaining and NOT a factual account of waterways life. So will no doubt feature interesting characters rather than typical boaters - Who, if continuous cruisers - actually roaming the system - are over 55, and if single handed then male and dare I say a little ordinary.
  3. It's all about risk management. I am very rarely on shore power, literally just an hour or two per year, so for me a GI is fine as in that limited time not much will corrode. However if I was on shore power a lot - say most of the winter - then I would fit an IT. In answer to your final sentence, it is not dependant upon the amount of power use, but the length of time plugged in to shore power even if using very little power.
  4. From reading the above it seems some of the long stay boats have been upsetting the locals, and as councils are becoming sensitive to locals complaints them I think we can expect a lot more of this. Also as it costs money to enforce, I can see councils where they are allowed to start charging for visitor moorings to both fund the management of the moorings and possibly to make a bit of money as well. It is a bit ironic that the people moving onto boats to save money are indirectly pushing up the costs of boating for everybody............
  5. Now you just have to wait patiently for the tickets to arrive. In the past I seem to remember them arriving about a week before the show. Added -- You are either keen to go or much better organised than I am, still not got round to ordering mine.....
  6. Assuming you paid by card you can always have a look at your bank account and check they took the money. Not sure which bank you are with, but the NatWest app is very good for that sort of thing.
  7. You get the occasional gate that fits fairly snugly into a recess when opened and if the paddle is up the water can quickly flow out, makes opening those gate fully a little bit easier.
  8. 2 years ago mine didn't arrive - if that happens, just phone them up and they will put you on the list of names on the door for those whose tickets did not arrive.
  9. My tank was painted with Armourguard PW about a year ago. Too early to give an indication of life, but so far the orange tinge in the water when the tank was almost empty has gone when repainted and not come back. Next year I'll open the hatch and have a look in. Fingers crossed.
  10. It's probably enough to say 'that it will not be as clean tap water as it has been stored in a tank, but I drink it without any problems, do you still want some?' Though I would make an exception if I thought it was for a baby and would offer to boil a small amount if they wished.
  11. If shopping in toolstation they do sell lube - though any thin oil will do. Just spray a bit on every few mm of cut. Go slow when cutting so as to keep the blade cool, it will last a lot longer if you do.
  12. It's a Studer which also came with a 5 year warranty. People that love fiddling with settings would hate this inverter as it is a box with a tiny on/off button and a tiny potentiometer used to set the inverter on trigger load. It is designed to turn on and forget. If you want more info, have a look here - Note - the falling pound seems to have pushed the prices up a fair bit.
  13. How much solar??? - As a guide - I have 450W of solar mounted flat. We use a 240v fridge from an inverter that only uses 1.2W in standby and 16W when working. We have LED lights and an LED TV that is on for upto 2 hours, so we do not use a lot of battery power. On sunny summer days without running the engine the batteries are basically full by lunch. Of course if you try running heavy power devices from the batteries for any length of time then you may need a lot more solar. It's all about managing your usage. Added - the inverter figures obviously exclude the power consumed by the device, but if you say the fridge runs 40% of the time, then the inverter losses will be about 15AHrs. Which for us is easily managed.
  14. If you buy decent metal cutting blades - Bosch, DeWalt, Irwin - with a bit of lube, then you should not have a problem. When the blade starts to go blunt, chuck it away.
  15. Because they are first and foremost a web site and need stuff - ideally a bit contentious - to maintain their site traffic. If people post links to their pages and they get more hits - and I am not criticizing the op for posting the link - then expect more of the same.