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  1. Here's a picture of the burner. The jet I replaced is on the left. Is there another one? Does the burner, thermocouple position look ok?
  2. Thanks. I replaced the main gas jet yesterday - I'm not sure if thee's another bypass jet - I don't think so? The flame goes out instantly so that would suggest it's not the thermocouple. Why is boat/caravan stuff so crap? In the last 9 months I've had to fix a relatively new water pump which was sucking in air, replace all the seals on my toilet, the fridge and I've just realised that my rarely used gas water heater isn't working!
  3. Thats' the problem - I can't look at the flame pattern on low flame because I never get a low flame - it just goes out. I've moved the thermocouple around and lowered it but it still doesn't work. Could it be an incorrectly calibrated thermocouple?
  4. The fridge has been running on mains for a day now but when I try to switch to gas it goes out as soon as I release my finger from the temperature adjustment knob which needs to be kept depressed while lighting on gas. This is because the fridge is already up to temperature from the mains and won't stay alight on the low flame. If I let the fridge boiler cool down it will stay alight on the high flame. If the fridge works on the high flame but not on the low flame then presumably the thermocouple is working? I'm pretty sure the burner is clean and the thermocouple is in the correct position, so now I want to focus on the thermostat. Does anyone know how to remove/replace it?
  5. I think he actually said it could be the thermostat rather than the thermocouple?
  6. Yes, on this subject I think we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the 5 year rule was actually designed to prevent boat builders avoiding the RCD, not individual boaters doing self-fit outs who have a change of circumstances.
  7. Yes, I would go forward with the attitude that you have basically completed it.
  8. Yes, I do see your point Mike, but neither you nor I actually know the proportions of those buyers who are sticklers for the correct paperwork compared to those with the casual attitudes that you've experienced. You sold once without RCD compliance so possibly you may have just been lucky? Then of course there is the other type of buyer who will use any opportunity to beat the asking price down.
  9. Sorry to hear that Bruv. Seems a shame to have done all that work fitting out and find that now you are forced to sell. But if you are at the end stages of fitting out and have presumably been doing the work in accordance with the RCD, then to me it would seem foolish to abandon the RCD because you will reduce your market for the sale. As Mike says, you could flout the law, sell up without completing the RCD and you're unlikely to face any consequences, but on the other hand many buyers may be put off by the fact that they would be purchasing a boat without the correct paperwork. Personally if I was buying a self-fit out boat less than 5 years old without RCD then I'd want to see that omission reflected by a serious a reduction in price, but of course there are buyers who will be unaware, don't get the boat surveyed and may be willing to pay what you want. Your call...
  10. Yes, a complete death trap.
  11. Whale Gulper 220. It's a consumer society!
  12. I really wouldn't worry about it. With bitumen you'll be doing the whole job again in a few years anyway however well you prep the surface.
  13. Ok, thanks
  14. Well it's difficult to know because I never see the reduced flame, but I have moved it a couple of times and retested and nothing seems to work. This is what the caravan place who sold me the mains element and gas jet have said: I would'nt think it was the thermocouple because that is a flame failure device which turns off the gas supply if the flame goes out. The thermocouple may actually be turning the gas off because the flame is going too low to keep the thermocouple tip hot. but that just proves it is working and not faulty. It is very difficult to diagnose a fault without actually seeing it but: 1) I assume you made sure the burner assembly was completely cleaned out when you changed the jet!!!! I also assume that there is no problem with the flame for a while when the fridge is first lit. If so then:- 2) Make sure the thermocouple tip is correctly positioned into the flame because if not it will cool down on the lower flame and do as it should which is to turn off the gas. When you are sure this is right if there is still a problem:- 3) I would now look at the thermostat as it is the thermostat which regulates the gas supply when the fridge cooling plates are cold enough and this could be turning the gas down too low. Hope this helps
  15. Yes, just make sure its's stainless or non-corrosive inside - this applies to accumulator tanks used as domestic hot water expansion vessels too. Mine are both red.