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  1. Berkshire
  2. Me too unless I'm just going for a wee
  3. I was trying to point out to the OP that Dulux make a number of different paint types under the Weathershield banner and not all of them are suitable for his purpose. For instance the non-drip gloss cannot be applied with a roller or over-spread with a brush or it will run and sag. There are also Weathershield smooth and textured masonry paints - both totally unsuitable for painting steel.
  4. They are not and I didn't say they were.
  5. The point I was making (and I was trying to be helpful) was that just because it says Dulux Weathershield on the tin it doesn't automatically mean it's suitable for the extremes of weather and temperature that a boat is exposed to.
  6. Take a look the Dulux website. There are various paints in the weathershield range, including a one-coat paint, a fast drying gloss and a non-drip gloss which are recommended for exterior metal. I would never use any of these on my boat.
  7. Education
  8. Triumph
  9. Gongoozler