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    Boating (obviously). Playing acoustic guitar and melodeon. Gardening. Cooking. Family life generally. Morris dancing but only as a spectator and aspiring musician!

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    Worcs-Birmingham canal

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  1. Bloody 'ell. Where's the water skier?
  2. I've always found gallery images to be mostly irrelevant but the latest format is distinctly annoying. I'd like the option to view them when I want.
  3. Neither Bumble Hole or Merry Hill are anywhere near Birmingham - but give a dog a bad name.....
  4. Chamber
  5. Silly place to put a lock
  6. I've got no useful advice to give I'm afraid, because I've never really understood the concept of wet rooms. It seems to me that its far better to confine all surplus water to a shower cubicle and then step out onto a dry bath mat and use a bath towel without any danger of it picking up water by dragging on the floor. Perhaps somebody can help to nudge this old dinosaur into the 21st century by explaining why I'm wrong.
  7. Cultivator