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  1. 12 points
    As a disabled person I sincerely hope this vile disabled hating govt loses, thousands of disabled people have died at her hands if she wins again it will get worse. They are ideologically a nasty party, hate filled and only interested in those who already have enough. When disabled people have their support cut time after time whilst those at the top end of society get tax cuts and benefits handed to them it is clear they are interested only in punishing the poor for being poor and rewarding the haves for having.
  2. 9 points
    Ok so today I decided to break my own rules and take a peek at a certain other so called canal site onttinternet so I googled and opened up the site. I decided to look as a first insight into a thread running on the atrocity in Sweden.............I read several posts including two by the moron who started the site off, he is using the F and C words in his posts on an open site any person can log onto and read. So I have nothing more to add other than I was right all along in that there realy is still only one canal related site worth being a member of for those with more than just the one brain cell. Keep it up CWDF.
  3. 8 points
    If it's necessary to run your engine or genny (and I have no problem with either) why moor close to someone's home ? I avoid mooring by houses wherever possible as a matter of courtesy. Cruise as necessary. If you need to moor for shops or services, turn your engine off, and if you've not run the engine for long enough, then move on until you have, or you're away from peoples home's. The problem is entirely avoidable with a little consideration. Just my view, others are available. Rog
  4. 7 points
    Blimey is it any wonder that a recurring theme with this forum is that new members feel they are treated like naughty children, and tend not to return. Shame on you lot. Anyway, to the OP there is no harm in having a "dual fuel" oven. A standard 16A shore bollard is about 3.5 kw so it will power the oven provided there isn't much else on. I woudnt try to power it from batteries but if you have a modern engine with a decent alternator(s) then, with the engine running well above idle, it may well go a good way to powering the oven, the remainder coming from the batteries which will then have to be recharged. But I would regard running the oven when not on shore power a last resort e.g. when you've run out of gas. When you are demanding a large output from an alternator it is best to run the engine fast so that the alternator's cooling fan is running fast - they do get very hot when under heavy load. Take no notice of the pleased with themselves luddites, they are still using candles - for cooking as well as lighting!
  5. 7 points
    There does seem to be an unnatural fixation with Thunderboat on CWDF. The thread you reference was indeed moronic, started by Thunderboats most pointless and prolific poster. The foul language and clamour and you encountered was the nearest to moderation I have yet come across over there, but you will note the thread still stands without posts struck-out or censored, for all to see the OPs inherent idiocy. This is how unmoderated/self-moderated forums work and for the main part, like it or not, Thunderbox does work. It is to my mind a far fairer way of doing things than allowing a few fairly incompetent mods and favoured members to dictate who is and who isn't allowed to post, tying themselves in knots and leading to a sorry situation where many, many threads became to all intents and purposes unreadable and The Rools impenetrable, which was the situation a few months ago on CWDF. Thankfully CWDF seems to have turned the corner and is well on the way back to it's old self, though unfortunately a number of stalwarts seem to have been lost along the way, and many more post far less, which is a great shame.
  6. 7 points
    So, let me get this right; you have condemned a whole forum because of one thread? Shame you didn't conduct your survey in a little more scientific manner. You would have seen that most threads are expletive free. People are as helpful to each other as they are here. I am a member of both forums and find different things to pique my interest on both. If t'other place gives you the vapours, don't go there. But don't knock it until you have properly tried it. You are just highlighting your prejudices.
  7. 7 points
    Over the passed few days we have spoken with a lady bored with boating who is selling her boat. A lady who complained her water smells odd since hubby blacked the water tank. A chap complained it was to hot to wash his boat. Several boaters moaned that it was to busy on the cut. Too many hire boats out... This morning I log into canalworld for the first time in a few days and lots of you are at it too...please, please cheer up and stop moaning. It's brilliant out on the canals! Really it is! Have fun, Ian.
  8. 7 points
    A gross oversimplification of collregs that is actually misleading! 1) There is a general rule that a powered vessel must give way to a SAILING vessel. Unless your canoe is fitted with a sail, it is NOT a sailing vessel, and does not have right of way. 2) All concepts of right of way are not applicable in a "narrow channel" 3) To the extent that rights of way do apply, the top of the tree, even over sailing vessels are "vessels constrained by their draught" - that covers most narrowboats 4) In a narrow channel, small vessels must not impede larger vessels constrained by their draught. So, my simplification of the rules is that canoes must give way to narrowboats, both from a legal point of view, and from a point of view of who comes off worse. This is a story of Johnny O'Day Who died preserving his right of way He was right, dead right, as he sailed along But he's just as dead as if he were wrong Oh, and to answer the question as to etiquette; The steerer of any narrowboat which collides with and sinks a canoe must raise his hat and make a suitably stiff-upper-lip remark to the sinking vessel such as "Oh, jolly bad luck old sport", or "looks a tad bracing in there today".
  9. 6 points
    Not surprising when discussions about the way the way this forum is run seem to be banned.
  10. 6 points
    If you need to ask then you're not planning to CC, but trying it on because you reckon it's a cheap option.
  11. 6 points
    I think that particular thread was in bad taste, but when taken in the context of the individual starting it, to be taken with a pinch of salt. You will note that the poster was censured by most of his peers including the forum founder, for the tone of his OP. This is how it works. But yes, if you find a couple of words so mortally offensive that they could cause your untimely demise, then that forum is not for you. On the other hand if you consider that they are just words, and there are a lot worse things going on in this world that a few words that polite society has decided are unacceptable, then it is a non-issue. Personally I consider that the use of bad language reflects only on the person uttering it, it has zero impact on me and I can't quite understand why someone should get a fit of the vapours just because they see some naughty words. Especially an ex-copper who must have heard it all before, repeatedly! The two forums are different, both with strengths and weaknesses, but I think it is unfortunate that you chose a thread in unusually bad taste on which to base your opinion of the entire forum. One difference is that members of that forum haven't gratuitously insulted you, whereas you have.
  12. 6 points
    That's it really, it makes me absolutely sick. The attitudes shown on this thread from stupid old men who have comfortable pensions is "I don't care if the cost of living rises, I'm alright", "I don't care if the exchange rate collapses, I've got enough to make sure I'm alright". Old men who are still fighting World War II with their xenophobic heads up their arses. When the food bank numbers rocket, when the homeless are homed in the emergent workhouses, when child poverty really hits home, when the NHS finally collapses, they don't care. They'll either be dead or, like Farage, will slink off to places they haven't ruined as their children and grandchildren struggle to cope with the amount of shit piled down on their heads. There's a whole load of people who voted for Brexit who didn't buy into this crazy rich-led suicidal stupidity engineered by those who will never suffer the consequences and are acting solely in their own self-interest. May for a career - and then what? When it all goes tits up retire on a fat pension and give after-dinner speeches with jokes about lemmings? The rest of the fools, Davis, Johnson et al, they won't feel the pain. I remember the 1980s, travelling in Europe, seeing how much better the standard of living was in the Common Market. Even in Eastern Europe their health care and public support was better than ours. We spent the last 20 years catching up and, despite, the blood-sucking super-rich creaming off all our profit and conning the population in believing in 'austerity', we just about caught up by being part of a wider European prosperity. Now we draw in the borders in a statement of Great Britain, Empire 2.0, which the rest of the world looks upon with derision and sink slowly back into the me-first culture we have conveniently forgotten. Austerity, my arse, in the 5th biggest economy in the world (as we were before this load of leeches began their crowing), austerity means we can't feed the poor but we can make the richest another couple of hundred times richer. Following a bunch of media barons who never have to walk the same shit-ridden streets of the public they con, day in, day out. Immigration is set to increase becasue we can't run the country without it. Vote for that did they? When we could have controlled immigration all along. Our rulers chose not to because they knew, know, that their profits are dependent on that cheap labour. It's pathetic. And the best they can say is "if you don't like it, f*** off". I have f*cked off. I want no part of you or your silly little flag-waving. There's plenty of modern prosperity out there. See you in twenty years when you're all dead and I spit upon your graves as I welcome your grandchildren back into the European community you have tried and will fail to destroy.
  13. 5 points
    I'm an old guy, I agree with both old farts. The new style windlasses are vile, I can't think of a good use for them. " Gates before paddles " has always been my choice, in that if the levels aren't exactly equal then the paddle needs raising again. I suppose it matters little......but I'm sticking with the practices I learned years ago from some very knowledgeable boaters. Dave
  14. 5 points
    The biggest problem with austerity, is that it must be paid for further down the road, usually at a greater cost. An example might be the money "saved" by cutting down on refuse collection, closure of recycling centres, charging to use recycling centres etc. only to find fly tipping has increased dramatically (there's a shock), costing a great deal of money to rectify later, and police same. It was called "false economy" in my day. I hate fly tipping and any litter louts with a passion, but it is no surprise to me that it is happening. As you suggest, the money "saved" is simply spent elsewhere, putting right the ill effects of austerity, often at greater cost. I would liken it to not blacking a boat for ten years to save money on blacking, then finding the hull had gone rusty and needed replating at much greater cost. Some might call that good economics, I would call it neglect. There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that austerity applied to some things such as disability claims, bedroom tax etc, is costing more to administer than is actually being saved. (Maybe jobs for the boys here?) An example might be the removal of vehicles for the disabled, only to pay more money out for taxi fares. I know a disabled young lady who is experiencing exactly this; she is not alone. We are of course paying the price for closure of many industries etc., another false economy. Add to that the money that gets squirrelled away from our economy to offshore accounts etc, it does not paint a pretty picture. We have achieved some amazing things in the UK even during times of real hardship (forming NHS and many other social benefits post WW2 etc.), and we can do it again, but only if the spirit is willing. Sorry to ramble but it is from the heart, not lifted from some shitty newspaper. ps forgot the obvious one; get the correct taxes from the big companies who are robbing our economy blind, and stop them donating to political parties until they have been seen to pay their dues.
  15. 5 points
    There are many posts and many thousands of words on here about this subject when really the situation is very simple. if you are fortunate enough to be without any commitments and with the time to be able to continuously cruise then you will not be in any way concerned with the "rules" because you will travel further and more often than you will need to to comply with them. if you have anything that you are committed to that has to happen in one place (kids at school, job etc) then you CANNOT be a continuous cruiser. You need a permanent place to live. Everybody knows and understands the above. There are some who try to avoid a mooring cost by pretending not to. Clearly the "rules" attempt to set parameters that prevent people who need to be in one place from living in one place whilst pretending that they don't. It is always the case that defining precise "rules" to impose common sense is difficult. the fact that there are areas with too few moorings and ridiculous property prices is another problem and may need resolving. But trying to "bend" what should be simple rules is not the answer. I can't afford to live in, for example, central London. Why should I expect that to be different if I were to do it on a boat.
  16. 5 points
    Thank you Tony Brooks, the rest can go do one you are condescending and up yourselves.
  17. 5 points
    Seems that posts can't find a place to moor where they want to.
  18. 5 points
  19. 5 points
    I also got the impression something less than fair and ethical was allowed to go on and the subsequent "complaints" were dealt with by all in power closing ranks and refusing to comment or explain. I am just happy this seems to be in the past now.
  20. 5 points
    Well, without wishing to rake up old dirt, but also not wishing to let misinformation stand without challenge, they were banned without warning or right of reply, not for anything specific but seemingly because their faces (or style) didn't fit and certain people with power disliked them. Exactly how those decisions were arrived at remains a secret, but the outcome was as described. Perhaps you think the holocaust didn't happen either? Or the Sarin gassing of Syrians?
  21. 5 points
    But a thread on here created just to slate the other site and call its owner a moron is fine? Inter-site bickering is pretty childish and what you would expect from 4chan, not adults on a canal website.
  22. 5 points
    Actually, I don't HAVE to go a bit slower. I go slower as a courtesy. However, courtesy must be mutual! I show them the courtesy of slowing down, so as not to spoil their day of fishing (and yes it seems a pointless pursuit to me). I would like to be shown some courtesy in return, by not expecting me to slow to tickover for many miles. It seems that you expect the fisherman to get the pleasure that HE wants out of the day (with me not disturbing his fish), but that you see no problem with that being at the cost of MY pleasure. So what if I don't get to the pub I wanted to. So what if I spend many hours steering at low speed (you do know how much extra effort is involved steering at low speed don't you). So what if every spot that I might moor to is obstructed by anglers. So what if it is near impossible to get into a lock landing. Why is it that as soon as a boater complains about an angler they are accused of a "me, me, me" attitude, but when an angler does exactly as they want without regard for how it impacts on boaters that is just fine. Tell you what, I won't whinge about anglers doing exactly as they please, just as long as they don't whinge about me going boating exactly as I please
  23. 5 points
    I find all this antagonistic " us and them "'a bit tragic really . Looking for a row where there isn t one . All this " worm danglers " & other phrases etc . So some people might not understand " the point " of fishing . So what ? Whats the point of going between A & B in a narrowboat ? Really - do ask yourself . What is the point ? The point is - you enjoy it . Why do they go fishing ? They enjoy it . Theres no " point " to either activity beyond the idea that it is pleasurable . Your boat is in the water . The fish are in the water . Where do u suggest they go fishing billingsgate f****** market for chrissake . " Me me me " - 21st centurys Britains mantra , now to be commonly heard on the canals aswell as every where else . What bollocks - so u have to go a bit slower than usual & cannot get a favoured pub etc . " But sir .... sir - i pay more than he does .., " - what a pathetic attitude . The fact some folk dont understand the attraction of fishing doesn t mean they should whinge ( & it IS whinging - nothing more ) about them . Fishing is pointless , stamp collecting is pointless , model railway sets are pointless , flying a kite is pointless . Going between A & B by narrowboat is pointless - except for the fact that it brings pleasure to those involved . Does there need to be any more of a reason than that ? Its promising to be a nice sunny day today - so why not stop bellyaching about other peoples chosen source of enjoyment and get on with your own . Me me me & whinging . Wow - well done folks ,
  24. 5 points
    You're revealing your true colours in this post. Firstly no one hijacks words - language evolves. I find it strange that young people use the word sick to mean good nowadays. If you want to use gay to mean happy you're still perfectly entitled to - no-one has taken that away from you, there's simply an alternative meaning out there nowadays. As for the "less threatening" comment what the hell is that about? In what way does the gay community threaten you? I know I'm talking to deaf ears because you're clearly a bigot who probably yearns for the days when homosexually was illegal. I feel sorry for you - I'd hate to live in such a small minded world.
  25. 5 points
    Cliff Richard was variously known as Harry Webb, Harris Webb, Harris Tweed, and Debbie Harris before teaming up with ex newreader Anna Ford to form the famous duo Harris & Ford.
  26. 5 points
    This place slays me ! People were banned because they didn't fit in here, yet now we have a mod (supposedly an intelligent person) using a clearly racist expression, supported in his use by other members, based on an OED definition which is 300years old at least. Rog
  27. 5 points
    And I regarded my government as the EU government. Not the UK government, or the Scottish Government, or the Scottish Borders Council, although all of these played their part, according to their devolved powers. Now (to get this back on topic), there is a danger that further fragmentation will cause an even smaller and less viable entity to govern me. I have no particular allegiance to any of these bodies, but I know that unification is better than division. I'm with Stephen Hawking on this one: Mankind's best chance of survival is world government, and the EU was a small and faltering step on this path, which we have set back for decades, perhaps for ever. Misguided and outdated patriotism, however natural and comforting it feels, will never contribute anything to the desperate plight of the planet at this time.
  28. 4 points
    I don't know whether your statement is correct or not but an interesting incentive would be a 'reverse' bonus (otherwise known as a pay cut) whereby whatever the bonus may be is deducted from their pay for each assessment of 'fit to work' that is overturned on appeal. Gives them a bit of skin in the game so to speak. The other area of cost cutting that, quite frankly, I feel embarrassed by being represented by a Government that would stoop so low, is the reduction in Widowed Parents Allowance. Given the fact that the numbers involved are not going to be massive I am quite content for the money that I pay in tax is given to assist in the raising of children who have lost a parent. Before 6th April this year if you qualified for WPA the figure that you receive was £113.70 per week until you no longer qualified for Child Benefit. If however your partner was stupid enough to wait until after 6th April to shuffle off this mortal coil the figure becomes £350 per month (£80.77 per week) payable for 18 months with a one off bonus of £3,500 (might help to pay towards the funeral). After the 18 month period the approach then becomes,"Come on you weepy scrounger, get back to work. Dump these bereaved kids on some child minder you probably can't afford and get out there earning", don't it make you proud of our now pre-Victorian values? In those days they at least had the decency to have a proper workhouse, not one run by Sports Direct or Amazon The problem is that these companies often pay their employees wages that are impossible to get by on without top-up's like Working Tax Credits or Universal Credit. So, not only do they not pay their portion of taxes, but the taxpayer then subsidises their poor wages. To further rub salt in the wound, when Amazon open one of these wonderful 'fulfilment centres', we, the taxpayer then stump up for the infrastructure (roads) to connect them to the motorway system. If there were Gold Medal awards for taking the p*ss out of the UK Government, Amazon would be the guaranteed annual winner, every year.
  29. 4 points
    Here's the one I have at the moment ....... A 1969 electro-mechanical Gottlieb Spin a Card. It's about the 8th I've had over the years. I also collect and restore mechanical amusement machines pre 1970, old penny, end of the pier kind of thing. I have even been known to take a tanner, handle pull three reeler on the boat with me to work on. I currently have over 25 machines in storage. If anyone's interested I'll post a few piccies, I call them my retirement boat fund.
  30. 4 points
    The figures state 3.2 million in 2013 were claiming disability benefits, thats a lot smaller than the 11-13 million quoted in my previous posts, but this doesnt include people with some sort of disability which doesnt require extra support. The definition of disability is wider than the benefits model suggests but is probably narrower than the medical model wants to claim. Like Brexit and any other political question it is not an easy answer to give and a simple yes/no or short pithy answer just wont cut it. I believe that Labour as part of a progressive alliance would do a much better job of govt than the tories, at least for the majority in the country. Just like those who voted for Brexit I am wiling to take the risk with them rather than stick with the monstrosity we are subject to at present. Building social housing, funding the NHS, investing in our future are all important to me which is why I would never vote Conservative. My wife fell for tory lies in 2010 and actually voted tory, they had promised to look after carers, something she is very aware of and as a result she voted for the guy with a disabled son who claimed DLA and claimed to care about the rights of carers and disabled. She was then shafted royally by a man who displayed a singularly disgraceful grasp of what it is to be disabled or a carer without daddies millions to back you up. Labour may be a bit dithery and take time to think a policy through with Corbyn but when they have thought about it the beneficiary will be taken care of, unlike the tories.
  31. 4 points
    its not about punishing them. Its about everyone contributing according to their ability to a shared society so that we can all live a good life. The only people doing the punishing are the tories with their benefit sanctions and discriminatory cuts against the sick and disabled.
  32. 4 points
    The fact that English is my mother tongue means I am able to understand either version by simple application of a Mark 1 human brain. Some people on here would be more than happy to align themselves with the neofascist culture represented by le Front National, UKIP, PVV, AfD and similar. I find it an embarrassment that anyone calling themselves English can give them any legitimacy.
  33. 4 points
    As has been pointed out repeatedly, because of you and your fellow travellers, moving to the EU isn't going to be an option is it? You've effectively put the kybosh on that unless I choose to take up the nationality of another country. I don't seem to recall telling you why don't you go somewhere else if you don't like being in the EU so why should I listen to you suggesting I should live elsewhere, I'm just going to remain here and constantly harp on about what a crap idea leaving is/was. UKIP spent their entire time trying to undermine the EU and that wasn't considered 'unpatriotic' or made them 'saboteurs' so I'm going to enjoy the same position they have had for the past 20 odd years, constantly whingeing.
  34. 4 points
    Sometimes it's difficult to get internet access on the boat. I have been away for 8 days bringing it down from Crick to Rickmansworth. Making it in one piece as it was my maiden voyage was more important to me than checking forums. The problem was resolved with a phone call so I didn't check back here until today. I am sorry you feel that because I didn't respond promptly that you are reluctant to help a new boater disappoints me as I was led to believe that boaters are a friendly helpful bunch. Obviously there are exceptions. I did meet someone on the cut that recognised me from my boat and previously posting questions about it. I am sure the majority of boaters are more friendly like he was than the few. I promise I won't ask you personally for any advice as I now know that unless I respond withing your accepted time slot it will give you the hump.
  35. 4 points
    I go on my boat to get away from TV and internet.
  36. 4 points
    I certainly think that is the Conservatives plan and they would love I suspect to do damage to the SNP possibly more than getting a huge majority in parliament. If the SNP lost enough seats (and the SNP run on a independence referendum ticket) The conservatives will be delighted and Sturgeon very unlikely to get a referendum in the lifetime of the next parliament at least. All that is what they want and it is not without a lot of risk. The electorate do not always do/vote for what is expected as we know. I know politics is not everyone's cup of tea but I find it fascinating and the next 6 weeks will be very interesting indeed. I think in the future textbooks for school curriculum and academic study will be written about this period in political history in the UK (and the world) what events and circumstances that have led to the Brexit referendum and the consequential events from there, general election etc. and the EUs response over the negotiation period. We live in interesting political times.
  37. 4 points
    Part you require is Bosch 1125 500 023 HERE. Price ex VAT is about £35 retail, I can get it for around £16, but then there's getting it to you.
  38. 4 points
    Surely the other way around. This is the first Thunderboat thread I have read on CWDF. There are loads of threads regarding CWDF and it's members on Thunderboat.
  39. 4 points
    after 20 miles you must stop and not move again for 14 days. on the 14th day you must move again. does that answer your question? PS: if you need to ask then you are not a genuine CCer.
  40. 4 points
    It must be said that there are half-wits on both sites, that being the way of the world but generally the interest in CWDF remains low over there. It is only natural that at first much mention of CWDF was made, being that Thunderboat was set up by an ex CWDF member and its initial membership was mainly ex-CWDF members banned from here following the 'Banter-Gate' putsch , which I personally found extremely distasteful. I see no reason why both sites can't exist side by side, they are as chalk and cheese. Personally I feel that many CWDF stalwarts shrink away from Thunderboat as it is unmoderated/self-moderating and many of the most vocal on here would likely be shot down in flames over there in short order were they to post in their condescending CWDF manner without a mod to hide behind. As far as I am aware no-one has been banned or moderated thus far, though many have been castigated by their peers for pitiful posting.
  41. 4 points
  42. 4 points
    The race is from Devizes to Westminster. There is no race anywhere else on the K&A or Thames over easter. Speaking as an experienced canoe racer and a narrowboater the most important advice I would give to a narrowboater is... just carry on doing exactly what you always do, do nothing unusual, travel a steady path at your normal speed. That way the extremely agile and fast canoes will be able to predict what you are doing and zoom past you with no conflicts. The only exception would be as you come into lock landings. The canoes are portaging here and that is a very fast and skilful manoeuvre. If you arrive at a lock alongside a racing canoe let them go ahead, it will take them somewhere between one and five seconds to be clear and out of your way. And as you tie up at a lock landing try to leave spaces at either end for the canoeists to leap out. The Devizes to Westminster is a major international canoe race. In the canoe world it would have a standing alongside events like the London Marathon or the Tour de France. But unlike those events there is no desire to close the roads off to other users during the event. So enjoy your grandstand seat to watch some of the finest canoe racers in the world!
  43. 4 points
    I'm going to take the horse boat out that day.
  44. 4 points
    Quite why the NFA (National Federation of Anglers) and the CRT don't appear to talk to each other I really don't know. Boaters and Anglers are the two groups which care most about our canals, and good communications, clear guidance and a joined up approach would benefit both groups enormously. Even the closing or restricting of public roads for sporting events various can be managed without outbreaks of ill will, so surely CRT could link with other bodies to advise of, deconflict and/or mutually manage fishing and boating events. We have much in common but instead of sharing the canal, we are often left not understanding each other which leads to an inevitable conflict of interests between Anglers and Boaters. Other groups who adversely impact upon both of our interests, and who may seek to undermine our influence in order to use the shared space in an incompatible way to our mutual disadvantage, don't need to divide and conquer - we do it for them.
  45. 4 points
    Its all very well all this " oh just bin it , its a lovely sunny day , have another beer , throw another shrimp on the barbie , boat off into the sunset blah blah blah " but i would ask how many of those making such comments live on thier boat off grid without shoreline connection ? The reason ask is because unless you do so or have done then its quite easy to overlook the importance of battery monitors . No doubt from time to time there will be the odd dodgy one & there can be debates as to which is best & which is easiest to interpret etc but to me such devices are an absolute boon . If i got a new boat tomorrow the first thing buy for it is solar equipment and a smartgauge . Im off grid and liveaboard . My batteries are important cos i dont have a nice shoreline to plug in . I need to be mindful of the state of my batteries so i can use them without damaging them . Batteries are a disposable item but that dont mean i ll be adhering to the principle of " sod it ... just abuse em and bin em " . What a very 21st century modern British mentallity . Shameful in my opinion . When my batteries give up then ill spend on new ones but of course but i will try to look after them as i rely on them to service my boat ... my home & because if i spend my hard earnt on something i like to try to look after it . If you liveaboard i suspect changing the batteries very regularly will become an expensive chore . Removing , transferring to car , buying , transferring to boat , refitting - why go thru that process more often than necessary ? All this " care " or " diligence " over ones batteries becomes more relevant in winter when solar input is less reliable and so trustworthy gauges are even more worthwhile . So for those on a shoreline who have a " boating season " - you carry on up the cut into the sunset - with your beer in one hand and your barbecue tongs in the other because if you don t live - on then you re ignorant of why someone would would want to try to understand the relative health of thier batteries .
  46. 4 points
    If it can be heard by someone not on your boat then its to loud. If you want music use an earpiece/headphones don't inflict it on others we don't want to hear it. If you turned up expecting to share locks with us and you had music on I would shut the gates in your face. Music on the cut is bloody antisocial
  47. 4 points
    Little used? 40 or 50 years ago it was very much used, and therein lies the problem with the word, surely? Most, (but clearly not all!), of us remember a time when it was a very frequently used term of racial abuse.
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    Nice to see that you support the terrorists by going on the internet to view their atrocities, which is EXACTLY what they want you to do. I suppose that you'd be sick enough to want to go and watch a public execution if the great British Public voted to bring back hanging. I however do not support terrorism so will not be viewing any of their productions anytime soon. As I said earlier, if you are a meat eater you have absolutely nothing whatsoever to say about methods of animal killing, you only have that privilege as a vegan.
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    Ello ello ello, what's all this then? Yes it's true, there was only one killer mattress in Newton Heath although I get the impression that mattress hurling is a popular pastime in those parts. The crew of Desiree does sometimes exponentially grow to 2, and congratulations to those that got it, I am the banned member's son
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    Or you could use some of this Butter me up by Allan Jones, on Flickr
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