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    So when you are drawing lots of fuel the engine dies but will start again if rested for a while. This is the classic symptom of a blocked breather on the fuel tank. Try it with the fuel filler off but protect the hole from the rain. If that makes no difference then I would agree with Wotever, time to change the filters. This will involve bleeding the engine except some engines are self bleeding. Once the filter(s) are changed empty them, possibly cut them apart so you can see what they have caught to get early earning of bug/water problems. Note that a good installation will have more than just the main filter on the engine. There should be at least one more filter like thing between tank and engine. If this is an older British engine like a BMC, Lister or Perkins there is likely to be a strainer gauze under the domed cap on the fuel lift pump. This needs checking as well. If there is still not improvement then you are looking at potential air leaks into the fuel lines or a blockage at the fuel tank outlet. If you have the skills and parts try rigging a small tank to feed the lift pump directly. That will rule out the tank, pipes and filters. What engine? I may be able to visit this afternoon or on Saturday, ring 01189874285. Do you have any tools aboard? I assume that you are by the Cunning Man or tied to a sign below the bridge.
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    I know at least 3 sets of families quite well which move around a fair bit (more than 20 miles) whilst getting the kids to school everyday, and then in the holidays move away and enjoy boating like the rest of us can. Panda and the K&A NBTA just don't want to move any further than the waterpoint and cite all sorts of Human Rights violations if CRT worker asks them to do anything at all. Of course kids need educating. If you sign for the "no home mooring" licence conditions, you adapt your family to suit, not expect CRT to give up enforcement and have a bloody free for all on the nearest moorings to the local creche/bakery/school/nice pub/etc
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    I think mr Klaxon designed it for his Bicycle,and won the No Bell prize?
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    On the other hand, if the section 8 recipients made compliant boating THEIR priority C&RT could concentrate more time and money on the things we'd rather they did.
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    Is it good for the caps lock key?
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    Boating Perquisites - Version 3,429.5 Alarm, crew summoning ding-dong Anchor with associated chain and rope. Antifreeze Anti-vandal key & spare Baby wipes - loads Basic toolkit Batteries for LED torches & spares Beer Beer money Binoculars for seeing what is happening on the lock ahead Bread knife Boat hook Boat license stickers Bottle opener BSS stuff Bucket Burgee (optional) BW key & spare Camera Carbon Monoxide alarm Cat o' nine tails to keep the crew in order (& some soft rope) Chair Chocolate biscuits - loads Clock (for tunnels) Clothes & footwear & spares (note all may be needed in a single day) For cold weather For wet weather For warm weather For hot weather Cash - loads Coffee Compass Cooking Stove & fuel for it Corkscrew Cup-a-soups Cutters for use in weed hatch Depth/draft gauge Diesel Dipstick for diesel tank Dogs - minimum 2 max ~ 12 (edited) Duvet - 99Tog or better Electric Blanket (edited) Emergencies Action Plan (edited) Fan belt(s) - spare Fenders (for sleeping) - various , to taste Firelighters, box of, & spare First aid kit Floats for keys Fuses, spare Gang plank (for mutinous crew) Gas bottle spanner (must be reverse thread) Gas lighter thingy for lighting stove zip lighter blocks (edited) Glasses (optical) as needed & spares Gloves, nitrile, for dealing with weed hatch material which can be sharp. Grease - stern gland Guides - eg Pearson's, Nicholson's, Waterscape Hammers 2 - sledge/lump (edited) Headlamp & spare bulbs Heating system & fuel for it Horn Iphone or other pale imitation (edited) Jubilee clips, Stainless Steel, spare, in a range of sizes Jump lead - used on your domestic batteries if for some reason your starter battery dies Kart tyres on a few metres of rope as fenders Kettle "Keys" for eg water filler toilet pump out diesel filler Keys to everything & 2nd spare set (with keys individually identifiable) Leatherman/Swiss army knife Lifejackets (primarily for rivers) Lock key longthrow with roller handle & spare Lock key shortthrow with roller handle & spare Loupe & tweezers for splinters Magnet with string already attached. Maps Mirror Mobile phone & charging system Nappy pins 4 Nail scissors (edited) Oil, spare, engine Optimism - large size Padlocks - spare Paper & pencil Pins 4 (2 extra long) Pole, barge (Must be comfortable with spending long periods of time on the roof) Quaker's Porridge Oats - for use as a temporary adhesive/sealant only Radio (for weather forecast) RCR membership or similar Ropes, at least 3 (bow, stern, centre) but 4 (2x centre) makes life easier for some Sacks, plastic, black, for the storage of all manner of thing including Smokeless Fuel & Rubbish Salt (pinch of) for treating expert advice & traditional wisdom Saw Scaffolding pole, 8ft, preferably heavy gauge aluminium Scissors Slippers Sponge Stationary wallet, plastic, to keep paper stuff dry. Sticky Tape - sellotape, duct tape, easy-off tape, double-sided tape. (edited) Sun glasses & spare Sun hat & spare Tea Thermos flask Tiller bar and pin Tin opener Tinned food - loads (for emergency use) Tissue - loads Toilet paper - loads Torches (LED) & spare Towel (for travelling the Galaxy) Two-it (must be round) (edited) Umbrellas - 1 large 1 small (edited) VHF radio & certificate Vinegar for chips and wasp stings Walkie-talkies, pair Water Waterscape Boaters Guide - print Water hose Wellies (aka Wellington Boots) Wire - spare, electrical Wok plus two large wooden spoons Working toilet with more than adequate capacity Zip ties Zip (or other) fire lighter blocks (edited) Note that boats under 12ft in length may have difficulty in passing under low bridges when carrying the full inventory. Note that the alcohol may be for guests use only - or not.
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    I have candles on my boat . Why ? Because i like them - i find them relaxing , they provide enough light to " chill out " to whilst listening to Pink Floyd . Theyre just much nicer than an LED bulb . I always grin whenever i read of this or that being dangerous . The person who cannot use a candle without setting fire to themselves really shouldn t be allowed to use a knife & fork for eating thier dinner with or be allowed to tie thier shoe laces up . Candles are not dangerous . People are dangerous . There are also alot of idiots about despite the fact that many folk have some piece of paper called a degree or anothe qualification that would suggest that infact theyre actually quite bright . If i walk down any high st i guarantee some twat will be walking along reading thier mobile fone , walking across road staring at facebook or some other tosh . This clearly means that mobile phones are dangerous as they divert otherwise intelligent peoples attention . Nonsense of course . Fones arent dangerous & neither are candles . People are dangerous & often thick as shite aswell . I sometimes wonder whether such notions of killer candles is part of modern britains " someone else is always to blame mentality " . " i cant possibly be a fxxxxing idiot - the fault lies with xyz " Big candles , wide base , secure , away from curtains , light with a match , enjoy & ensure its put out at the end of the night . It ain t rocket science is it Unless you re tool of course !
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    Does it occur to the proponents of public condemnation that the vast majority of people that we label as 'Muslim' probably have no more personal affiliation to that particular belief system than the average white anglo saxon that we would automatically classify as 'Christian'? Family and community pressures may result in many of them wearing the garb of their parental culture including some of the routines associated with religious observance, but they may not, in their hearts, feel like 'members of the Muslim organisation'. Give it time and most Muslims will be no more identifiable as being different. A couple of examples of how faith systems deteriorate in advanced countries: When I lived in Ireland in the 70's churchgoing and the associated habits were prevalent, particularly among those who were born catholic; today that has largely evaporated. When I worked in Turkey, despite the prayer calls from the local mosques 5 times a day few people took time out of their work to go to the prayer corner in the office or stopped work in the field and got out a prayer mat. Fact is that most folk, although they may be perceived to belong to any particular faith system and culture, are not much different to the 'IC-one's' who form the majority of the population of the UK. They don't feel they are part of an exclusive club that needs to apologise for some of its members, any more than I feel any need to apologise for the actions of a Christian fundamentalist like George Dubya Bush.
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    I remember the Iranian Embassy siege (1980) to name but one event it even interrupted the snooker! Whether this was a full on terrorist attack or not (seems likely to me) the fact remains that 4 people are dead (including 1 attacker and a Policeman) with several other people with what is being described as "catastrophic" injuries. So sadly the death toll could rise further. Let us hope not. At this time I just feel sad for what has happened and the many lives that have been damaged one way or another be they the directly injured or the families involved. So please let's remember that and spare them a thought or prayer if you wish and not get into "I am right you're wrong" kind of forum argument on issues that are irrelevant to the carnage seen today.
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    Its true that some ( a very few ) boaters leave rubbish about. Its just as true that if I were to walk round any housing estate anywhere in the uk I could find rubbish dumped by house dwellers but in fairness pointing a finger at any one group of people simply doesnt work. I will print a quick tale of what happened to me the first year I moved onboard ( 1989 ) ish it will have been. I had been working on the back of my boat using my new expensive generater and it was on the cruiser deck when I finished using it. The missus and I decided it was a nice day so popped out for an hour to parents and joined friends in the pub 30 miles from boat, it was a fab sunny sunday and we stayed all afternoon and then all evening etc etc and stopped overnight at parents. We returned next day again lovely weather to boatyard moorings ( Thorne ) and as we drove close to boat I said to missus yes just as I thought the gennies been nicked its not on back of boat and I saw the tall skinny disheveled boater with dreadlocks walking along and said to her it will be that toerag. The said " toerag " saw us parking up and walked over and said " aye mate you left your gennie out all day yesterday so I put it in the back of your boat and closed the door so it didnt get nicked. Thanks mate says I.............................................................." Here endeth the lesson "
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    Cor - give me a chance, Just got back covered in diesel smell so needed a bath and change of cloths before reporting back. Report When I got there the OP told me that he had not tried running with the fuel filler cap off because of a misunderstanding. This meant we could not rule out a blocked breather. The fuel filler was surrounded by an upstand but the trim of the boat was such that the fuel filler was submerged by collected rain water. We moped the water away, removed the filler cap and blew down the breather. The breather was clear and I advised that the filler O ring be changed regularly. Note to other boaters - I put the running with no filler cap at the top of my list above because it is so easy to do. The boat has both an agglomerator (water trap) and engine filter. The OP had only found the agglomerator and when he tried to drain it I think he had the fuel supply turned off so very little came out. Both filters were CAV 296 types and there was just one spare on on the boat (I consider on an older boat that as a bad sign). I also discovered the Mikuni failed at roughly the same time as the engine problems started - another indicator that there may be a fuel in the tank problem. I noted the Mikuni does not appear to have its own filter so I ignored it. That's more than I can sort out on a Saturday morning and it will not stop the boat moving. We removed the agglomeator and found a black slimy build up on the top of the filter, some water and black blobs in the bowl and very discoloured filter paper. In view of the water above the filler and the black stuff we tried to open the tank drain but it was stuck so we used my Pela oil changer to sample the bottom of the tank. The diesel at the bottom was far less pink that that higher in the tank and a lot of black was sucked through the pipe. Feeling the stuff on the top of the filter and the blobs from the bowl showed them to be both slimy and gritty so I am not so sure it is bug but if it is it is not too bad yet. In addition to the normal filter O rigs there was another ordinary round section ring wedged into the top of the filter in a manner that suggested that it may have been part trapped in the seal groove and part drawn down into the filter. the lower O ring was also too small. Either could have allowed the engine to suck air if there was any restriction in the tank area of pipe work. The old upper O ring was also very hard so we replaced it. We could not undo the "bleed point" on the agglomerator so bled it from the outlet port. I checked the gravity flow and it seemed good enough so there is probably no significant problems with the pickup pipe in the tank. We changed the engine filter that as expected was much cleaner with little sign of water but the element seems a bit heavier to me than they usually do when just saturated in diesel. The easiest place to bleed the filter, pipes & injector pump was by removing a rubber cap from one end of the leak off rail. This we did and I was able to assess the flow rate from the priming pump. It seemed fine to me. The engine started "on the button", very quickly smoothed out, and ran at 3000 rpm plus in gear as it should. Note to other readers: this marina is river fed and probably has a gravel bottom so there should be no issue with digging the odd hole in it with the prop. I advised the OP to use a biocide tank additive (Marine 16) ASAP and to carry spare filters so he can change them every month or so until he can see what they are catching. I noticed the the polyV Travelpower belt had shed one mini-V so I advised that he get it changed.
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    Just back from the boat. When I got there Olive had put her old charger on the battery and there were lights. I showed them both how to remove two failed halogen bulbs and check the supply. The halogens were 10 watts. Judging by the weight the charger was of the transformer type and a row of lamps/leds on the front indicated it might deliver 6 amps. It was showing 1 amps and 13.6 volts (measured) when I got there. I could not measure any significant permanent discharge. After trying a variety of tricks to get none of the modern Halfords "smart" chargers to charge (including my own that looks like Biz's) I gave up. By that time the charger was showing no lamps and 15.2 volts with a measured 0.8 amps. I think this confirms it is a non-smart charger and it is why it will charge but smart ones will not. This morning I looked up the data for Halford's chargers and as expected it was all marketing blurb and no proper technical specs. By extrapolation from the few figures given it appears that the chargers range in outputs from 2 amps to about 4 amps. There were no current markings on the chargers we had. There was also the "new" 115Ah Halfords leisure battery that registered 6.4 volts when I tested it. Again no Halfords charger would even show power when connected to it. On both the connected battery and the "new one" I tried connecting both the old charger plus a Halfords one in the hope that the old charger output would fool the new charger into thinking there was some charge in the batteries and work. All that did was to illuminate the "bulk" charge light on the Halfords charger even without it being plugged into the mains. My conclusion is as follows. The old original battery that I did not bother with but I was told it worked for some time probably had a degree of internal shorting so the charger never sensed that the battery was fully charged so it stayed in bulk charge and covered the loads. When that battery failed (probably shorted a cell) the new battery had far less internal discharge so the so called smart charger did fully charge it. Now, I am far from clear what they do at this point being "consumer, mass market items". They may just illuminate the "fully charged" lamp and turn themselves off or they may drop to a float voltage. I do not think the float voltage is enough to cover the load of the 10W lamps being on until after midnight so the battery gradually fully discharged and sulphated. The speed at which the voltage from the old transformer charger reached 15 volts (about an hour or less) tends to confirm gross loss of capacity. I think this may have been avoided if the "smart" charger was turned off and on again each day to force it back to "bulk" charge. In short I think its a very stupid charger ruining batteries. I have advised that the batteries be taken to a garage and charged with some beefy equipment. This may just knock some sulphate off the plates and reconvert a bit more. I have also advised that if the Halfords charger is to continue in use it MUST be turned off and on again each day but the real answer is a three stage "marine" type charger that will not turn itself off and will switch automatically back to "bulk"/"absorption" when a load goes on or the batteries discharge a bit. Although I do not like single battery boats because of starting issues in this case and with the use made of the electricity I think it will work once the charging and battery condition is sorted.
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    Hm. I haven't have any notifications of photos or responses to them. I don't get multiple replies to a topic. When I click on a topic title I get taken straight to the last unread post. I don't always log in when I look at the forum, sometimes I'm on my laptop, sometimes on my phone - it makes no difference, I still get MyVNC just the way I want it. I don't care that there are no post numbers. I don't care that I can't see anyone's total reputation points. I haven't noticed any large white spaces. I don't expect the admin/mods, who are as new to this software as everyone else, to be able to fix everyone's different issues immediately. Things change, that's life. It's just new software, not the end of the world.
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    Unfortunately, Panda and Nick Brown have been advocating Human Rights and not moving over common sense for years now. Every public meeting I've attended where they have been speaking has been the same, legal workshops on how not to move, human rights on having a job and being able to moor outside the car park etc etc It is not in the spirit of boating, navigation or common sense. They are advocating a new class of society to fill our 2000 miles of canals and do not look forwards to the absolute shambles and mess it will result in.
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    It's a pity that these petitions don't have a 'disagree' hutton.
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    I'm afraid I'm going to give a response a lot less positive. I regard tattoos and piercings with revulsion and dismay, as a desecration of the body. Beautiful bodies are made ugly and ugly bodies are not improved. The same applies to primitive tribesmen as to modern faddists. Tattoo removal is a thriving business.
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    Just stick yer tongue across the terminals. Tingle = flat. Ouch! = pretty well charged. Flat on your back with a swollen tongue = equalising.
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    I do not really understand this need for non-muslims to feel the need for constant apologies from Muslim groups and complain when it is not apparent every news broadcast. For those that feel the need there is actually plenty of Muslims saying "not in my name" or similar if you care to look and many kindnesses and initiatives to try and stop young people becoming radicalised. This need serves little purpose and does not forward what is needed. Neither does a reaction to that of saying that Christians or whoever need to also apologise for past atrocities or actions. That way we start to have to pick sides and although entertainment for forumites who like a good historical argument it doesn't forward any kind of peaceful action. What is needed is for us to understand each other help young Muslims living in this country to see a different outlet for their frustrations and counter the propaganda they have access to by ISIS and others that can radicalise some. Grievances need to be listened to and offer a useful alternative to hate and violent action to vent them or mistakenly think that such actions will help their cause. What it always comes down to is that a peaceful existence is hard work and violence easy and a quick road to hell.
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    Nicola Sturgeon is touring Perthshire in the First Minister's chauffeur driven car. They round a sharp corner and hit a cow which has strayed out onto the road. They hit it full on and the car comes to a stop. Nicola in her usual jaunty manner, says to the chauffeur : " You get out and check - you were driving." The chauffeur gets out, checks and reports that the animal is dead. " You were driving, go and tell the farmer," says Nicola, I can't afford to be blamed for anything. The chauffeur walks up the drive to the farmhouse and returns five hours later totally plastered, his hair ruffled and with a big grin on his face. " My God, what happened to you ?" asks Nicola. The chauffeur replies : " When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of malt whisky, the wife gave me a slap up meal and the daughter made love to me." " What on earth did you say?" asks Nicola. I knocked on the door and when it was answered, I said to them, I'm Nicola Sturgeon's chauffeur and I've just killed the cow."
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    Any christians up for condemning this? Seems to fit any definition of 'terror' I can think of, rather than a lone man going ape in London we have a whole country who don't give a toss who they terrorise. Strangely although all news feeds (except Reuters) are pumped on the steroids of the London attack, this one seems mostly ignored.
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    History should tell you how this is not the case. What is happening is not a factor of being "liberal" In less politically correct times as you label it the UK has been bombed by the IRA, Policeman shot from embassies and sieges broken to rescue hostages we have been attacked by Hitler's Reich and that only, in the last 100 years. I could go on and on with more examples last century and beyond. You are of course free to hold your views but I am also free to say those views are misguided. Anyway, I shall not be pursuing a discussion let alone an argument with you over this as the events today would make that disrespectful. So I shall say no more.
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    All I can usefully say to this is when faced with Barbarism it is not the answer to join in and become barbaric. That way we will be indistinguishable from those that wish to attack our way of life. When you fight back for victory at any cost the cost will be the loss of all those things that were worth fighting for. We must show how robust our society, justice and democracy is. It is vital to our existence.
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    Also required is an experienced person to keep feeding 50p coins into the meter.
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    Wherever the next economic crash comes from you can be sure that whoever causes it will still have a new car and the poor sods thrown out of work will be the scapegoats same as always.
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    Hello all, just thought I would post a few of my paintings, some of you probably all ready know me, if not I hope you like them. thanks Pete Tuffrey
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    This rather depends on both your definition of "fit" and "wide beam waterways", though doesn't it? The Grand Union north of Berkhamsted was not built with the intent it could accommodate barge size boats, it was built for narrow beam craft, despite the broad locks as far as Braunston. The improvements from Braunston to Birmingham in the 1930s may have doubled lock sizes, but did very little to otherwise modify a channel designed for narrow boats. Barge sized boats are, of course, fine on waterways designed for their use, but it is an undeniable fact that the explosion of wide beams on the GU is now having considerable impacts on the ability to enjoy that canal in the way one used to be able to. Admittedly this situation is not aided by many wide beam owners who show little regard for people wanting to navigate, and who choose mooring places close to bridges or on narrow stretches where the offside is unusable because of vegetation. It is of course unfair to tar all wide beam owners with the same brush, but of course if large numbers behave in unhelpful ways, it is probably going to do no favours to those who try to be more responsible. All that said, although you have quoted my post, I have already said I am far from convinced that wide beams paying more would go a long way to solve the issues of the large numbers now on the GU. I don't think pricing by area would suddenly change the situation where virtually every new boat being craned in is a wide beam, and the marina staff are saying they haven't put a new narrow boat in the water for very many months. Finally, although people are using emotive language like "twice the size" or "paying double" it is not quite like that is it? Few are more than 12 feet wide, and probably far more only say 10' 6", or so. Charged by area, my 72' x 7' boat would still cost nearly as much as a 50' x 10.6" wide beam. That doesn't sound like outright discrimination against the wide beam to me, particularly given that I can share locks and they can't.
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    The old system of uni degrees was very unfair and biased in favouring the cleverer people, but that system was got rid of and now thick people can have a degree.
  28. 4 points
    Going one stage further, perhaps we as a society should nominate certain degree courses free of tuition fees, so the doctors, engineers, scientists get their education funded in exchange for a commitment to work for the benefit of the country, at least for a set period, anyone else wanting a degree in non essential subjects pays.
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    If you re-arrange the letters it spells Rachel too. In a previous life there was a forum poster called Phylis who had a white tupperware craft. She enjoyed antagonising folks and allegedly wrote "the Art of Doing Lift and Swing Bridges" which unfortunately never made it to print as she lost the manuscript. Following a few major flounces, and a conviction for speeding around the Bayford Pool in Lincoln, she disappeared for a while. A new forum member joined , with the same boat and mooring location as Phylis used to have. NaughtyCal took over the mantle and was the same kind of person.☺ After a few flounces and a couple of short term bans, she had a major flounce to end all flounces and left the forum, posting elsewhere that we were all vermin and no good , and she would never come back. She does have a friend, Tony Dunkerly however, he hasn't been seen recently.
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    Do you know what? given what a sick country this is becoming coupled with our frankly quite pathetic response to child refugees from countries where we are partly responsible for the chaos, I would in the normal course of events consider taking up the option of moving to a more civilised country, however you and your ilk have now removed that option since living in one of the other 27 EU countries permanently will now require taking up citizenship, and considering how onerous we are making it for those trying to take up UK citizenship I would expect other EU countries to reciprocate what we do. So thanks for nothing
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    On the matter of home education I dont think that has anything to do with Pandas quest that is merely bshit sidelining. As for actualy home educating children I personaly would never have home educated any of my children as I believe the biggest and most important part of education is for kids to mix and learn how to integrate with their peers, this is the reason I am also dead set against single sex schools, we dont live in a single sex society so educating in such a manner is totaly alien to reality.
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    Facts? That's a much bandied about word when applied by people like you. Fact: £100 a week plus accommodation for a crappy TEFL job is about par for the course and not to be sneezed at, it's about the same as a friend got last year working for an international school in Bristol. That's in a country where a loaf of bread costs twice that it does in Poland and a beer in a pub 6 times as much. As I say I worked in Poland on a contract, got more than my usual rate and lived like a king. Fact: Local authorities have a legal obligation to house me should I choose (living on a boat is classed as homeless). It doesn't mean it's going to happen. Got any more facts Gareth? or are you just going to retail some more of the alternative ones you've lapped up with an uncritical mind. People like you that see the EU as some sort of extension of the second world war. I find it rather pathetic, as I think you'll find, does the rest of Europe. We're not at war with Europe, we're in an association for the mutual benefit of its members which has been largely successful in these aims.
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    it is hardly worth going over old ground again, suffice to say that whenever I paid the tax I took a mixed uncounted bag of coinage to the value of the owed amount to the council office since, due to the job I was doing any other form of protest would have cost me my job. How a system whereby let us say on a Poll Tax figure of £300 and a disposable income of £10,000 (this was back in 1990) I would pay 3% of my disposable income in Poll Tax, some deserving case, let us say Philip Green with his disposable income of a trifling £1.000.000 then has to stump up a staggering 0.03% of his disposable income to pay the tax, and that is fair is it? Al least your retired widow on a pension has the option of reducing her liability by downsizing, there was no escape from the Poll Tax, Let us perhaps try the the same system with income tax, flat rate it so that those at the bottom of the pile will have to pay substantially more so that those who already have more money than they know what to do with can pay less. The crappiest idea ever to come out of government and the rioting was fully justified
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    Totally agree. CRT must come down hard on those who want to take up residence in one small area so as to be near schools, work or anything else, or large areas of the system will become like London. If people want children then it is their responsibility to live a lifestyle which allows their kids to attend school..
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    Rather than get into the nitty gritty of what constitutes use of a boat "bona fide for navigation throughout the period", I'll just make the pragmatic point that I always struggle to see why people find it so difficult and/or undesirable to comply with CRT's guidelines. I mean, CCers don't actually have to "travel 20 miles before turning round", as the petition author says, do they? They just have to move to a new place every 14 days and have a cruising range of more than 20 miles a year. So they could happily pootle up and down a 5-mile stretch during term time and do at least one longer cruise during the school holidays, which would be jolly good fun, an enriching experience for the kids, and cheaper than any other sort of holiday. Personally I think I'd be trying to do a week or two's cruising during the Easter and summer holidays plus a few days during half terms and the odd (bank holiday?) weekend, which would surely meet any criteria for "genuine" CCing CRT are ever likely to dream up.
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    Well, I found my inner arm pretty boring to look at before I got the tattoo, so if I find it boring again in 10 years' time, I'll be no worse off and I'll have had 10 years of pleasure meanwhile.
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    That is going to be far too technical for someone who thought ATF fluid was engine oil!
  38. 3 points
    Being bombarded by apples whilst on a boat called Malus just shows how good the education system is in Brum, if you ask me
  39. 3 points
    Its probably got an AC mechanical fuel pump under the hot air outlet duct. These are often not thought of when servicing the engine. It needs cleaning out at fuel filter change services. It could be clogged up with sediment. Turn off fuel tap at tank. Remove its top hat screw, remove top hat, pick out the brass filter. Under the filter is the sediment chamber, blow out the muck. Clean the filter in paraffin, white spirit, petrol, refit, refit top hat taking care of the rubber sealing ring. Don't over tighten the screw. Turn on fuel tap. A little bleed might be needed.
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    Yet another plumber without manners. Oh well .
  41. 3 points
    I am not concerned about displaying licence discs but I am much more narked about boats with no or deliberately hard to see boat number. When boats severely misbehave, eg doing damage to other boats or mine or the infrastructure it is difficult to involve the relevant authority if the boat can't be readily identified. Reading the tiny licence disc is not usually possible in a confrontation situation. Any boat found persistently without a number should be surcharged at licence renewal time. The boat name is no use, it is usually Kingfisher.
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    I use to have this problem. I then connected the pump up to the stereo. Everytime the pump now comes on the stereo plays " the sound of silence" by Simon and Garfunkel. Problem solved. However, if ever the pump leaks it plays " bridge over troubled water"
  43. 3 points
    No. No more than public schools are. It's not misrepresentation if it's perfectly legal and also a perfecly normal business definition. You are in fact misrepresenting it by pretending that a "charity" must be "charitable" - it's just a legal definition. This argument has been done to death a dozen times on here, perhaps you should look at some old threads. CRT's remit (whether you like it or not) is to maintain the system for the benefit of all users, not just for a small minority who happen to live on a boat. Or for the even smaller minority who live on a boat and don't want to treat it like a boat but like a bungalow.
  44. 3 points
    Why? Do they discount 70ft boats because they have a more limited cruising range than a 58ft boat?
  45. 3 points
    Do you have any evidence for this assertion please? I think it is baseless. Narrowboat owners simply want widebeams to pay their fair share for the extra space they occupy and boost the CRT coffers, in my opinion.
  46. 3 points
    I keep getting notifications that " so and so has given you reputation" - can someone please advise what this means? Myself and another contributor asked for this reputation malarkey to be explained on a different posting, but nothing has appeared as yet. Does it have negative connotations? Am I (or anyone else that gets it) contravening some rules? Please advise so I can mend my ways
  47. 3 points
    Surely the remainers didnt vote just for their own lifetime? When I voted I understood that the results were to benefit future generations it is certainly no instant fix. Long term benefits will take quite some time to develop but it usualy does.
  48. 3 points
    No change to the rule. If you obtain ILR and then leave for two or more years your ILR becomes invalid and you have to reapply. The issue for a small number of people is that when applying for ILR your intention must be to become a permanent resident. So if you then leave for two or more years the UK will likely consider your first application to not have been genuine. (ie, you weren't genuine about becoming a UK permanent resident. That then makes it doubly difficult to apply for ILR a second time. Currently the earliest the holder of ILR can apply for citizenship is one year after obtaining ILR. So all a foreign national has to do is successfully apply and gain ILR. Then apply for citizenship one year later. After that they can leave and return as long and often as they like. But there is a very small group of people who don't (for some reason) take the last step and gain citizenship. There's an even smaller group within this small group who then leave for more than two years only to find they can't return and who have enormous difficulty justifying why they should be given ILR a second time. Nothing to do with Brexit!
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    I have lived on my yachts for a large part of my life. Many yachting families have children and cruise the world happily educating their own small children or using correspondence courses when their children get older. This seems to work very well. Lets face it these people are just using their kids as an excuse not to move.
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    Well I'm sorry this has now become all to complicated and I just cannot be bothered. I no longer have a boat so having to work this hard to find anything on this site worth looking at has become too much of a pain. Other forums that I am on, and they are many and varied, are no where near as difficult as this one has become. I think that someone mentioned that people will be leaving in earlier postings, well they are right. I'm off to find something easier to take my interest on the web. There are far too many pop ups and buttons here now